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Podcasts as Authority Boosters with Steve Gordon

Selling your expertise in the form of premium-priced, intangible services is difficult. Unfortunately, most of the marketing and sales advice you find isn’t designed for the reality of selling and scaling your expertise.  My guest today, Steve Gordon helps professionals, consultants, agencies, and experts build marketing systems to pre-sell their ideal clients, so they don’t have to become master marketers or salespeople. He created Unstoppable CEO and he is the host of the Unstoppable CEO podcast. He is generously offering a copy of his book Podcast Prospecting free for my listeners, so stick around to the end of the episode to hear how to get that.  In today’s episode, Steve drops considerable knowledge about podcasting as a sales and marketing channel. Steve has mastered so many aspects of this arena, including how to repurpose podcast content across a plethora of platforms. So, if you’re interested in learning from someone at the top of his podcast game and you want to know more about the profit minute and the Inevitable Growth scorecard, you’re going to want to stay tuned for this chock-full-of-value episode.

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Building an Audience Through Ingenuity and Hustle with Melissa Monte

Who knew that mindset, metaphysics, and marketing dovetailed so well! Often on the podcast, I talk about becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, not just in marketing but in life. I’ve always been a firm believer in taking risks or you’ll remain in a safe bubble and you may miss out on some genuinely enlightening experiences.  My guest today is a fellow personal development geek. Melissa Monte is the host of the hugely popular podcast Mind Love. As an entrepreneur and former VP of Marketing, Melissa has applied her strategic mindset to achieve explosive growth. Forbes named her show the #1 Podcast for your Life and Career, and now she’s spilling her secrets.  I’m really excited to have her here with us today to talk about creative ways to get a foot in the door, whether it’s by barging in, stealing the mic, or sometimes sneaking in through the back door—whatever it takes. We also talk about the power of vulnerability in marketing, how we can get out of our own way. Stay tuned for a really inspiring show!

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Leveraging Podcasts To Generate Leads with Nicole Holland

Podcasting is huge right now. Yet, many podcasters struggle to make money or generate leads from their podcasts. Some even have trouble building an audience or producing consistent, engaging content. If you've confronted any of these problems or thinking about dipping your toe into the world of podcasting, then you'll want to know what my guest for this episode has to say. Like me, Nicole Holland was an early adopter of podcasting. She has now moved on to using her expertise to help others leverage podcasts to build their brands, generate leads and develop relationships with highly influential people in their niche. If you're wondering about the tricky techniques people use to make money from podcasting, how to refine your content or how to get more readers, this episode is going to provide you with some incredible tips and strategies as Nicole and I have tried them firsthand.

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Getting Your Name Out There on Podcasts and Mainstream Media with Jeremy Slate

It's no secret that podcasting has gone mainstream in the last few years, but there's a difference between running a podcast out of your garage and using it as a springboard for success. Our guest did exactly that. On this episode, I'll be talking to Jeremy Slate. You probably know him from the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which was so wildly successful that he now teaches others how to leverage podcast appearances to massive effect. If you're interested in how to craft a media strategy that gets your message in front of the people that need to hear it, stick around because we'll be covering everything from how to get more podcast appearances to the value of media training to getting published in the mainstream media.

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Making Podcast Appearances More Effective with Jessica Rhodes

This is episode number 152. It’s all about getting PR through podcast appearances. Our guest is Jessica Rhodes. She's the Founder of Interview Connections, a guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. She also co-hosts the Podcast Producers and Womensplaining. Jessica has been a featured speaker at Podcast Movement, Podfest and Dream Business Academy.