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Optimize Your Webinar Marketing with Casey Zeman

How many times have you logged out of a webinar early because it seemed like a waste of your time? Maybe the content just wasn’t engaging. Or maybe there were annoying technical issues. Or maybe you got tricked into thinking it was live when it was actually a replay. It’s a common experience that highlights the fact that if you’re running a webinar, you need to be on top of your game -- throughout the entire webinar. And, you need the right tools for the job.  One person who knows this better than anyone is Casey Zeman. Casey started out as a video marketer on YouTube and moved into webinars after he realized the massive financial potential. He never looked back, eventually building his own webinar software platform which became EasyWebinar. Along the way, Casey ran hundreds of successful webinars himself, learning what worked and what didn’t the hard way. Casey is also the founder of the TribeMinded Mastermind and has consulted with companies such as HarperCollins, Estee Lauder, and Dell. If you want to make the most of webinars in your marketing and you’re looking for latest and greatest tips, tools and tactics, this episode is for you. Casey and I will be discussing webinar automation, interactive tools, webinar sales funnels, and a bunch of ways to take your webinars to the next level. On with the show.

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The Formula For Killer Webinar Conversion with Jon Shugart

What if nobody shows? If you've ever hosted a webinar, you've likely had this worry. It's one thing to get webinar sign ups, it's quite another to get people to show up. Jon Shugart is here today to share his secrets on ramping up your webinar show rates. Jon is a webinar master and CEO of Bannercloud-an ad design marketplace. He gives us some insider insight into webinar conversions, developing relationships with big list builders, and profiting on your retargeted list. Tune in to learn more!