Episode 64 | Posted on

Crunching Data to Improve Your Business with Annie Cushing

In today’s episode, Annie Cushing proudly proclaims her love for data and analytics. She loves it so much so that she’s even embraced the nickname Annielytics. By day she gathers it, gives it a good home, and makes it runway ready. By night, she dreams about her next biz fix. In addition to data itself, one of her great loves is teaching other marketers how to “sexy up” their data. Check out this episode to learn all about incorporating data to uplevel your business.

Episode 34 | Posted on

Metrics That Matter with Jim Sterne

Making sense of important data isn’t as simple as looking at the home page of a dashboard. Jim Sterne is the author of ten books on internet interactive marketing. He’s also a guru on metrics, and shares how we can find the analytics that will help our businesses thrive, and use that data to create trust, and boost conversion rates. We discuss the meaning of the most important data terms, how to gain statistical significance, and the right questions to ask about your data.

Episode 18 | Posted on

Improving your User Interface Engineering to Delight Your Customers with Jared Spool

Why are customers leaving your site? Why aren't they converting? Analyzing your website’s metrics may give you some insight, but it’s probably not giving you the whole picture. Jared Spool is here to dive into the world of personal interaction with customers. Jared is the founder of User Interface Engineering and is considered the "godfather" of usability. He takes us beyond numbers and into the minds of your clients. We discuss what metrics to focus on, how to learn from the client experience, and more!