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Grow Your Audience With Remarkable Content with Brian Clark

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This Week’s Guest:

Brian Clark is the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital, and the chief blogger for Copyblogger. He’s also the host of the Unemployable podcast. Brian built three successful businesses using online marketing techniques, and has built his network to over 200,000 customers, and eight figures in annual revenue.


Becoming an expert content marketer takes trial and error, but you’ll start seeing progress by understanding your audience and adding value. Brian Clark knows how to get serious reach, and shares his advice on how to successfully grow a business through online marketing, killer content, and attracting the right people to your website.
We discuss:

  • How to create a compelling headline.
  • Why your content is just as important as the headline.
  • Finding your ideal audience.
  • Creating organic rankings from blog posts and keywords.

Here’s what I learned:

Brian’s Career

  1. Brian’s career started in 1998, and was pretty rocky at first.
    • He was successful in building audiences, but not at making money because the online advertising space was very new.
  2. He learned that to build a client base, you must earn permission and get people to say they want to hear from you.
  3. Once bloggers were becoming online professionals, he noticed that they were just creating content and hoping to get paid by ads.
    • He came up with the idea for Copyblogger to create content and build audiences-not just earn income from ad space.

Creating Killer Content

  1. There are two components for great content.
    • Number one is to get the right information to the right people.
    • The second thing is that both your headlines and your content have to be compelling.
  2. Spend most of your time not just on your headlines, but also on the first 50 words to capture attention.
  3. Use compelling subheads to break up the text, shorter paragraphs, and bullet points to make your content easy to read.

Content Marketing and Organic Rankings

  1. Most marketers can rank for a competitive keyword, but that doesn’t always mean you are appealing to your customer base.
  2. Brian’s businesses generally rank very high for competitive terms by creating posts about his business, using key terms that his client base will search for.
  3. You first have to create content that people like, and then decide the  objective of that content piece: links, subscribers, sales, or conversions.

Brian’s Favorite Resources and Tips

  1. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joe Sugarman is Brian’s favorite copywriting book.
  2. Brian suggests becoming an exceptional storyteller if you want to become a great content marketer, because that’s what good content is.
  3. If you’re not getting the results you’d like, make sure that you understand who your audience is or who you’re trying to attract.
    • What are their problems and desires? What does the world look like from their standpoint?
  4. Lastly, study up on headlines and then go back and rewrite your headlines if they aren’t up to your standards.

Step up your marketing game!

  1. You don’t have to rely on advertising revenue and sales to become successful. Create a community and add massive value to your followers, and the sales will come naturally.
  2. Great content marketing is giving away information worth paying for. Find the appropriate value of your target audience, and build information around that demographic to give away.
  3. Check out the Free Resources on Copyblogger for more ideas on how to create compelling content and grow your audience!

Links and Resources Mentioned

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