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Fresh Ideas to Kick Your Revenue Up a Notch with Brad Costanzo

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This Week’s Guest:

Imagine having a great idea for a book. You have the knowledge and perseverance to write it yourself, but you don’t have the audience to make any sales. You don’t have to bury your book in a dark corner of Amazon where it will never see the light of day. There’s a way you can make five or six figures from your book without having a following. Here’s how it works: you take it to an influencer in the field who already has a broad following. Offer to publish your book in that person’s name and voice, and give them a percentage of the profits in exchange.


Brad Costanzo is an entrepreneur and growth strategist who helps business owners grow and expand. Like me, he’s also a podcast host, and he’ll share some words of wisdom specific to podcasters! Most of the episode, though, is relevant to anyone who wants to expand or create their business regardless of industry. He offers creative tips and insights that you can apply to your own situation. Check out this episode whether you’re an ultra-successful business owner, someone considering starting a new business or podcast, or anywhere in between.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:28] – Brad talks about web strategy and shares what he discusses at the event where he and Stephan met.
  • [06:28] – Stephan ties what Brad has been saying to the reason why the railroads went out of business. He and Brad then rave about the docuseries The Men Who Built America.
  • [08:17] – The questions Brad has been talking about are his starting points, he explains. He also discusses leapfrog theory.
  • [12:01] – Is Brad acquiring entire businesses, or just websites? It depends, he answers. He then talks about how he finds his deals.
  • [15:49] – What Brad has been saying reminds Stephan of signs that say “we’ll buy your house for cash.”
  • [18:38] – Stephan is reminded of something he learned at a real estate investing seminar: look at the rental section of a newspaper to find a property to buy. Brad then shares his thoughts on creating access to the assets you need.
  • [21:54] – Brad brings up something that he talks a lot about on his podcast: access and influence.
  • [24:32] – We hear more about leasing a website with the option to buy, which is something Brad has done recently.
  • [27:11] – Brad and Stephan discuss Jay Abraham, who has been on Marketing Speak twice.
  • [28:18] – Stephan has bought some websites for relatively small amounts of money, starting at $500, he explains.
  • [31:33] – What has been Brad’s best deal so far?
  • [34:33] – Brad has worked with brokers, but has never bought through one, only sold through them. He shares his thoughts on brokers.
  • [38:25] -Does Brad have an example of using Jay Abraham’s strategy for something outside of acquiring websites or businesses?
  • [43:27] – Stephan offers an example that he heard at the latest Podcast Movement conference. He then shares how he got into an event that he couldn’t afford at the time.
  • [47:54] – As podcasters, the #1 thing we want is access to listeners, Brad points out. He then discusses some creative ways of reaching this goal.
  • [52:44] – Stephan is reminded that he did a similar sort of triangulation last week.
  • [54:52] – The big-picture thinking is Brad’s favorite thing to do, but also the hardest thing to do for himself rather than other people, he explains. Stephan then offers his advice on how to overcome this problem.
  • [58:30] – Brad responds to Stephan’s suggestion.
  • [61:29] – How can listeners get in touch with Brad or learn more?


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Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Understand my target market. I should know who I’m serving to give them the best product or service.

☑ Learn more about my customer’s journey to see what they’re experiencing. Getting all the details will help me be of better service.

☑ Remember the three and a half key questions asked to unlock a plethora of opportunities in marketing.

☑ The first question is “who else has what I need?” Evaluate my needs and find support. Getting these details will show me a clearer path to success.

☑ The second question is “who else needs what I have?” Take inventory of my assets and describe the kind of people who are most likely to support me.

☑ The third and a half questions are “what if?” and “why not?” Think of my possibilities and goals to keep me motivated and inspired.

☑ Find areas for collaboration. I don’t have to start from scratch to build a network. Find people in my life who I can help and who can help me in return.

☑ Look for businesses that are possible fixer-uppers. These are the buy low, sell high kinds of establishments.

☑ Nurture my email list. It has huge potential to be a vital asset in my business.

☑ Spend some time alone and in deep thought. Running an empire can be overwhelming so it’s good to pause and focus on myself.


S: In this episode number 127, you’re gonna learn how marketing strategy and business investing dovetail and can support each other in interesting and lucrative ways. Our guest today is Brad Costanzo. He’s an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and business investor who started and exited multiple companies and is seeking of acquiring new businesses currently. He’s the founder of Costanzo Marketing Group, Costanzo Capital, and also the host of the podcast Bacon Wrapped Business. Brad, it’s great to have you on the show.


B: It’s great to be here. Thanks for inviting me.


S: Yeah, of course. We met through Neil Strauss, through his Secret Society which isn’t all that secret.


B: Yeah.


S: It has a website.


B: Yeah. It’s not that secret if it’s got a website. I don’t know. Does Skull and Bones have a website?


S: I don’t know. I haven’t Googled it.


B: You know you’re going to.


S: Yes. Let’s talk about the whole web strategies sort of thing because I know you spoke at the event that we met at, the Neil Strauss Intensive. What was it that you spoke about and let’s start there.


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