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Masters of Arbitrage with Jon Shugart & Luke Sample

On this episode, I’m joined by not one, but two industry insiders who are going to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of the world of arbitrage, which simply involves buying low and selling high. Jon Shugart is an entrepreneur at heart and a computer programmer by trade. He’s also a master at webinar marketing who was on one of the very earliest episodes of Marketing Speak. Luke Sample is a serial internet entrepreneur and black hat SEO. Together, they are the co-creators of BookTrades Biz. If you’re ready to learn how to build an internet empire from anywhere in the world, this is the episode for you!

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Grow Your Affiliate Marketing into a Money Machine with Greg Davis

Greg Davis is the expert who trained the experts in Affiliated Marketing. Greg is a graduate of Penn State University, he holds a degree in electrical engineering. Working part-time he grew his affiliated marketing business from its humble beginnings, working part time and losing one hundred dollars per day to generating over one hundred thousand dollars per month and becoming a rock star in the affiliate marketing world.

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Create a Profitable Business with Outside-The-Box Marketing with Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy Schoemaker a.k.a ShoeMoney knows that you have to take risks to build an empire. He shares how giving away free content can transform your business into a million dollar brand, and how to build a successful business online, even if you don't have a website yet.

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Creating Valuable Affiliate Programs that Sell with Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins, the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, has been working with affiliate programs since the 90's. He shares the potential affiliate programs have to create success and wealth, and the tools that you need to add value to your program.

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Generating Boatloads of New Leads through J.V. Partnerships with Rich German

Building an email list with thousands of potential clients just got easier. Rich German, co-founder of the Joint Venture Insider Circle and the JVX Conference, shares how you can use your network to your advantage, creating joint venture partnerships that are beneficial for you, and your J.V. Partner.