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How To Win More Conversions with Khalid Saleh

Conversion is something we all want more of yet increasing your conversions can be tricky. There's no magic bullet. No one size fits all solution to the conversion problem. One man who knows conversion optimization inside and out is Khalid Saleh. He's the author of Conversion Optimization published by O'Reilly. Khalid is also Cofounder and CEO of Invesp, a company that has conversion optimized such brands as eBay and the Discovery Channel. If Khalid’s name seems familiar, it may be because he's been on the show before, specifically episode number 44. On this episode, Khalid and I will be getting into the nitty-gritty of conversion rate optimization or CRO from A/B testing to conversion audits, copywriting and more. Even if you think you're doing everything right and your conversion rate is amazing, I guarantee you're going to learn some valuable stuff. This conversation is packed with practical advice that will help even the most advanced marketers win more conversions.

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Customer Experience, on Steroids! with Gerry McGovern

The words you use in your marketing and in your customer communications matter. You need to use the words that connect to the experiences that your customers and prospects want to have. You need to understand the path that these users take as they are navigating your website to get to the outcomes they are after. There is a science to identifying and optimizing these paths. It's called Top Tasks Management. You're about to learn all about this and more in this episode number 150. If you care about customer experience, then you are in for a treat. Our guest is Gerry McGovern. He's the Founder and CEO of Customer Carewords. Gerry helps large organizations deliver a better digital customer experience. A highly regarded speaker, he has spoken on digital customer experience in 35 countries.

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Getting Conversion Down to a Science with Brian Massey

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is the science of getting more of your website visitors to buy your product or click on your submit button. Whatever it is you want your visitors to do, optimizing for conversions is the way to make that happen. In the past, landing page design was set up by guessing or following the latest in trendy design features. Today, you can optimize your website using data that uniquely applies to your customer. Data that was once too difficult or expensive to get is now readily available for anyone willing to find and use it. Whether you have a website or landing page or are about to build one, now is the best time to start optimizing for conversions. Data scientist and conversion rate expert Brian Massey is here to talk about the latest tools and methods to turn your landing page into a money making machine. Thanks to new tools, apps, and computing power, there is no excuse not to optimize your website. These tools can help you truly understand the user experience and how to get the outcomes that you desire. We talk about new tools, smart tactics, and how data driven design is the future of digital marketing.

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How to Onboard Customers So They’ll Never Leave with Joey Coleman

Have you ever seen a cat catch a bird or rat, only to have no idea what to do with its captured prey? Unfortunately, many businesses are just like that cat. They know how to chase and catch customers and clients, but they aren’t really sure  what to do once they’ve caught them. If that sounds familiar, you’ll benefit from hearing today’s conversation with award-winning speaker Joey Coleman! Joey specializes in helping companies keep their customers. His first book, Never Lose a Customer Again, includes his methodology for what businesses need to do in the first 100 days to improve customer experience and retention. Today, he’ll share this same methodology with you, and explain exactly how to turn any sale into a lifelong customer.

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Make Your Branding and Design Irresistible with Joana Galvao

You only have between two and eight seconds to grab a website visitor’s attention before they lose interest. In that painfully brief time, you need to captivate your target audience with visuals that speak to them. This is why it’s so important to come up with your branding concepts before you begin creating your website. If you don’t get the branding right, the website design isn’t going to work effectively. Joining us today to explain all of this is Joana Galvao, co-founder of Gif Design Studios, an award-winning digital agency specializing in brand identities and design. Joana dives straight into explaining design best practices, leading to an episode that’s chock-full of actionable tips that listeners can immediately put to use to create a more effective, conversion-oriented website. Joana is intimately familiar with exactly what it takes to create compelling, actionable websites.