SEO Audit Course

This course will arm you with all the knowledge you need to SEO audit your own website so you can turn it into the traffic magnet your business deserves.

  • Module I: Google Search Console Revealed
  • Module II: Interpreting Crawl Errors
  • Module III: Link Analysis
  • Module IV: Technical Errors & Easy Fixes
  • Module V: Page Speed & Mobile Optimization
  • Module VI: Keyword Selection & Usage

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The SEO Keyword
Treasure Map

Find the perfect keywords for your site by learning the Ninja tricks to get the most out of keyword research tools. Learn how Google processes keywords and why you need to align your keywords with the buying cycle.

  • Module I: Outside the Box Keyword Strategies
  • Module II: Digging into the (Essential) Details
  • Module III: Turning Research into Rankings

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Viral Social Media for
Massive Traffic

Build your own social following and recruit power users to exponentially amplify your reach. Get valuable insights into how each of the social media networks work.

  • Module I: Social Media Marketing as a Killer SEO Strategy: The Why and the How
  • Module II: Leveraging Influencers To Do Your Bidding
  • Module III: The Secret Sauce to Going Viral

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Content Marketing Organic Traffic Fountain

Your topic choice and placement really matters for SEO. Learn the ins and outs of Content Marketing to build serious Google authority and your own organic traffic fountain.

  • Module I: Creation
  • Module II: Placement
  • Module III: Measurement

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Conversion Mastery Course

Turn your website into a finely tuned sales machine and stamp out all your conversion killers to get the most out of your organic traffic.
  • Module I: Start with Why
  • Module II: 3 Keys to Conversion
  • Module III: Common and Costly Mistakes
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Authority Builder Course

When you are the “the only”, prospects will flock to you in droves. Learn how to become a social media power user as well as how to become a bestselling author.

  • Module I: What It Takes
  • Module II: Building a Platform
  • Module III: Amplify
  • Module III: Bonus

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Daily Marketing Checklist

Stay at the top of your marketing game with these simple,
daily tasks recommended by industry leaders.

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