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Build a Virtual Team with Chris Rugh

I love systems and I love outsourcing, two things we are going to dive deep into, in this episode #219. A business without systems and processes isn’t a real business. Or let’s put it this way: it won’t stay in business for long. With proper systems, you have location freedom and time freedom, two very precious commodities. Did you know for instance that I spent half of 2018 living in Tel Aviv? It was an amazing experience, one that wouldn’t have been possible if my business hadn’t been designed for that. The digital age has shepherded in an era of outsourcing knowledge work. Not only does it make it easier to scale, outsourcing lowers operational costs. My guest for this episode is Chris Rugh, and he just happens to be a master at outsourcing and systematizing. He’s the founder of Custom Toll Free, author of the book 1-800-Awesome: Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour, as well as a real estate investor, and an angel investor. The company that he sold, Custom Toll Free, has since become the nation’s leading vanity telephone number search firm. They’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as recognized brands such as 1-800-Contacts, Comcast, and Best Buy. Chris’ episode was previously published on my other podcast, Get Yourself Optimized, and I thought I’d share it here since so much of what we talked about can be applied to your marketing department. That includes leveraging and delegating, creating an offshore team, managing that offshore team without having to do a lot of painful oversight, minimizing distractions, improving your environment for maximum productivity, and so much more! On with the show!

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Conscious Marketing with Doug Bentley

To me, business is a spiritual game. This is something that you may have heard me say before, like in my most recent interview of Jay Abraham. With the right mindset, running marketing campaigns and growing your business can transcend the transactional and offer tremendous opportunities for personal growth. I find it extremely satisfying when I can use my business to help others and be a part of something bigger than myself.  My guest for this episode #214, Doug Bentley, also comes at his business from a spiritual perspective. Doug isn’t just a gifted web designer and entrepreneur, he’s also one of the most spiritual people I know. This is due in no small part to his 10 years as a Oneness monk in India serving under Guru Sri Bhagavan. Now he’s back in the US, running Inner Vision Studios, a conscious web design firm, and Sacred Wisdom School, which offers spiritual retreats and workshops. Doug has created a lot of value for me and for many others. He really demonstrates that businesses can reveal a lot of light in the world. I’m confident you’ll glean some great insights to help you to do that very thing in your marketing. So let’s get started!

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Marketing Strategies that Can Make You a Global Phenomenon with Dave Asprey

Bulletproof Coffee has become a global phenomenon. And you’re about to hear from the man behind the phenomenon, Dave Asprey. Whether you’re a biohacker like me or not, Dave needs no introduction. He isn’t just the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee, he’s authored three New York Times bestsellers, he hosts the super-popular Bulletproof Radio podcast, and he’s famously declared that he fully intends to live to the ripe old age of 180.  Well, if anyone is going to live to 180, it will be Dave! To achieve his goal, Dave has consulted with some of the leading medical and scientific minds in the world and conducted dozens of experiments on himself. If you want to hear about all the wild and amazing things Dave has tried, check out my interview of him on my Get Yourself Optimized podcast episode #38 and my wife Orion’s interview of him on her Stellar Life podcast, also episode #38, ironically. Those interviews are mind-blowing. While Dave’s groundbreaking work in biohacking is obviously fascinating, there’s another aspect of his genius that’s often overlooked: his brilliant approach to marketing and business strategy. On this episode #213, Dave and I discuss the impact of Jay Abraham, the perils of joint ventures, and the power of authenticity in business. He’ll also reveal why you should always use codes in your affiliate deals! Dave has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, Nightline, Dr. Oz, The Steve Harvey Show and too many more to mention. Here’s your opportunity to learn from someone who moves markets, creates industries, and shapes the hearts and minds of millions. Dave may be famous already, but mark my words, he’ll only become more influential in the future. Let’s get this party started!

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The Real Money Is in Customer Value Optimization with Ryan Deiss

You can always find the smart marketers at Traffic and Conversion Summit every year. And as all those smart marketers know, Ryan Deiss' keynotes are one of the highlights of the event, especially if you want to be up with the emerging trends in marketing. Ryan, of course, founded Traffic and Conversion Summit and DigitalMarketer.com, and he's my guest on today's episode number 212. Ryan is the bestselling author of The Invisible Selling Machine and Digital Marketing for Dummies. To say Ryan is an innovator in the digital marketing world would be a massive understatement.  In this episode, Ryan will unpack his Customer Value Optimization methodology and how it's used by companies like McDonald's, Starbucks, Amazon, and Best Buy to achieve massive and sustainable growth. We also discuss in depth the latest digital marketing trends. Get ready for some immediately useful tips and techniques to up-level your online marketing. And now on with the show.

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Building Habits that Last with BJ Fogg

As marketers, it's really important for us to understand what makes people tick, our target audience in particular. We learned a lot from last week's episode with Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Pre-suasion. Now, we're going to continue to dive deep into people's brains and why they do what they do, and how we can rewrite their source code, installing new tiny habits that change their lives and their destinies. And of course, what you learn today about habit formation can help you install the habits you've been wishing you had for years. For example, hitting the gym, quitting smoking, waking up early, creating a morning ritual that you actually stick with. So this is a game-changing episode for you personally.  Today's guest in this episode number 202 is Dr. BJ Fogg. BJ is a world-renowned behavior scientist with deep experience in innovation and teaching. He runs the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. He also teaches his models and methods and graduate seminars. On the industry side, BJ trains innovators to use his work so they can create solutions that influence behavior. The focus areas include health, financial wellbeing, learning, productivity, and more. Some really big names in Silicon Valley were BJ students.  BJ wrote a seminal book persuasive technology about how computers can be designed to influence attitudes and behaviors. That book, together with his early experiences, inspired an annual global conference on the topic. Fortune Magazine named BJ a new guru you should know for his insights about mobile and social networks. BJ has a new book coming out called Tiny Habits which you can pre-order on Amazon. It'll be out December 31, just in time for your New Year's resolutions. But here's a massive action you can take today, not having to wait till December 31. This will change your destiny. Register for The Optimized Entrepreneur workshop that BJ and I are teaching together at Stanford on October 1st, go to bitly.com/getoptimizedworkshop and now on with the show.