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Future-Proof Your Marketing Career with Carter Cast

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person now holds ten different jobs before the age of 40. With the rise of AI and rapid technological change, this number is likely to increase in the future. The question is, how can you future-proof yourself in your chosen field while avoiding self-sabotaging behavior that can derail your career or get you laid off?  Our guest in this episode is Carter Cast. Carter has reinvented himself several times, starting out as Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, moving on to become CEO of Walmart.com, and later a venture capitalist and professor. In his work life, he has been forced to confront some hard truths, which he documented in his book, The Right and Wrong Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made and Unmade Carter's formula for avoiding career disaster involves knowing yourself and your weaknesses, becoming more agile, and learning to control risky behaviors. As our work lives inevitably become less certain and more intellectually demanding, Carter's insights are essential for anyone who has a long-term career or business goals.

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Make a Lasting Impression with Matt Barnett

Regardless of the industry, making a meaningful connection with customers and prospects is one of the greatest challenges a business faces. Our communication channel of choice with these folks tends to be email, but there is an awful lot of noise in their inbox. A lot of what they receive is impersonal and shallow, and consequently, they just don’t have any interest in opening most of it.  My guest today, Matt Barnett, decided to change all that when he created Bonjoro, a software as a service (SaaS) looking to reinvent the way businesses tackle engagement by allowing them to send quick, personal video messages directly to their customers and prospects. Originally an industrial designer and artist, Matt stumbled into creating Bonjoro accidentally by simply building tools to solve a problem that got used by others. When the popularity of his video platform eclipsed the original business he was building, he knew he was onto something.  In this episode, Matt and I discuss pivoting, taking on investors, managing stakeholder expectations, managing remote teams, and using video to both land clients and reduce churn. If you’d like to surprise and delight your customers and serve them in remarkable ways, you’re not going to want to miss this episode.

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How to Leave a Long-Lasting Impression with Carmen Simon

‏According to my guest Carmen Simon, people forget about 90% of your content after 2 days. And the little they remember is random. But don’t worry, you can guide your audience to retain the bits that you deem most important. And you’re about to learn how.  Carmen is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, cognitive neuroscientist and author of the book, Impossible to Ignore: Create Memorable Content to Influence Decisions. Carmen has helped some of the world’s most visible brands craft memorable messages by focusing on how the brain works. Carmen is also the founder of Memzy, an agency which helps teams create and deliver memorable content.

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Don’t Just Speak, Perform! with Michael Port

Speaking is the fast path to demonstrating your credibility. Speaking is also how you share your expertise - on stages, on podcasts, on videos, and even on TV. Yet, surprisingly, many subject matter experts and entrepreneurs are either uncomfortable or unskilled at presenting in front of the audience. And often the speech gets worse the larger the audience. It’s uncanny how an audience of ten thousand can cause knees to knock and voices to quiver.  The good news is, great speakers are made, not born. Becoming a great speaker takes practice, yes. Yet it is a skill that can be honed over time. And no matter how good you are at it, you should hone it. I myself feel I have a ways to go, even though I've given thousands of presentations around the world. I’ve honed my craft over the last two and a half decades, but my biggest breakthrough in speaking came about this year, while attending a course called Heroic Public Speaking grad program. And the instructor? Today’s guest, Michael Port.  Michael earned his MFA in acting from NYU 25 years ago, then began working in TV, film, and theater. Now, he teaches non-actors what actors know on how to give better performances both onstage and off. Michael is the author of eight books, including Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show. They've been translated into 29 languages and been on the bestseller lists of the NY Times and Wall Street Journal, among others. His clients include Disney, Best Buy, Guardian, Olympians, Navy Seals, FBI agents, Astronauts, and thousands of others who care deeply about making a difference in the world. This jam-packed conversation not only covers how to have an outstanding stage presence your audience will never forget, but also how you can become a better, more authentic, and present communicator both in business and in life. On with the show!

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Unlock the Power of Your Voice with Roger Love

Many of us may take it for granted, but the quality of our voice plays a huge role in our lives- both business and personal. The sound of your voice is oftentimes the basis of someone’s first impression of you. And as such, your voice plays a critical role in your sales and marketing. How you speak and how you present yourself on stage determines to a large degree how persuasive your presentation or sales pitch will be.  It only takes a split second for your prospects or audience to decide whether you’re credible, interesting, and worthy of their time. Would you believe that if you’re not happy with the voice you have now, you can change it and become a better communicator? It’s true. My guest for this episode number 216 is Roger Love. He’s recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on voice, and his clients include Tony Robbins, John Mayer, Selena Gomez, Brendon Burchard, Simon Sinek, Reese Witherspoon, and Bradley Cooper, to name a few.  My wife, Orion, and I had the pleasure of attending one of Roger’s events earlier this year, called Voice of Success, and we were blown away! We learned so much valuable stuff from the multi-day curriculum that I had to have Roger on this show. He’s actually already been a guest on my other show Get Yourself Optimizedepisode 68 – and that too is an amazing episode, so check it out. In this episode, we are going to learn from Roger what it takes to become a better speaker and communicator, so that you can share your message as powerfully as possible and change the world in the process.  On with the show!