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Grow Your Tribe and Your Revenue with Natalie Eckdahl

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This Week’s Guest:

Especially when you’re burning with inspiration, the act of creating a business or event is the easy part. It’s once you get into the nitty gritty of making the details (and the finances) work that things get more complicated. If you’re hosting events, for example, you might end up cancelling if you don’t sell enough tickets to justify holding the event. For everything from podcasts to masterminds, having enough of a tribe to support what you build is one of the keys to growing your business.


Natalie Eckdahl joins me today to talk about using your tribe to grow your business to seven figures, and beyond! Natalie is a business strategist and coach who helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. As the host of the popular BizChix podcast and the leader of two masterminds, she’s intimately familiar with how growing your tribe can grow your business. She also emphasizes not burning out, and talks about creating passive income.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:23] – Natalie starts things off by talking about game changers that have transformed her business from a marketing and sales perspective.
  • [03:03] – Does Natalie worry that she might lose control of her community on Facebook, since it’s not on her own site?
  • [05:42] – People are on Facebook, so that’s the most effective way for them to communicate, Natalie points out.
  • [07:46] – We hear about how the women who attended Natalie’s event responded to the experience.
  • [12:18] – Stephan takes a moment to talk about his own attempts to put on events, which he had to cancel due to lack of ticket sales. Natalie then discusses the need to know your strategy.
  • [15:22] – Something that Natalie learned from her event is that her audience is hungry to learn.
  • [17:46] – Natalie discusses whether her mention of losing money on her event takes mastermind sales into account, or only ticket sales.
  • [19:46] – When Natalie documents positive comments on her sales page, does she reach out to each person for permission?
  • [24:02] – Natalie talks about her switch from interview-format podcasts episodes to solo episodes.
  • [27:28] – Does Natalie do episodes live as well, or are they purely recorded in advance and released later?
  • [28:52] – Most podcast consumers are listening only and not consuming via video, Stephan points out. Natalie then talks about the difficulty of getting people to move from one platform to another, and how to get people to share your content.
  • [31:51] – We hear about how Natalie has grown her podcast.
  • [33:32] – Stephan takes a moment to recommend a previous conversation with Daniel J. Lewis about iTunes SEO.
  • [35:53] – We learn about some low-hanging fruit SEO tactics for YouTube videos.
  • [38:13] – Why does Natalie offer two levels of masterminds?
  • [41:36] – Natalie talks about one of the biggest game-changers in her business: hiring a high-level team member to facilitate the masterminds.
  • [43:56] – We learn about the pricing of Natalie’s two masterminds.
  • [47:10] – Natalie’s closing thought on masterminds is that when you put them together, you’re really looking for diversity.
  • [48:00] – How can people get in touch with Natalie, sign up for her events, or learn more about her and what she does?


Links and Resources:


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Come up with ways to grow my tribe while also growing my business. A strong community will help me progress.

☑ Prioritize my email list by creating strong and effective opt-ins and calls to action for my marketing campaign.

☑ Utilize Facebook Groups to keep in touch with my community. Since the majority of my audience is on Facebook, it becomes a highly convenient medium.

☑ Always engage and take the time to personally respond to people’s comments and queries about my business. Don’t let others do this task for me.

☑ Host a live event to gather a filtered set of people who are truly interested in my business.

☑ Create engaging and interactive activities for the live event. Make every minute count for my audience.

☑ Do one on one calls with someone who’s truly responsive to my message. Use this opportunity to get to know them better.

☑ Host a podcast. Interview relevant guests and talk about topics my audience wants to hear to reach a wider set of people.

☑ Write blog posts to share my thoughts. Use the blog to inform, educate and update my readers.

☑ Post videos to create more engagement. Mixing audio and visual content can be an appealing way to reach my audience.



S: This episode number 130 is all about growing your tribe and thus growing your business to seven figures and beyond. Our guest today is Natalie Eckdahl. She’s a business strategist and high-performance coach who helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs across industries and timezones build, grow, and scale their business while avoiding overwhelm. She’s also the host of the popular BizChix Podcast. Natalie, it’s so great to have you on the show.


N: Thank you, Stephan. I’m so excited to be here. Just love what you’re creating. Just love the content that you’re putting out there.


S: Aww. Thank you. I understand you’ve been listening to some of the episodes.


N: I have. I’m really enjoying them and the technical ones on SEO, I want that known in my business but I don’t want to personally know the details. I have a team member I’m now going to assign to follow your show and to listen to all the SEO topics.


S: That makes sense. Let’s talk about game changers, things that have really grown your business, transformed your business, especially from a marketing and sales perspective.


N: Sure. There’s been a few game changers in my business in the last year or so. I have a podcast as well. I host The BizChix Podcast and I have been hosting that for four years. I have learned so much along the way about what works and what doesn’t in terms of attracting my avatar to me, building an audience, building a community. I’ve really built an online community for women entrepreneurs.


S: And it’s quite a big community, right?


N: It is. It’s big but it’s not gigantic. I have actually created a Facebook group for my community but everybody in there is on my email list and everybody in there is, for the most part, a listener.


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