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An Ex-Google Engineer’s Primer to Google Penalties with Kaspar Szymanski

A Google penalty can be devastating for any business. Imagine waking up one morning to find your rankings wiped out and your traffic in a nosedive. Worse, it may not be immediately clear why you've even been hit by a penalty. The road to recovery can take months, sometimes even years for those who are inexperienced in SEO. My guest for this episode number 205 is an SEO expert who has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to Google penalties and the best strategies for site recovery.  Kaspar Szymanski is a co-founder of Search Brothers and an ex-Googler who spearheaded global web spam initiatives as part of Google's search quality team. If you're a regular listener to the show, you may have heard me talk about how important it is for webmasters to understand Google penalties. If you run an online business and you're not taking Google's quality guidelines seriously, you are accepting a major risk to your profits. Thankfully, Kaspar and I will be revealing how you can mitigate that risk by following a few basic principles. We'll also be talking about what to do if you've already been hit by a penalty and the importance of E-A-T, which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This episode is packed with valuable information for any business. So without any further ado, let's get into it.

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Down-to-Earth SEO Advice with Tim Soulo

For the serious SEO practitioner, Ahrefs is a tool and brand that we're already well aware of. It's a powerful platform for many things, including competitor analysis and keyword research. As you can imagine, an awesome marketing tool like Ahrefs needs an awesome chief marketing officer, and that's where Tim Soulo comes in. Tim is a digital marketing thought leader, a frequent speaker at events around the globe, and a publisher of cutting-edge research and opinions on the Ahrefs blog. Before taking on the CMO role at Ahrefs, Tim forged his own path in the digital marketing world for more than a decade, building successful online businesses, and becoming an expert in SEO and the process. On this episode number 195, Tim and I will be delving into the most pressing issues in SEO right now, including best practices for link building, content creation, building authority online, and featured snippets. If you want the latest on SEO from the CMO of one of the biggest online digital marketing tools, stay tuned.

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This Publishing Giant Does SEO Differently with Dan Gaul

Digital publishing is a tough business. But one brand that's thriving is Digital Trends, the largest independent tech publisher in the US. Based in Portland, Oregon, the site receives over 30 million visitors a month. Digital Trends has also grown to include a popular Spanish language version of the site and a men's lifestyle brand, The Manual. What sets Digital Trends apart from the competition is the unique approach of co-founders Dan Gaul and Ian Bell to content, revenue, and cultivating their audience. On this episode number 188, Digital Trends co-founder and CTO Dan Gaul is joining me to discuss the rise of Digital Trends and some of the secrets to their success, and how these secrets can be applied to you and your business. Stay tuned for some of Dan's insightful views on content, SEO, recruitment and much more.

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Boosting Visibility in Google News and in YouTube with Greg Jarboe

Google isn't just one search engine. Google also operates a number of specialty search engines, one for news: Google News, one for images: Google Images, two for video: Google Video and YouTube, and many more. In this episode, we're going to focus on optimizing two of these specialty engines, Google News and YouTube. One of your secret weapons for Google News optimization is press releases. If you think press releases aren't news, I agree with you, yet for our guest, Greg Jarboe, he's made plenty of money for his clients through the use of optimized press releases distributed via wire services such as Business Wire. Greg is President and Cofounder of SEO-PR, an award-winning content marketing agency and he's the author of YouTube and Video Marketing. He's also contributed to four other books including the YouTube Optimization section of my book, The Art of SEO. If you're interested in boosting your visibility in Google News or on YouTube, there are plenty of practical advice to sink your teeth into.

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Content Marketing + SEO: Your One-Two Punch with Eric Siu

Imagine buying a failing company for $2 and not just turning it around in a couple months, but growing it to the point where you have offices in San Francisco, LA and New York and an impressive client list that includes companies like Lyft, Intuit and more. That's the remarkable story of Single Grain, the agency owned by my guest, Eric Siu. He is an SEO consultant and entrepreneur who has developed growth strategies for dozens of noted brands. He also cohosts the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel, who has also been on the show twice. Eric is the creator of ClickFlow, a CDN or proxy server for SEO. It's an unusual idea and similar to GravityStream, an optimization platform that I had developed way back in 2003 and it got sold with my agency Netconcepts in 2010. In this interview, we'll be talking about the secret behind creating a more powerful connection with your customers, how to harness multichannel marketing and the process behind turning your website into an evergreen traffic machine. Since Eric is a prominent speaker and podcaster, he'll also be providing some valuable tips on creating a personal brand and building an audience for your podcast.