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Success Secrets of Serial Entrepreneurs Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm

In business and life, too often relationships are transactional. But mentorship is a two-way street — a relationship between humans — and not a transaction, and that’s what makes it such a powerful offering.  My guests today, Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm have unlocked that power in their new book, Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond. Kevin and Mark have written this book and created a whole program around it to give homage to the power of mentorships and to inspire all of us to mentor and be mentored. Mentorship propelled them forward in their lives enabling them to achieve all their considerable accomplishments. They are both highly successful serial entrepreneurs, in fact, Kevin has been a mentor to Mark, which is how their partnership began. Kevin is an original “Shark” on the Emmy-winning TV show, Shark Tank and Mark is the current president of IntegriMedical LLC.  In today’s episode, we talk about what it's like to be at a transitional point and how a mentee opens him or herself up to hearing advice, and what it’s like as a mentor to be able to have such a tangible and poignant impact on someone else’s life. Both of these guys have so much knowledge to share on the subject… so without any further ado, on with the show!

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Lessons in Direct Marketing with Brian Kurtz

Today, I’m interviewing Brian Kurtz. Brian and I know each other through Joe Polish’s Genius Network, and I’m excited to say that I will be a part of Brian’s upcoming Titans Mastermind, along with some impressive folks, including Roland Frasier and Scott Harrison to name a few. Brian is the former Executive Vice President of Boardroom Inc. and founder of Titans Marketing - a direct marketing education company. His most recent book is Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing. It is his opus and comes with incredible bonuses at www.OverdeliverBook.com.  In today’s episode, we get into marketing tactics like swag boxes, shock and awe boxes, and the golden ratio of the three legs of direct marketing, which are not exactly equal. Out front, you’ve got to get your targeted list right, before you worry about the offer and the creative messaging. If you want to know more about being a results leader vs. a thought leader, this guy brings (and has brought) ridiculous results. It’s an eye-opening lesson in marketing you’re not going to want to miss, from the man who says, “advertising opportunities are infinite.” So, without any further ado, let’s get on with the show.

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The LinkedIn Success Formula with Julie Mason

My guest today, Julie Mason learned a lot in the 15 years she spent as a salesperson cold-calling and going door-to-door across various industries. Some of the lessons she learned during that time: Be friendly, genuine, and open. Build rapport and trust. Don’t take anything personally… shake off the no’s and keep on going.  Today, Julie is regarded as one of the top 25 LinkedIn experts in the world by her peers. She’s been featured on the cover of Social Media Success Magazine Australia, and she is the LinkedIn Tutor for the University of Sydney and Recruiter.com. She’s an outstanding coach, which I learned firsthand because Julie was able to get me some measurable results just by doing stuff like honing my ideal client avatar.  In this episode, we delve into strategic ways you can generate leads and sales using LinkedIn. We discuss happy clicks, Sales Navigator, and how to use this platform to cultivate quality relationships. How to spruce up your profile and become more of a value-added participant in the ecosystem on LinkedIn. In articles from her site like, “What Do Sex & LinkedIn Have In Common”… Well, I’m gonna let her explain it! Without any further ado, let’s get on with the show. 

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Podcasts as Authority Boosters with Steve Gordon

Selling your expertise in the form of premium-priced, intangible services is difficult. Unfortunately, most of the marketing and sales advice you find isn’t designed for the reality of selling and scaling your expertise.  My guest today, Steve Gordon helps professionals, consultants, agencies, and experts build marketing systems to pre-sell their ideal clients, so they don’t have to become master marketers or salespeople. He created Unstoppable CEO and he is the host of the Unstoppable CEO podcast. He is generously offering a copy of his book Podcast Prospecting free for my listeners, so stick around to the end of the episode to hear how to get that.  In today’s episode, Steve drops considerable knowledge about podcasting as a sales and marketing channel. Steve has mastered so many aspects of this arena, including how to repurpose podcast content across a plethora of platforms. So, if you’re interested in learning from someone at the top of his podcast game and you want to know more about the profit minute and the Inevitable Growth scorecard, you’re going to want to stay tuned for this chock-full-of-value episode.

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Wealth Is a State of Mind with John Shin

One of the more powerful books I've ever read is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was first published over 80 years ago. Since then, it's sold over 70 million copies worldwide. It truly is timeless and has changed many people's lives, mine included. Many millionaires and billionaires have credited the book as a primary reason for their success.  Among them is our guest for this episode, John Shin. John is not only a wildly successful entrepreneur but also a motivational speaker, philanthropist, movie producer and author of the brand-new book How Rich Asians Think. Just so you can appreciate the scale of what John has built, I'll share with you that John commands a sales force of nearly 6,800 agents. Whether you've read or haven't read Think and Grow Rich, keep reading because you are in for a treat to learn how an amazing book has changed an amazing person’s life and can change yours too.