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A View into the World of AI and Ecommerce with Ali Najafian

I’m so excited to share with you my guest today, Ali Najafian. Ali has had a storied background. He’s worked in web development for ESPN and Clear Channel, in the music industry for Lenny Kravitz and Madonna, in the film industry for the Matrix and Kill Bill, and now as a pioneer in AI and ecommerce.  Ali is the CEO and founder of Alfred Intelligent, and he's a true innovator and a client. Alfred Intelligent is better known by the brand it owns and operates, Trendy Butler. Trendy Butler is a men’s clothing subscription box service that curates looks and sends them to customers on a monthly basis. The stylist working behind the scenes at Trendy Butler is an AI algorithm. Think of it as a matchmaker, but for your new style, instead of your new spouse. In this episode Ali and I talk about how to use AI and other innovative tech not to curate looks, but to enhance your marketing. Stay tuned for an information-packed and inspiring episode!

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How to Dominate Online in China with Nicolas Chu

China is a hot topic in the business world right now and it seems like everyone is looking East. How many of us in the Western world really understand the nuances of the Chinese market? There are so many issues to consider from censorship and government regulation to the wild world of Chinese influencers. The right advice can make or break your success. If you're currently doing business in China or you're considering it in the near future, then you'll want to hear what my guest for this episode has to say. Nicolas Chu is truly a global citizen. He's the Founder and CEO of Sinorbis, a digital marketing firm that specializes in helping Western companies access the Chinese market. He's also the Managing director of Sydney-based consulting firm, Altpure. He’s an author, international speaker and an ex-lecturer in business at the Diderot University of Paris. Whether you're looking for advice on digital marketing in China or you're simply curious about the opportunities on the other side of the great firewall, tune in as Nicolas shares some critical advice on achieving success in this lucrative but complex environment.

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Buying And Selling Websites with Chuck Mullins

Have you ever considered buying a website? Buying instead of building can be a big shortcut to online success. It could even be a passive income stream for you. How do you make sure that site is not a dud? My guest on this episode number 158 is serial entrepreneur, Chuck Mullins, who built his first profitable website way back in 1996. Chuck’s advice is highly sought after by both investors and sellers. He speaks at events around the world and in fact, that’s how I met him as we were both regular speakers at Affiliate Summit. I’m really excited to have Chuck on the show to share his wisdom. If you’re interested in buying or selling websites or perhaps even treating them like assets and portfolio, this episode is going to be a real treat.

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Achieving an Eight-Figure Ecommerce Business with Gary Nealon

If you’re ready to scale your e-commerce business all the way up to eight figures, this conversation with Gary Nealon is perfect for you! We all want to know how we can get more eyes on our content, the best way to outsource tasks, the right way to run contests and challenges, and more similar topics. Instead of trying to figure it all out yourself, this is your opportunity to learn from someone who has found his way over plenty of stumbling blocks and created incredible success. Gary is a serial entrepreneur who founded two multi-million dollar businesses, one of which landed on the Inc. In our conversation, you’ll learn about his journey from bankruptcy all the way to $40 million in revenue.

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The Strategies and Techniques Behind Viral Videos with Jamie Salvatori

Today we're talking to Jamie Salvatori, an expert in viral videos. He's the founder of Vat19.com, which is an eCommerce store featuring unique and quirky gifts, toys, candy, and curiously awesome oddities. Its YouTube channel currently boasts 3.5 million subscribers and nearly 3 billion video views. We discuss his views on marketing, and how to “try everything” in order to get your video seen.