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The Past, Present, and Future of Facebook Advertising with Dennis Yu

As Facebook continues to change its algorithm, finding the right Facebook advertising strategy to beat its fluctuating system can be challenging. Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer of BlitzMetrics, talks about what works and what doesn’t in Facebook advertising. He shares some inside scoop even from when Facebook was still targeting college students back in 2007 up to now as it expanded and became one of the most used social media website to date. He imparts some wisdom coming from someone who has seen it all. Taking down each of their own processes, budding Facebook advertisers will find some interesting advice and tips on how to build their own Facebook ads as well as some of the checkpoints to go through, covering topics from lighthouse clients to choosing the right business objectives. Dennis says optimizing your Facebook ads for the right conversions will be smarter and better.

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Marketing 1-to-1 on Facebook Messenger at Scale with Mikael Yang

If you think that email is the present and future of online marketing, think again. Facebook Messenger has over a billion active users, and their open rate is astonishing compared to other forms of communication. While this may not be a viable marketing method for those trying to handle every message themselves, using a bot can help you scale and automate your Messenger interactions. Today’s guest is Mikael Yang, the co-founder and CEO of ManyChat. This is the leading Messenger marketing platform, with over 250,000 businesses in over 200 countries using its services. (I’m proud to add that I’m one of its happy users, as well.) Mikael will take a deep dive into marketing through Facebook Messenger. He’ll explain why it’s such a valuable marketing avenue and how best to take advantage of this opportunity to streamline communication with customers.

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Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising with Rick Mulready

In January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that Facebook was trying to go back to its roots by stopping the spread of fake news, engagement baiting, click baiting, and so on. As a result of the site’s prioritization of what it sees as valuable content, some sites have taken a big hit in organic traffic. To avoid this, the key is to offer genuine content that is valuable to users. With that said, Facebook is still a pay-to-play platform full of opportunity, as long as you’re doing it the right way by adding value. If you’re ready to learn all about Facebook advertising and much more, you’ll love this episode. Rick Mulready and I will dig into tools, tips, techniques, tactics, and more to help you take your Facebook ads to the next level. We’ll talk about split testing, the role of videos and Messenger, how to get the most bang for your buck with paid advertising, and myriad other important topics

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A True Facebook Ad Strategist Tells All with Amanda Bond

We’re all familiar with the concept of marketing funnels. Today, you’ll learn how to reshape your understanding of the funnel Specifically, you’ll learn how to break down the funnel into three separate slices: the opening, the middle, and the bottom. Using these three slices, you can indoctrinate people into your brand, get them to understand you, and inspire them to make a purchase. Today’s guest calls these three phases connect, commit, and close. Amanda Bond, is an expert in Facebook ad strategy. She uses her contagious enthusiasm and wealth of insight to change Facebook advertising from something intimidating into something understandable and fun. She offers clear advice, tips, and strategies on how to make the most of your Facebook advertising. She digs into topics about connecting with potential customers, helping your audience engage with your brand, and finding the best tools to use.

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Create Killer Facebook Ad Campaigns that Convert with Cat Howell

Here’s a situation that might sound familiar: you start an ad campaign on Facebook, spend $20 or $30, and see no results at all. Instead of pouring more money down the drain, you turn off the ad campaign and conclude that Facebook Ads don’t work. While that reaction may seem reasonable, the truth is that Facebook Ads can be a successful tool to grow your business. You just aren’t spending enough on them. Spending too little on Facebook Ads is one of the biggest mistakes that Cat Howell, my guest today, sees while working for her Facebook advertising agency. She's an incredible Facebook marketer who shares valuable information we can apply to our current strategies. In our conversation today, Cat will use her experience from working with clients like Coca Cola, Amitil, and Contiki to give you Facebook advertising best practices, tips, tricks, and secrets.