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Episode 152 | Posted on

Making Podcast Appearances More Effective with Jessica Rhodes

  This is episode number 152. It’s all about getting PR through podcast appearances. Our guest is Jessica Rhodes. She’s the Founder of Interview Connections, a guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. Jessica started podcasting in 2014 with the launch of Rock the Podcast. She also co-hosts the Podcast Producers and Womensplaining. Jessica is the author of Interview Connections: How to #ROCKTHEPODCAST from Both Sides of the Mic, and she’s been a featured […]

Episode 151 | Posted on

Simplify and Productize to Achieve Scale with Greg Hickman

  In this episode number 151, you are going to learn how to productize and systematize your business. We are going to achieve scale through marketing optimization and simplification. Our guest is Greg Hickman. He is a marketing funnel strategist and the Founder of System.ly. A marketing automation consultancy working primarily with service providers, consultants, and coaches to productize their services and systematize their delivery. He has helped implement systems for businesses such as Entrepreneur […]

Episode 150 | Posted on

Customer Experience, on Steroids! with Gerry McGovern

  The words you use in your marketing and in your customer communications matter. You need to use the words that connect to the experiences that your customers and prospects want to have. You need to understand the path that these users take as they are navigating your website to get to the outcomes they are after. There is a science to identifying and optimizing these paths. It’s called Top Tasks Management. You’re about to […]

Episode 149 | Posted on

The Past, Present, and Future of Facebook Advertising with Dennis Yu

  As Facebook continues to change its algorithm, finding the right Facebook advertising strategy to beat its fluctuating system can be challenging. Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer of BlitzMetrics, talks about what works and what doesn’t in Facebook advertising. He shares some inside scoop even from when Facebook was still targeting college students back in 2007 up to now as it expanded and became one of the most used social media website to date. He […]

Episode 148 | Posted on

Strategic Podcasting with Yann Ilunga

    In this episode number 148, you’re going to learn how to leverage the power of podcasting to build authority, network with influencers, generate more leads and acquire new customers. Our guest is Yann Ilunga. Yann is a podcasting consultant, host of four podcasts including the popular entrepreneurial show, 360 Entrepreneur Podcast. He’s the Founder of the world’s largest virtual summit for podcasters, the Podcast Success Summit. — Listen to the podcast here: Your […]