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Fast-Forward Your Marketing with Daniel Liebeskind

The internet has been an incredible tool for opening up the world in so many ways, and blockchain technology takes this to a whole other level. When it comes to marketing, some of the most innovative and nimble companies out there are in the blockchain sector. And Everipedia is no exception, serving as a great example of this kind of forward-thinking. My guest today is Daniel Liebeskind, Chief Product Officer at Everipedia. Daniel is an experienced software engineer with a background in investment banking and venture capital.  Everipedia, which happens to be a client of mine, is the encyclopedia of everything. It competes with Wikipedia, but with a number of key distinctions, not least of which is that it's built on the blockchain, which means there is a trusted, immutable record of everything stored in the encyclopedia. This company is on the cutting edge not just in terms of its technology but also in terms of its marketing. And that’s been accelerated by our work together, especially in the area of SEO. And you’re about to hear all about it! So let’s get this party started!

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How to Grow a Site from 0 to 6 Million Visitors with Chris Parker

Starting up a business is fraught with stressors and unknowns. And especially these days with what’s happening in the world - the pandemic, the global recession. Some of us are blessed with that entrepreneurial gene that tells them, “go for it!” But most of us are wary of walking away from the security of paychecks and benefits.  My guest today took that leap in 2000, when the Web was still pretty new. Chris Parker is the founder of WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, a tech-friendly website attracting a remarkable 6,000,000 visitors a month. Twenty years ago, Chris created WhatIsMyIPAddress.com as a solution to finding his employer’s office IP address. Today, WhatIsMyIPAddress.com is among the top 3,000 websites in the U.S. and I have truly enjoyed working with him as a client for almost three years now.  We discuss stepping outside your comfort zone—something I encouraged Chris to do in our coaching by being a guest on podcasts, and now I’m excited to say he has just launched a podcast of his own, called Easy Prey. Great name, right? I thought of it!  In this episode, Chris and I talk about getting stuck, and ways to get unstuck, such as by delegating work and freeing up thinking time to grow the business. If you’re curious about what it takes to get 6 million uniques, and beyond, you’re in for a treat. And now, on with the show!

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Making Data-Driven Decisions in SEO with Bastian Grimm

If you've been listening for any length of time, you know I love geeking out on SEO, especially when it's a world class technical SEO such as today's guest, Bastian Grimm. Bastian is CEO and Co-founder of Germany-based agency, Peak Ace. We are about to go to a deep dive into technical SEO and get Bastian's take on such topics such as crawl budget, international SEO, and creating SEO dashboards using Google Data Studio. We compare notes on the present state of SEO and where things are heading and share shop talk about our favorite tools and techniques. Bastian's perspective on the nitty gritty of SEO is refreshing. This episode is not to be missed.

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Hard Lessons from Growing a Startup with Rand Fishkin

The ultimate goal when creating a startup is to join the ranks of giants like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, but there are quite a few hazards along that path. Often this can involve getting major investment capital. Now imagine you get that $20 million investment, then the real stress starts. My guest for this week's episode did just that.  Rand Fishkin is the founder and former CEO of Moz, and currently the founder and CEO of SparkToro. He's the author of Lost and Founder, which charts the rise of his eight-figure SEO technology company Moz and his rocky dealings with venture capitalists along the way. He pulls no punches sharing the realities of dealing with venture capitalists, sometimes known as vulture capitalists, and how they change the shape of his company and not in the way he wanted. Rand is also my co-author on the first two editions of The Art of SEO, which is considered to be the Bible on search engine optimization back in 2009. That book really solidified my leadership position in the SEO world. And for that, I am forever grateful.  In this episode, we discussed the realities of VC investments, his tell-all book, and managing your business in our current climate. If you've ever considered growing your business by courting investors, or even if that's the farthest thing from what you want to do, do stick around. You're about to learn some valuable advice and uncomfortable truths you won't get anywhere else. This episode originally aired on my other show, Get Yourself Optimized as episode number 167. If you haven't done so already, please go subscribe to my other podcast before continuing with this episode. I promise you it'll be worth your while. And now, on with the show. 

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Clarity in the Ever-Changing World of SEO with Dan Shure

SEO is a deep and nuanced discipline. This is evident in no small part by the fact that the book I co-authored, The Art of SEO, is nearly a thousand pages. And the complexity is only increasing as Artificial Intelligence plays a bigger and bigger role in Google's ranking algorithm. But don't let that deter you from working to optimize your website, because there's undoubtedly a lot of low hanging fruit there, even if you've done a lot of SEO work already.  Today, I have Dan Shure joining us. Dan is an SEO consultant who's worked with Sumo and WGBH in Boston, and he's the host of the Experts on the Wire Podcast. It's always fun to geek out with someone who's also passionate about SEO. In this episode, we'll be covering everything from understanding the psychology of searchers, to entities versus keywords, to biases, and Google's machine learning algorithms, and so much more. Stay tuned as Dan and I share some of the most valuable SEO strategies for this new decade.