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Create a Profitable Business with Outside-The-Box Marketing with Jeremy Schoemaker

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This Week’s Guest:

Jeremy Schoemaker a.k.a ShoeMoney is a super blogger, affiliate, and an entrepreneur with 15 different companies under his belt. He’s the author of Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story. He’s the founder and CEO of ShoeMoney Media, and the founder of Elite Retreat.


Marketing is a game, and Jeremy Schoemaker takes risks, and reaps the rewards. After starting several online businesses, and selling most of them in under a year, he has learned through trial and error how to run a successful business, and stand out in a crowd, even in a competitive market.
We discuss:

  • Why you should create something that is useful, and give it away for free.
  • Creating viral content.
  • Taking risks, and how they create wealth.
  • Using arbitrage to your advantage.

Here’s what I learned:

How Jeremy Became Internet Famous

  1. The ShoeMoney Playbook was created because Jeremy saw that there was a lot missing in the marketplace.
    • He realized that giving away great items for free would then bring in the clients and money.
    • Money is just a side effect of building something cool and useful.
  2. His big home run was his Google AdSense check for $134,000-he was on unemployment and cashed that check-that was his last month on unemployment.
    • That came from a blog that was started to share tips, tricks, and tactics that he was learning.
  3. After that, he started to learn affiliate marketing and SEO.

How Jeremy Builds Products and Businesses

  1. It took Jeremy a long time to learn how to be an entrepreneur-he barely graduated high school, but doesn’t know of any college that really helps you with the knowledge that he’s learned through practice.
    • By practicing in real life situations, you constantly learn what you’re good at and what you’re not good at.
  2. The key when forming a business relationship is finding out what value they bring to the table, and if that matches the value that you need.
    • Jeremy knows that he needs a CEO, managing people is not his strong suit.
    • He’ll overpay employees, and do everything that you’re not supposed to do as a CEO.
    • However, he is very good at marketing, monetization of a product, and product creation.
    • Everything he’s done launches and grows very quickly.
  3. Most of the companies he’s sold had not even hit their one year operation mark.
    • You have to recognize what you’re good at, what you’re not, and then look for the key people to fill the rest in.

The Art of Marketing

  1. With Jeremy’s company AuctionAds, he was creating a ten-point playbook and only got to point four before he sold it.
  2. You have to leverage your friends and Jeremy had a lot of friends in the industry.
  3. Write to a lot of bloggers so you can achieve the viral component.
    • Jeremy refers to ‘viral’ as something that can grow without spending any money.
  4. With AuctionAds, they put the business name at the end of all of the ads, and it helped generate interest and people seeing the ads would click on them to sign up.
  5. They had an affiliate program which paid 10%, and it was a game-changer.
    • They also put $5 in anyone’s account who would put a code in on the site.
    • You have to find these key motivators to get people to take action.
  6. Jeremy would go to businesses and offer 10% more to run with AuctionAds as opposed to Google AdSense.
    • He did this with several top companies in different niches, and it generated a lot of business.
    • When you’re willing to do what others are not, people will notice.
    • There were endless case studies of people making more with AuctionAds than Google AdSense.
  7. If you referred people, that came out of Jeremy’s pocket, and he was about $300,000 in debt when he sold that company.
    • He took a risk but built something that had momentum and huge growth.

Taking a Risk

  1. Everything that Jeremy has built, he wished had existed and then he would build it, solve that problem, and offer it for free.
    • That’s one of the biggest rewards for him and the money is just the side effect.
  2. People easily get complacent.
    • When you have guaranteed revenue as an affiliate, you may ask “Why would I risk losing money?”
    • Jeremy would guarantee that affiliates would make more with AuctionAds than whatever they were making currently, and they would put that in writing.
    • Not only did people make more, they doubled their money and it just went up from there.
  3. Money brings most people into affiliate marketing, but you have to give people an incentive so that they will want to refer their friends.
    • Seeing social proof can be a good incentive.
  4. When Jeremy was giving people $5 into their account for signing up with AuctionAds, the minimum payout was $10-that was an incentive to overcome complacency and make some money.

The Best Kinds of Arbitrage

  1. Arbitrage is the profit from a market imbalance.
    • There’s always a market imbalance, you’re the middleman between two companies and that translates everywhere on the internet.
  2. At one point in time, you could buy traffic for a nickel per click, send it to a page that was heavy-strong on AdSense, and make fifty cents per click.
    • Jeremy discovered that and maxed out his credit cards.
    • He started asking family and friends for their credit cards, guaranteeing that they would make money.
    • He made $5,000 in a couple of days maxing out credit cards.
    • He doesn’t use this as a business technique, but sometimes still does it for fun.
  3. He’s written guides on this, but he profited $2,000+ without doing anything on six iPhones.
    • He got the phones free but did it wrong-he could of made more.
    • iPhones come unlocked now, and by putting “unlocked” in the description in the title, you can earn 20% more.
    • Then, by putting “next day air”, they sold for about 30% more.
    • He still doubled his money on two of them, and profited well overall.
    • The best part about arbitrage is there’s no risk.
    • You get a return policy at stores, and if that doesn’t work, set your price on eBay.

The Best Info Products

  1. Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels and Ryan Deiss’ The Invisible Selling Machine are two of Jeremy’s favorite products.
  2. If you don’t even have a website yet, don’t spend $2,000+ on products.
    • In the ShoeMoney System, Jeremy covers everything A-Z, and includes experts and videos.
  3. Use StackThatMoney forums-it’s a great resource!
    • There’s a ton of professionals there who have real experience, and will answer questions.
    • Go into forums, have conversations, and you’ll get the best free advice.

Jeremy’s Generous Offer

  1. There’s opportunity all around if you want to make money online.
  2. If you’re just getting started, go to ShoeMoney.net or e-mail Jeremy at Jeremy@ShoeMoney.com.
  3. He has a great training course that covers getting your site online, social media, and how to implement everything.
  4. By the time you’re done, you will have a great site that has social marketing integration, email integration, and you’ll know how to make a sales funnel-so you’ve got the three core building blocks to make money online.
  5. He will teach you how to write product reviews, and he’ll even give you $5 of his own money to spend on Facebook advertising.

The “Win free business cards for life” Contest

  1. Stephan told Jeremy about his idea of “Design my Business Card”-it ended up getting a ton of exposure.
  2. Stephan had a client that printed business cards, and wanted people to make business cards for Jeremy.
  3. The contest went viral because all the designers wanted to design Jeremy’s card, so they submitted their entries, and told their friends about it, and that expanded the social circle.

Step up your marketing game!

  1. Don’t be afraid to give away content for free. When you do more than your competitors, clients-and money-will follow.
  2. Capture attention and go viral! The most shared content provides value, solves a problem, and is interesting.
  3. Go to ShoeMoney.net to take advantage of Jeremy’s offer. You’ll receive a training course that will get you started making money online.

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