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Forge Your Own Marketing Path with Jonathan Pantalis

Being obsessive in studying marketing can be a good thing. A great focal point for this obsession is the psychology of your customer—who they are, what they need, and what they respond to. My marketing-obsessed guest today is Jonathan Pantalis, founder of Phi Kind Chocolates. Jonathan is an entrepreneur who’s had more than his fair share of hard knocks, including fraud, fire, and health challenges. But all of these potential roadblocks somehow were tipping points that fueled him to do something big.  After struggling with low energy, fatigue and depression he found his diet and lifestyle to be a major culprit. Phi Kind are chocolates produced without sugar and processed junk - that actually taste and look amazing. Since starting his business, Jonathan has made it his mission to immerse himself in the discipline of marketing. He has pretty much taught himself, through trial, error, and yeah—a little obsession—how to take Phi Kind’s marketing from good to fantastic.  In this episode we talk about copywriting, direct response, taking the long view, retention tactics that transcend the superficial and go that extra mile to instill brand loyalty. These are valuable real world insights you’re about to hear, so without any further ado, on with the show!

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The Art of Delegation with Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is one of the biggest names in podcasting, with over 500 million episodes downloaded. He is also the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers. His first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, is what really put him on the map. That book was transformational for me and for my business at that time, Netconcepts, which I eventually sold partly due to the concepts I learned from Tim in the book.  Back then, before he wrote The 4-Hour Body or The 4-Hour Chef, I interviewed Tim. He shared some amazing pearls of wisdom which you're about to hear. It's as relevant today as it was back when I recorded it. If you already heard this interview before, because I aired it in my other show, Get Yourself Optimized, episode 39. Just humor me and listen to it again.  While most entrepreneurs and busy professionals are glued to their email and phone, Tim has mastered the art of delegation. It's the ultimate productivity hack. The majority of your to-do list can be outsourced and with a little direction, a Virtual Assistant or VA can free up your time. Allowing you to work less while earning more. We discussed in this episode where to find a Virtual Assistant, how to determine what to delegate, hiring the right candidates, and so much more. And now, without further ado, on with the show.

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Clever Marketing for Difficult Times with Scott Oldford

It’s such an interesting time in marketing. The plates are shifting right beneath our feet. As a way to get our bearings, we look to marketing leaders who have the guidance to help us through the uncertainty.  My guest today, Scott Oldford is the mentor and investor behind entrepreneurs and influencers who are positively impacting the world. Scott has helped hundreds of businesses scale past 7-figures. What I love about Scott is he is completely self-taught, starting at age seven when he raised chickens and sold eggs out of his parents’ backyard. He is so relatable, admitting to the misses as well as the hits--all of it allowing him to have the learning experiences he needed to get to the impressive place he is now at the young age of 28.  In this episode we talk about having a flexible, open mindset and belief system with no ego attached in order to achieve success. We discuss not getting too attached to any one particular idea, business model, product, or service. We get into how important it is for you to get your own attention, your own awareness, and your own presence before you can then step inside anybody else's. It’s pretty great stuff, so without any further ado, let’s get on with the show!

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Building an Audience Through Ingenuity and Hustle with Melissa Monte

Who knew that mindset, metaphysics, and marketing dovetailed so well! Often on the podcast, I talk about becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, not just in marketing but in life. I’ve always been a firm believer in taking risks or you’ll remain in a safe bubble and you may miss out on some genuinely enlightening experiences.  My guest today is a fellow personal development geek. Melissa Monte is the host of the hugely popular podcast Mind Love. As an entrepreneur and former VP of Marketing, Melissa has applied her strategic mindset to achieve explosive growth. Forbes named her show the #1 Podcast for your Life and Career, and now she’s spilling her secrets.  I’m really excited to have her here with us today to talk about creative ways to get a foot in the door, whether it’s by barging in, stealing the mic, or sometimes sneaking in through the back door—whatever it takes. We also talk about the power of vulnerability in marketing, how we can get out of our own way. Stay tuned for a really inspiring show!

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How to Read People with Vanessa Van Edwards

You need to know how people work. You may have high proficiency in your field, but if you don’t possess the skills to engage other people, or you find you just have no way of reading people chances are you won’t get very far.  My guest today, Vanessa Van Edwards, is the lead investigator at Science of People. She is the bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People. This is the first comprehensive, science-backed, real-life manual on human behavior and a completely new approach to building connections. The book has been translated into 15 different languages and more than 20 million people watch Vanessa’s YouTube videos.  I think one of the reasons I was excited to have Vanessa on the show is because of her scientific approach. Just like knowing the right formulas to use in chemistry or the right programming instructions to use when writing code, the hacks in her book are simple ways to solve problems for people. One of the topics we talk about is charisma, which is so important not just in personal interactions, but in web copy and branding, it is really key.  Most of us in our careers are involved one way or another in personal interaction and public speaking, and there’s so much fascinating stuff to learn from someone who has made this her life’s work, so without any further ado, let’s get into it!