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Best Marketing Podcast of all time!!!!

Stephan, I found your podcast only a few weeks ago, and I am 100% certain this is the best marketing podcast of all time! Thank you so much for all of the incredibly valuable information and insights. I also enjoy your other podcast (Get yourself optimized) but as a Marketer I absolutely love this one. You’re an amazing interviewer and extremely knowledgeable, interesting, and generous yourself. Thank you, thank you, and keep up the great work!

F N AWESOME Game United States 2020-10-25

Stephan brings on excellent guests!

If you're looking to grow your business by taking your marketing to the next level then you need to listen to Marketing Speak!

Trevor Oldham United States 2020-09-17

Great Podcast

I started listening to this show 3 years ago after seeing Stephen’s video presentation for Podcast Movement in Anaheim. I’m not really into SEO which is his expertise but this show is about a lot more than that. For someone like me getting into internet business for the first time, I’ve learned a lot from his show. He has some excellent guests and he asks great discussions and asks really good questions. I recently got into his other show about optimizing health and like it a lot too.

macvito84 United States 2020-08-12

Really enjoyed episode 233

What a fun and helpful podcast. I just stumbled across the interview with Melissa Monte and it was great. They went really deep and shared incredible out-of-the-box ideas for really making marketing work. This is real talk from people who know what they’re doing. Worth a listen.

bmccarthy United States 2020-05-20

Excellent, surprising, real and helpful

I felt obliged to write a big thank you after episode conscious marketing, I think one of the best podcast interviews, topic, synergy of life and work I've ever consumed. Depth. Thanks! All the best.

Rosepleinair Netherlands 2020-01-08

A Valuable Marketing Podcast

I read Stephan’s book early in my marketing career and really appreciate that he provides this valuable podcast. This is one of the best marketing podcasts that I have found and am learning a lot of useful SEO and marketing ideas

the_charles United States 2019-12-06

Powerhouse of marketing info

I’ve been on the hunt for a marketing podcast that really adds value and gets into the granular detail that is oftentimes really needed to understand a concept or idea. For me, Marketing Speak is that podcast. I really feel like Stephan takes the time to dive into marketing topics so that once you’ve listened to an episode you walk away with really valuable pieces of information and insights. Highly recommend!

Caribbeangirlsf1234 United States 2019-11-06

Love this podcast

Stephan is so generous and detailed with his content I usually glaze over at the mention of SEO but Stephan somehow makes it relatable . Especially enjoyed the episode with Nicole Holland. Thank you Stephan

bernadette janson Australia 2019-09-23

Achieve More While Working Less with Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe
your podcast is very informative, thank you for that. but please pay more attention at title! you're thalking about everything but achieve more with less work!

afshin zandi United States 2019-06-26

thanks for all of these great content:))

afshin zandi United States 2019-06-17

Very informative and honest

Love listening to your podcast!

Me4sunny Australia 2019-06-09

One of the best Podcast channel on SEO

This is the one of the best Podcast channel on SEO out there for many reasons.

Napoleon Jiang 87 Canada 2018-12-05

Awesome Podcast!!

Stephan, host of the Marketing Speak podcast, highlights all aspects of marketing, SEO and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Brooke Craven United States 2018-06-19

Great tools

Great information! If you’re new or a vet to SEO this is a great resource. This guy is a powerful “unknown” resource in the industry.

Kiki K United States 2018-04-03

Awesome Podcast!

Very nutrient rich podcast, been listening to this Podcast for 3-weeks now I love it. Full of valuable info every podcast.

Enigma1 United States 2018-03-23

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Stephan and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the coming trends and absolute best marketing tactics to help you effectively grow your business.

Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Marketing Speak if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!

J. Barshop United States 2018-01-29

Excellent Podcast! - My #1 Choice

Stephan's success in SEO, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development provides a unique perspective to his listeners that takes his podcast to a much higher level! What I enjoy most is that Stephan not only hosts interesting industry experts, he knows how to conduct a valuable interview ... he actually listens! He does an excellent job listening and asking great questions based on his guest's responses. This provides deeper clarity of the content for his listeners and he elicits much more valuable knowledge from his guests! Highly Valuable Content and Highly Recommended - Thanks Stephan!

F N AWESOME Game United States 2017-07-14

Amazing guests & insights

This is by far one of the best business and marketing podcasts out there. The guests on this show are the real deal - proven marketers and entrepreneurs with actionable insights to share. Stephan asks great questions and keeps his listeners in mind the whole time. Highly recommended!

T. Basu Canada 2017-03-27

some guests are great..others just want to brag

Rand Fishkin was fantastic, Chloe Spencer was very good. But the episode with Jeni Hott should really be deleted. She bragged about how she makes millions of dollars blogging without ever working, but never gave the name of her blog or even what it's about, or how she built the blog and made all that money. Be a little more selective Stephan, please.

podqueen United States 2017-03-05

Stephen is soft spoken, polite, pleasant and extremely knowledgable...

He has helped many people with his marketing advise. His guests talk about the immense results they've gotten from his advise.

Everytime I listen to him, I find myself writing pages and pages of notes because he keeps dropping gems of marketing info in every episode.

I think I'll start a notebook called THE STEPHEN SPENCER NOTEBOOK!

Allened11 United States 2016-12-26

I've been a marketing professional in the US and internationally for over a decade and I still learn so much each time I listen to Stephan's Marketing Speak podcast. There is no detail too small when it comes to discovering the latest effective marketing tactic - this podcast delivers every episode!

J.D.Back United States 2016-11-15

Invaluable Podcast

Stephan is well connected professional that hosts the best online and digital marketers in the world. I have learned a ton from being a regular listener. You need to add this podcast to your list.

DaveF1985195 United States 2016-08-15


This podcasts includes experts at the top of their field, provided invaluable advice for marketers and agencies of all sizes. I pass on much of the information I glean from them on to my staff, so we can implement many of the ideas, tips and tricks of the trade. With a small agency and staff who is always busy, listening to amazing podcasts like this is an easy way to learn squeeze a lot of great digital marketing info and education into small amounts of time. I couldn’t ask for a better resource. Thank you, Stephan!

Liza Viana United States 2016-07-15

Stephan is a really enjoyable interviewer

I love listening to Marketing Speak, because Stephan does a great job of bringing out quality information from his guests - the shows never disappoint.

Shawn Collins United States 2016-05-20

Listen to this guy!

Stephan is not only an SEO expert and marketing genius, he’s also a great friend and all around person. If you are in the market for some new podcasting content, do not pass this one by! Lots of amazing guests on this show as well.

ZacJohnsonDotCom United States 2016-03-25

I just finished listening to the podcasts with Nicholas Kusmich and with Jay Abraham. These are beyond inspirational - they offer actionable ideas that I can start using right now, presented and explained in an accessible way. Stephan is a great interviewer, and unlike Ferriss or Altucher, he doesn’t waste time telling stories about himself. His questions are great, and once he gets the interviewee going Stephan lets them roll, only checking in to ask follow on questions or to clarify.

Oh, and did I mention there are no commercials? I started to listen to a podcast this morning from one of the authors listed above, and the first 8:47 was hype for their sponsors and other projects. None of that on Marketing Speak so far ; ).

Keep up the great work.

Floyd Dillman United States 2016-01-12

This Podcast Speaks To You and Your Business

It’s clear from the first few guests on the show that Stephan is looking to bring on the best of the best. Having been in a mastermind class with him, I can definitely vouch for the expertise he will bring to this podcast and to the growth of your business. If you’re going to learn, why not do it from the best?

Harry Duran United States 2015-12-21

This Podcast Speaks To You and Your Business

It’s clear from the first few guests on the show that Stephan is looking to bring on the best of the best. Having been in a mastermind class with him, I can definitely vouch for the expertise he will bring to this podcast and to the growth of your business. If you’re going to learn, why not do it from the best?

PodcastJunkies.com United States 2015-12-21

A must-subscribe podcast

Stephen is ammazing at what he does. His marketing ideas are nothing short of genius. From SEO to SMO his insights are astounding! I attended his sessions in multiple seminars and paid thousands of dollars for them. I'm so pleased that those insights are being given away for free in this podcast!

Starfish2020 United States 2015-12-19

Highly Recommend

Stephan has a level of understanding in his filed that I have rarely seen. These are a must!

RMoberger United States 2015-12-19

Absolutely essential marketing insight

Stephan Spencer knows how to drill down and extract some of the best in depth marketing insight. Whether your business is small, great or you want it to grow, this series is worth taking the time out.

Canuck Million Canada 2015-12-18

Finally a Credible SEO Podcast!!

Stephen Spencer is one of the true pioneers of SEO and probably one of the smartest guys in the industry. I'm excited that he put this podcast together and look forward to listening to future shows!

Jason Hennessey United States 2015-12-18

Murderously Good

Killer guests, massive content. Depth of content is phenomenal. Thx!!!

darrell.odonnell Canada 2015-12-18

Totally blown away by the payoff from this

Just listened to my first Marketing Speak podcast, an interview of marketing legend Jay Abraham, and am flabbergasted by the value I got from just that one hour…and it was free! I expect to get maybe one good idea from an hour podcast but this one was chock full! I’m going to need to get the transcript and study it. Such kind words from Abraham for the work of Stephan Spencer too, which I can back up since he has worked with my organization. Looking forward to the other shows!!

Huffy hydrophyte United States 2015-12-18

Outstanding Content!

Stephan Spencer is a world class leader - I can't express how much I'm enjoying Marketing Speak and the incredible line-up of guests. Kudos to Stephan on delivering so much value. Highly recommend!

kbj104 United States 2015-12-18

Great Online Marketing Podcast

Great info and straight to the point. I enjoyed the episode with Neil Patel- good ideas for making money while you sleep.

mannj24 United States 2015-12-18

Fantastic Information

Worth the time to listen too! Many actionable items!

Burrighta United States 2015-12-18

Marketing Speak Value Bombs!
I’m really enjoying listening to this show because it’s providing a must-listen-to marketing strategies/tips to help build my online business. I’ve subscribed so that I don’t miss a show. Thanks Stephan!

Addy Saucedo United States 2015-11-18

A lot of great information
There was some really awesome information on online marketing and the guests are at the top of the digital marketing field. Will be looking forward to future episodes.

JacqueLevi United States 2015-11-16

Praise From Thought Leaders​

I know Stephan this man is a genius… top guy in the SEO business

I know Stephan, and I want to tell you something, this man is a genius. He’s considered to be the top guy in the SEO business.

Tony Robbins Entreprenuer, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

What I do know though is that Stephan Spencer is the smartest cat I know in the world about SEO. I know because he does it every day for himself and his clients.

G’Day Lads, Taki Moore here. So, SEO. I don’t know about you, but A. I know it’s important, B. I know I don’t know very much about it. What I do know though is that Stephan Spencer is the smartest cat I know in the world about SEO. I know because he does it every day for himself and his clients. He’s written not just the book but THE book on the topic. So if you need SEO help, you should probably check him out. Taki Moore here, so if you need some SEO help, you know where to go.

Taki Moore, Founder, Coach Marketing Machine

He brings top-notch expertise and real world examples that really resonate.

We have had hundreds of presenters at our events over the years and Stephan is always one of the top most well-received. He brings top-notch expertise and real world examples that really resonate. I wouldn’t hesitate to put him into one of my lineups.

Sandra Bradley, Practice Director, University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium

truly understand SEO and how to rank at the top of the search engines, and Stephan Spencer is one of them!

There are only a few experts in the world that truly understand SEO and how to rank at the top of the search engines, and Stephan Spencer is one of them!

Zac Johnson, SuperAffiliate and Blogger at ZacJohnson.com

Stephan Spencer is the scientist behind SEO the one who did the most to help people get SEO’d in the world he’s a freaking NINJA at this stuff!

Hi, my name is Robert Allen, and I’m the number 1 New York Times bestselling author of some huge New York Times bestsellers about money frankly, creating wealth and multiple streams of income and the one-minute millionaire. I’m an expert in my arena, but when it comes to the internet, there is one expert that, every single person who has a website – do you have a website? – well you need SEO, period. You need to have your ranking come up and theres nobody in the WORLD that can teach you how to do that better then Stephan.

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Robert Allen, New York Times Bestselling Author, The One Minute Millionaire

Stephan Spencer is the SEO master

Stephan Spencer is the SEO master. Anyone who wants to know how SEO really works must read The Art of SEO. This is a true reference work.

John Chow, Super Blogger, JohnChow.com

Stephan is one of our most valued subject matter experts in the area of search engine optimization

Stephan is one of our most valued subject matter experts in the area of search engine optimization. His articles are among the most highly regarded content on our site, and the virtual seminars he presents consistently receive high ratings from attendees. Most importantly for the marketing executives we serve, he has the rare gift of being able to offer insight on the intersection of marketing and technology.

Roy Young, Director of Strategy and Development, MarketingProfs.com

Stephan is one of the leading eCommerce experts in the world.

Stephan is one of the leading eCommerce experts in the world.

Gokul Rajaram, Product Engineering Lead, Square; former Product Director, Ads at Facebook; and former Product Director, AdSense at Google

Stephan is a genius

Stephan is a genius and has the ability to simplify complex concepts for the layman to understand.

Gertrude Matshe, Africa Alive Foundation

Extremely inspirational for me because I hadn’t really thought of using advanced search and applying it in really non-standard ways to do things.

I was just talking to Stephan Spencer here about the talk he gave and it must have been four years ago at SMX Advanced, he was giving just slide after slide of power tips on how to search in very interesting and unusual ways and how to apply the idea of advanced search to things I had never thought about link building or how to find a particular site or particular information that you just can’t find normally because you can’t query with that but you actually can learn to do it with all these fancy advanced queries. The cool thing about that was it was extremely inspirational for me because I hadn’t really thought of using advanced search and applying it in really non-standard ways to do things. That changed the way I used Google and think about search and search marketing forever.

Brian Piepgras, Internet Marketing Manager, Facebook

Stephan Spencer is both an artist and a technician…

Stephan Spencer is both an artist and a technician… and I didn’t know those were the characteristics necessary to be the world’s top expert in SEO.

Now I do.

His presentation to my Titans Mastermind, some of the most sophisticated direct response marketers in the world, took the group to a new level in this exciting area and gave them a new appreciation of this medium… with actionable results.

Stephan proved conclusively that SEO is a medium unto itself… and that it’s much more than getting to page one on Google.

Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing and Author of Overdeliver and The Advertising Solution

He is insightful, extremely knowledgeable

I have seen Stephan Spencer in action and he is truly a master of his craft. He is insightful, extremely knowledgeable, and always on the cutting edge of what matters and what works.

Jamie Salvatori, Founder and CEO, Vat19.com

He’s a thought leader, the real deal

I’ve known Stephan for many years from the conference speaking circuit. He’s a thought leader, the real deal. Anytime he speaks or writes, you should stop and pay attention.

Andy Beal, Author of Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation

I really recommend you bring him to all of your events

Hi, my name is Rachel Slovin, I’m the head of search marketing at Kahena Digital Marketing. We were blessed to host Stephan Spencer tonight for our meet up and I have only the best things to say. The talk was fantastic, it contained information for all levels, from beginner to advanced and everyone was able to have what to take home, and what to gain from the event. So thank you so much and I really recommend you bring him to all of your events.

Rachel Slovin, Head of Search Marketing, Kahena Digital Marketing

He understands how strategic vision is nothing without tactical execution and vice versa

I have worked with Stephan for many years and can wholeheartedly recommend him to be your guide as you navigate the quickly changing currents of social ecommerce. He understands how strategic vision is nothing without tactical execution and vice versa.

Allan Dick, Former CMO Vintagetub.com; President, Ecommerce Salons and Moderator of seemingly countless ecommerce conference sessions featuring Stephan Spencer

He has the uncanny ability to see opportunities that are hidden, create a brilliant plan

Stephan Spencer is a genius! He has the uncanny ability to see opportunities that are hidden, create a brilliant plan, and execute it on the highest level.

Tamar Gelle, Dog expert for the stars; NYT bestseller author of “The Loved Dog” and “30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog”; CEO of The Loved Dog; A public speaker (Relationship Unleashing doggy style); TV personality

Stephan Spencer is very knowledgeable and an expert in the field. If you decide to meet with him, you will not be disappointed.

I attended a workshop by Stephan Spencer on website auditing at the Beauty Online conference. The workshop was comprehensive and illuminating. I was very impressed. I invited Stephan to our offices in New York to critique the e-commerce shop-in-shop that I have been in charge of developing. The advice was very valuable and covered many things that we were not aware of or had not considered.

Gilles Kortzagadarian, Manager of eCommerce & Direct Marketing, Christian Dior Perfumes, Inc.

He is one of the few people who really understands the blend between SEO and social media

For the better part of a decade, I have been talking about social media with Stephan and he is one of the few people who really understands the blend between SEO and social media, and how it’s related to commerce, specifically ecommerce.

Brent Csutoras, Social Media Strategist and Founder of Kairay Media

He is extremely knowledgeable about SEO

Stephan Spencer has spoken at the Internet Retailer Conference several times. We try to minimize repeat speakers, but we keep inviting Stephan back because he is extremely knowledgeable about SEO and does a great job communicating that knowledge to conference attendees. He has an engaging stage presence, is quick on his feet in analyzing attendees’ SEO and clear in telling attendees what they need to do to improve their SEO.

Kurt Peters, Executive Editor, Internet Retailer

I would definitely make sure that I follow him on his blogs

Hi, Ilana Herring, I do Internet Marketing, just had the pleasure of hearing Stephan’s talk here at Kahena meetup and it was excellent. I learned a lot, I would say that going forward I would definitely make sure that I follow him on his blogs and all of his articles to continue to learn about search engine optimization and I learned a lot today, so thank you!

Ilana Herring, Internet Marketer, VPI Strategies

Praise From Clients

Aaron Walker, Life & Business Coach, ViewFromTheTop.com

In terms of ROI, it was a sizable investment for us at the time but absolutely worth every penny. He’s certainly a thought leader.

The first thing I wanted to point out was how technical he was, his technical ability, how cutting edge some of the concepts he brought to the table were, the observations that he had. We were facing a lot of technical challenges at the time, and he was really efficient in diagnosing those problems, pointing those out, and giving us a clear path to remedy those problems. He is also very creative in the solutions he came up with. He thought holistically about problems, not just improving the site structure, how things rendered, the conventional stuff.

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Ash Salleh, (former) SEO Lead, Zappos

Under his guidance, we re-engineered our online business on a level that was far superior to what we could have accomplished alone. It was well worth the investment.

“Stephan’s SEO audit identified some major problem areas in our site that had eluded us. That, along with his expert assistance in creating a more authoritative link profile, was pivotal in successfully resolving a manual action and setting us up for long-term success in Google.Under his guidance, we re-engineered our online business on a level that was far superior to what we could have accomplished alone. It was well worth the investment.“

Beca Arrendondo, (former) Manager, BitCandy

He was key to turning my business from an idea into reality

I will rarely write a review such as this and frankly, Stephan doesn’t need any more accolades, however, he was key to turning my business from an idea into reality. He defined our entire digital strategy (including the blog, podcast and explainer video), and even created our brand from scratch. Going into it, my 18-year company was American Response, Inc. and we didn’t even have a web site.

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Ira Beer, President and CEO, Skycover

After the first time going through Part 1 and 2 of the course I can say it’s great value for the money

After the first time going through Part 1 and 2 of the course I can say it’s great value for the money. About Search Console I knew the basics – I did only setup the accounts for my customers and clicked a little here and there. Now I have a guideline to get the full picture!

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Werner Laske, Werner Laske, WELA Ltd.

He’s definitely one of the good few guys in SEO

I’m an SEO specialist for the past 5 years and I worked with Stephan for about a year on a bigger project, it turned out great. As we go along and things come up, Stephan’s always one I go to for further information, I tell our great ideas, he’s definitely one of the good few guys in SEO.

Christine Jarrell, SEO Specialist, CBS Interactive (CNET)

Stephan has a real enthusiasm for the power of the internet to change businesses

Stephan worked on SEO and eCommerce Strategy for House of Travel. Stephan has a real enthusiasm for the power of the internet to change businesses and his passion rubbed off on House of Travel. While working on House of Travel their online revenue increased dramatically.

Duncan Shand, Managing Director, Inside Out

You changed our whole model, and as a result we are crushing it

Thanks for all your help. You changed our whole model, and as a result we are crushing it.

Luke Storey, CEO and Founder, School of Style

Provided some good guidelines to us that are still in use today

I met Stephan here two years ago, and we were searching for someone to give us some SEO advice, and what we struggled with then and what we still struggle with today is, who do you believe when it comes to SEO and best practices? You can’t really believe in Google’s saying all the time, you can’t really believe in what a lot of people say. Stephan and his company were actually very helpful to us and provided some good guidelines to us that are still in use today and continue to do a lot. If there’s anyone you can believe about SEO its Stephan.

Brent Shean, Sr. Manager, Audience Acquisition, ITBusinessEdge.com

Stephan knows search engine optimization, and internet marketing down to the ground

I’ve worked with Stephan and his Netconcepts firm for a number of years now, and found him to be highly knowledgeable, talented, and professional. Stephan knows search engine optimization, and internet marketing down to the ground. He’s also a great resource for internet promotion strategic advice, and he’s channeling the zeitgeist of Web 2.0 technologies like nobody else.

Chris Smith, Head of Technology & Development Dept. / SEO Expert, Verizon Information Services

We are grateful to Stephan for planting the seed for one of the most successful Web projects The Carter Center has undertaken to-date

As a means of raising the profile of The Carter Center and driving traffic to our website, Stephan Spencer suggested that President Carter write a blog. We took that suggestion, developed a strategy around a trip to the West African countries of Togo, Ghana, and Mali, and posted regular blogs from President Carter (with photos, sidebars and news stories, and links to related material on our site) over the course of eight days.

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Connie Nelson, Communications Specialist, Office of Public Information, The Carter Center

I recommend Stephan without reservation

Working with Stephan was without a doubt one of the best investments we’ve made. After implementing only half of Stephan’s recommendations, our organic traffic went up 70%, which is not easy when you already have 90,000 daily organic visits and you’ve optimized your site a whole lot over the years. I recommend Stephan without reservation.

Richard Monte, Founder and CEO, Streema Inc.

What that actually did for us is put together a strategic plan better than anything that we could’ve ever produced on our own

I’m Steve Spangler and I love to do stuff like this. But there’s no way I’d get invited as a science guy and do any of these cool things on television unless I can get found, unless I had an online presence, unless I had a body of work that people could examine online and truly understand and come to the conclusion that I was the expert that they needed in science education.

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Steve Spangle, Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, Emmy award–winning television personality, Guinness World Record holder, bestselling author, founder of SteveSpanglerScience.com

Here’s a person who knows what’s hot even before it’s lukewarm

How does Stephan Spencer have the ability to predict the future? Here’s a person who knows what’s hot even before it’s lukewarm. Over the past twelve years, our executive team has followed his advice, learned from his counterintuitive insights and reaped the benefits of creating a brand that now has authority, influence and exactly the positioning we want in our market space. The lesson is to listen, gain understanding and act upon his incredible insights.

Steve Spangle, Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, Emmy award–winning television personality, Guinness World Record holder, bestselling author, founder of SteveSpanglerScience.com

He’s always professional, alway courteous, and wickedly efficient

Stephan Spencer has rescued our company from SEO train wrecks that we created ourselves. He’s done it multiple times, when other SEO consultants and developers could not. He’s always professional, alway courteous, and wickedly efficient. When the SEO chips are down, call Stephan.

Kerry Murdock, Publisher, Practical eCommerce

Working with an expert

Working with an expert like Stephan has been amazing. Stephan and his team helped my site recover from a manual Google penalty. He literally wrote “the book” on SEO and so glad to have a cutting edge expert on my side.

Benjamin Groff, The Guard

SEO techniques that have actually improved my business skills tremendously

Hi, this is Jim and I wanted to say a few words about Stephan Spencer’s coaching program. I actually have used Stephan’s program for three months and it’s been super beneficial to me. It actually helped me to retain one of my biggest clients.

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Jim Sugel, Xpurience Media, Founder

one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life

Before I started the sessions with Stephan, I was kind of in doubt because his sessions were so expensive. I was like, “Oh my gosh, is that worth it? Can I afford it?” But no, I decided to go for it and has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

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AJ Delorena, Talented Technologies

Stephan’s a SEO Expert

Hi, I’m Kendall bennett. I’m the CEO of AMain Performance Sports and Hobbies. Stephan’s a SEO Expert. We contracted him, we were struggling to get our SEO to work correctly. Stephan came along and he’s very expensive but he’s probably the best SEO guy that we’ve ever worked with.

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Kendall bennett, CEO of AMain Performance Sports and Hobbies

Extremely knowledgeable in the search engine optimization

We have been utilizing Stephan’s expert SEO knowledge on a consulting basis for the last 8 months and have seen amazing results. Stephan is extremely knowledgeable in the search engine optimization and Internet marketing fields, and seems to have endless knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the Internet world, especially those related to Web 2.0 technologies.

Bill Slater, CTO, Eurekster Inc.

Case Studies​

How I took Everipedia’s Pinterest account from 31 monthly views to over 3,000,000 in a few short months

Everipedia is heralded in the press as “The new Wikipedia.” However, Everipedia has much more to offer than Wikipedia. While covering everything Wikipedia does, Everipedia’s is fundamentally an Encyclopedia of Everything. Its core strength lies in the fact that it covers many subjects Wikipedia doesn’t (and won’t.) Everipedia uses blockchain technology to help fulfill a vision for a world where all knowledge is available to all people. They have succeeded in taking the Online Encyclopedia into the Modern Age.

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How I Grew This Website’s Organic Traffic by 554% in Just 12 Months

John Rampton is an expert in content marketing. If there’s one thing he knows, it’s how to write copy. When he started Due.com, an online payments processing service, he knew exactly what type of content he needed to engage his customers and get them excited about the company. But John is the first to admit that he doesn’t know that much about the technical side of SEO. Like any smart business owner, he understands his blind spots, and seeks out experts to help him fill in the gaps. While he knew what the people coming to his site wanted, he just wasn’t sure whether Google’s algorithms would love his content too.

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Here’s How I Doubled Traffic and Rankings for this Electronics Retailer in Just 10 Months

When Adi Hed and Tamir Elghanayan were enterprising young college students in 2003, they took the initiative to start their own business in Westwood, California.

Settling on the name Tadi Brothers, the duo initially focused on automotive electronics like car radios and DVD players. They did well in their niche, but it wasn’t long before they noticed a massive opportunity.

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How NeilStrauss.com Increased Conversions 125% Using Exit-Intent Popups

Neil Strauss is an award-winning journalist and seven-time New York Times bestselling author who rose to fame after publishing The Game and Rules of the Game, where he went undercover in a secretive society of pickup artists.

Neil also runs an elite mastermind for high performing industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers from the technological, entertainment, medical, financial, and self-development worlds called The Society.

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Here’s How I Helped Numerologist.com Boost Their Organic Traffic by 570% in Just 12 Months

Numerologist.com is one of the leading numerology portals on the web. Since its inception in the late 90s, the site has provided a wealth of information on numerology, astrology, relationships, and personal growth to a growing audience.

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Branded Terms Made Up 30% Of This Site’s Traffic—Now Their Conversion Rate Is Through the Roof

AMain Hobbies is a leading online retailer of remote controlled cars, planes, drones, and other toys based in Chico, California. AMain operates an e-commerce site with over 60,000 product pages. As you can imagine, a site that large is a significant challenge to optimize. In 2013, AMain found that although they were receiving a substantial amount of organic traffic, they were not ranking for many key product terms in their niche. In fact, over 30% of their traffic at that time was coming from branded searches like “amain hobbies”. AMain knew that missing out on product searches meant one thing: they were also missing out on sales! But how could they fix their rankings and dominate the Google results for remote controlled toys and vehicles?

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This Major Tech Reviews Site Saw a Drop in Traffic—Here’s How I Turned it Into a 500% Increase

Since launching in 2006, Digital Trends has emerged as a major player in the tech reviews space. Their no-nonsense approach to product reviews combined with expanding content offerings including podcasts and videos have gained them a solid reputation for fair and insightful reporting. From humble beginnings, the site has grown to generate millions of page views for content covering everything from phones to cameras, wearables to cars.

With over a decade’s worth of quality content on the site, Digital Trends commands an impressive amount of organic traffic. But after years of consistent traffic, the Digital Trends team suddenly noticed something disturbing…

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Client Interviews​

Graham Robins

From Hands-On to Visionary with Graham Robins

The e-commerce revolution has transformed how products move across borders, creating new opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Our guest today is an expert guide through this complex terrain. Graham Robins is the Executive Chairman of A&A Customs Brokers. He’s also the Founder and Executive Chairman of BorderBuddy, which is digitizing the customs clearance process into the USA and Canada for carriers, digital platforms, importers/exporters and customs brokers. Graham is active in the Young Presidents Organization, and in fact, he just finished a chairmanship role of the British Columbia chapter. He is also the host of the Graham Robins podcast. But most importantly, he’s a former client of mine, and we’re going to go behind the scenes on some of the initiatives we implemented on BorderBuddy.com. To kick off the episode, Graham shares his origin story, how he was born into the customs brokerage world with his parents starting A&A in 1979. He joined full-time after high school in 1991, learning the ropes during summers and weekends prior. A&A serves large companies shipping high volumes internationally. But 15 years ago, as e-commerce took off, Graham saw small businesses and individuals needing support, too. So, he launched BorderBuddy to provide tailored services for this market. We’ll hear Graham’s business advice from building two brands with his family spanning four decades, including tactical insights for e-commerce retailers, manufacturers, and service providers on expanding globally. And that, of course, will include how I and my team optimized the BorderBuddy website for better SEO and conversion. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

Gareth Simpson

Link Building in an AI-Driven World with Gareth Simpson

“Focusing on individual tactics is to get stuck on tunnel vision; focus on a more holistic and intelligent approach and look at the 40,000-foot view.” These are wise words spoken by Gareth Simpson, my guest on today’s show. Gareth founded Seeker Digital—a link outreach agency for e-commerce, enterprise and SaaS brands. Within their first five years, Seeker experienced over 1600% growth, which is mind-blowing by anyone’s standards! Gareth has been an SEO and link building expert, recently doubling down on AI for his clients. In this episode, we talk about the future of Google search, the current AI situation, and the mistrust people have around its potential negative implications. We discuss the bias of AI, which, of course, correlates to the dataset it’s using as training data. Since AI is in its infancy or pre-teen years, we’re all responsible for molding and shaping its capabilities. So, it is an amazing time in tech and marketing, and in a broader sense, for society at large. This episode is chock full of real-world SEO experience and insight into the future of AI, with a wide-lens view that helps bring this pivotal moment in human history into focus. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

Ross Dunn

Down To Earth, Not Down and Dirty with Ross Dunn

It’s always a treat to interview a client and case study some of the stuff we were able to accomplish together, and this episode is no exception. My guest is Ross Dunn, a pillar in the SEO world, a real OG. Ross is the CEO of StepForth Web Marketing, and Co-Founder of First.Dentist. He has been practicing SEO for over 24 years. His podcast, SEO 101 on WMR.FM formerly Webmaster Radio, has been around for 12 years, downloaded 3 million times, and favorited by HubSpot and by Google’s John Mueller. In this episode, Ross and I cover a range of topics — from SEO, website redesigns, conversion, sales close techniques, to even impostor syndrome! Get ready to learn a ton from one of the most down-to-earth SEO experts I know! And now, on with the show!

Ali Najafian

A View into the World of AI and Ecommerce with Ali Najafian

Ali Najafian is the CEO and founder of Alfred Intelligent, and he’s a true innovator and a client. Alfred Intelligent is better known by the brand it owns and operates, Trendy Butler. Trendy Butler is a men’s clothing subscription box service that curates looks and sends them to customers on a monthly basis. The stylist working behind the scenes at Trendy Butler is an AI algorithm. Think of it as a matchmaker, but for your new style, instead of your new spouse. In this episode Ali and I talk about how to use AI and other innovative tech not to curate looks, but to enhance your marketing. Stay tuned for an information-packed and inspiring episode!

Daniel Liebeskind

Fast-Forward Your Marketing with Daniel Liebeskind

The internet has been an incredible tool for opening up the world in so many ways, and blockchain technology takes this to a whole other level. When it comes to marketing, some of the most innovative and nimble companies out there are in the blockchain sector. And Everipedia is no exception, serving as a great example of this kind of forward-thinking. My guest today is Daniel Liebeskind, Chief Product Officer at Everipedia. Daniel is an experienced software engineer with a background in investment banking and venture capital.

Chris Parker

How to Grow a Site from 0 to 6 Million Visitors with Chris Parker

Starting up a business is fraught with stressors and unknowns. And especially these days with what’s happening in the world – the pandemic, the global recession. Some of us are blessed with that entrepreneurial gene that tells them, “go for it!” But most of us are wary of walking away from the security of paychecks and benefits.

Dan Gaul

This Publishing Giant Does SEO Differently with Dan Gaul

Digital publishing is a tough business. But one brand that’s thriving is Digital Trends, the largest independent tech publisher in the US. Based in Portland, Oregon, the site receives over 30 million visitors a month. Digital Trends has also grown to include a popular Spanish language version of the site and a men’s lifestyle brand, The Manual. What sets Digital Trends apart from the competition is the unique approach of co-founders Dan Gaul and Ian Bell to content, revenue, and cultivating their audience. On this episode number 188, Digital Trends co-founder and CTO Dan Gaul is joining me to discuss the rise of Digital Trends and some of the secrets to their success, and how these secrets can be applied to you and your business. Stay tuned for some of Dan’s insightful views on content, SEO, recruitment and much more.

Blair Gorman

His Marketing Will Give You Goosebumps with Blair Gorman

Have you ever had a numerology reading? Are you superstitious about numbers? My guest is Blair Gorman, the Founder of Numerologist.com, one of the most popular and successful numerology sites on the web. You may be wondering what numerology has to do with marketing? Whether you swear by your destiny number or not, you can definitely learn some amazing lessons about digital marketing from this show. That’s because Numerologist.com is a powerful innovator in online marketing and has been for years. They are so innovative that at one time Google used them as a case study. Blair is often miles ahead of his competitors when it comes to embracing cutting-edge techniques. He’ll be talking about interactive Video Sales Letters or VSLs, augmented reality, virtual reality, social media, how to write killer copy and most importantly, how to incorporate it all into a marketing strategy that generates impressive growth. Number 185, which is this episode’s number, in numerology is all about professional success, material abundance, and new beginnings. Keep tuned in because this episode might be your lucky number.

Jill Nelson

Wow Your Prospects with Jill Nelson

It’s a strange world we live in where it’s considered inappropriate to call without texting first. Isn’t placing unannounced calls exactly what phones are for? I remember the days where I could call my friends or even prospects out of the blue and it was totally fine. Regardless, the phone is often still your first touch point with prospects and their first impression of you. No one knows better how to capitalize on the opportunity of the inbound phone call than Jill Nelson. Jill is the Founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists and my guest for this episode. She is an award-winning businesswoman who started Ruby in 2003 and had scaled it to a thriving company with over 500 staff achieving double-digit growth every year since its inception. She offers virtual receptionist services to business owners and so far, her army of 400 receptionists have answered 50 million phone calls. If you care about customer experience, then you’ll absolutely want to hear what Jill has to say in this wide-ranging conversation. She reveals her secrets to mastering the prospect’s first impression, how to wow customers and her secrets to the perfect phone script.

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