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The Future of Work with Don Tapscott

Over the past few decades, technology has radically reshaped the way we do business. Compare life today to that of someone living in the early 90s. It's like comparing a VHS tape to Netflix. Organizations are becoming more collaborative and less hierarchical. We're crowdsourcing powerful data and insights at the touch of a button. The blockchain is decentralizing and disrupting across all sectors- government, business, nonprofit. One man who's studied the impact of some of the biggest technological innovations of recent times is Don Tapscott.  Don is the bestselling author of 16 books including Wikinomics, and Blockchain Revolution. He's executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, and a member of the Order of Canada. Don regularly consults for prime ministers and presidents who want to understand what our current era of rapid technological change means for their citizens. And now, Don will help you prepare for the decades ahead too.

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Future-Proof Your Marketing Career with Carter Cast

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person now holds ten different jobs before the age of 40. With the rise of AI and rapid technological change, this number is likely to increase in the future. The question is, how can you future-proof yourself in your chosen field while avoiding self-sabotaging behavior that can derail your career or get you laid off?  Our guest in this episode is Carter Cast. Carter has reinvented himself several times, starting out as Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, moving on to become CEO of Walmart.com, and later a venture capitalist and professor. In his work life, he has been forced to confront some hard truths, which he documented in his book, The Right and Wrong Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made and Unmade Carter's formula for avoiding career disaster involves knowing yourself and your weaknesses, becoming more agile, and learning to control risky behaviors. As our work lives inevitably become less certain and more intellectually demanding, Carter's insights are essential for anyone who has a long-term career or business goals.

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Crafting Content that Converts with Lacy Boggs

When you’re a content strategist and you’ve written a book called "Make a Killing With Content," people are going to expect you to have a pretty cool looking website. I’m talking about my guest today, Lacy Boggs. Lacy is the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals. When you visit her site, it really does speak for itself as a calling card – from the high-concept look and feel to the fun and engaging copy on the site – well, she kind of has you at hello. Lacy is a strategist, as well as a super-talented writer.  In today’s episode we talk about taking the long view, or as Lacy puts it, the 30,000-foot view. Which is to say, you can’t be everywhere, and you certainly don’t want to come off as all over the place… it’s so much more effective to be intentional with what you are doing and where you are showing up. This is a great episode for anyone who cares about persuasion, conversion, and quality vs. quantity. So, if you want to find out ways to distinguish your brand from all the noise out there stay tuned!

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Next-Level Video Marketing with Dwight Holcomb

When the economy is in a downturn, it’s especially inspiring to talk to marketing pioneers who can inspire those in the trenches right now and help them not just adapt and adjust, but thrive. My guest today, Dwight Holcomb is someone I got to hear speak at a National Speakers Association LA chapter meeting, and he really impressed me, so I knew I had to have him on the show.  In this episode, we talk about Dwight’s evolution from CMO of an enterprise software company where everybody was so stuck in old systems and old processes. Dwight takes us on a ride, detailing the lean methodology that he implemented in the marketing department while he was there, turning things around and getting unprecedented results. It began when he started making a unique kind of video, which you will hear about later in this episode.  Dwight had so much success with this foray into video marketing that he decided to launch his own company six years ago. If you want to hear more from a real innovator who has that knack for knowing the next wave of marketing and getting ahead of it, then buckle, and let’s get started!

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Forge Your Own Marketing Path with Jonathan Pantalis

Being obsessive in studying marketing can be a good thing. A great focal point for this obsession is the psychology of your customer—who they are, what they need, and what they respond to. My marketing-obsessed guest today is Jonathan Pantalis, founder of Phi Kind Chocolates. Jonathan is an entrepreneur who’s had more than his fair share of hard knocks, including fraud, fire, and health challenges. But all of these potential roadblocks somehow were tipping points that fueled him to do something big.  After struggling with low energy, fatigue and depression he found his diet and lifestyle to be a major culprit. Phi Kind are chocolates produced without sugar and processed junk - that actually taste and look amazing. Since starting his business, Jonathan has made it his mission to immerse himself in the discipline of marketing. He has pretty much taught himself, through trial, error, and yeah—a little obsession—how to take Phi Kind’s marketing from good to fantastic.  In this episode we talk about copywriting, direct response, taking the long view, retention tactics that transcend the superficial and go that extra mile to instill brand loyalty. These are valuable real world insights you’re about to hear, so without any further ado, on with the show!