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Be a Disruptasauraus – Be Heard and Stand out Online: Mike Koenigs

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This Week’s Guest:

Today’s remarkable guest is immediately recognizable by his creative title alone: he’s the “Chief Disruptasaurus.” In case you’re not familiar with the title, the man in question is Mike Koenigs. Mike is a ten-time number one bestselling author, an interactive online TV producer, a Marketer of the Year award winner, a serial entrepreneur who sold his last two businesses to publicly traded companies, an expert international speaker, and much, much more.


As you’ll hear in our conversation today, Mike is also an expert marketer. He offers an incredible amount of insight into topics such as using text messages and videos to capture attention and convert leads. In addition, Mike is a stage 3A colorectal cancer survivor. This experience has deeply reshaped his perspectives on value and time, and he offers an inspirational message that I hope will help you, as a listener, to value your own time more highly.


Find Out More About Mike Here:

@MikeKoenigs on Twitter
@koenigs on Facebook


In This Episode:


  • [01:43] – Mike talks about being “Chief Disruptasaurus”, and the ways in which he’s a disruptor. He explains the difficulty (and importance) of getting two things from people: their attention and their trust.
  • [05:18] – In response to Stephan’s discussion of the railroad industry versus the transportation industry, Mike explains that the winners right now are people who combine disruption with innovation.
  • [06:44] – What does Mike think that Tony Robbins’ next big thing is going to be? As Mike answers, he points out that most offers ultimately relate to “getting paid, getting laid, or living forever.”
  • [10:08] – Stephan talks more about Tony Robbins and how much information he has. He also mentions Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership.
  • [11:14] – Mike was never a platinum partner with Tony Robbins, he reveals. He then gives us some insight into his background and how much of an impact Tony has had on his life.
  • [13:14] – Stephan talks about the financial cost involved in being a platinum partner.
  • [15:20] – Mike offers some insight into how Instant Customer (which he sold recently) was born. In doing so, he talks about how he got involved in direct response marketing.
  • [18:00] – Mike transitions into talking about the question of capturing leads and keeping attention.
  • [21:07] – Stephan dives deeper into what Mike has been saying about using texts as a marketing tool. Mike then offers a real-life example of how he’s been successful with this.
  • [23:33] – Mike clarifies what he means by “micro commitment text messaging,” and mentions his latest book, Money Phone.
  • [25:41] – We learn why the strategy Mike has been describing is so successful, which is largely because you’re creating a personal dialogue.
  • [27:19] – Once you have attention, interest, engagement, and curiosity, what’s the pathway to rapidly earning trust? This pathway involves being the person to diagnose the problem, as Mike explains.
  • [31:04] – Mike offers a workaround for how to record the context of a conversation if you don’t take good notes afterward. He recommends using Rev to record and transcribe the conversation.
  • [36:10] – We hear the short version of Mike’s overall process, described in four straightforward steps.
  • [37:21] – Mike gives a real-life example of a follow-up video that he would give someone after meeting them and identifying their problems.
  • [38:45] – Mike explains why the previous video idea was so compelling, and then offers an example of a closing video.
  • [41:58] – “When is the last time someone you met followed up with a personalized video for you?” Mike asks, illustrating why this strategy is so attention-grabbing and successful.
  • [43:52] – Mike talks again about Money Phone, his book that explains this whole process in more detail, and offers to give it away to anyone who wants it.
  • [45:21] – We hear exactly how to get a copy of Mike’s book for free: go to gomoneyphone.com and sign up. You don’t need to buy anything; the book is a gift.
  • [46:58] – Mike describes the cost of printing a book, and how much he charges for his paperback.
  • [48:18] – Stephan has just described the wrong way to give away books; what’s the right way? Mike offers a specific and detailed example, describing how he used a psychological tactic to create demand for his book and close deals.
  • [52:35] – For years, Mike has been trying to convince his wife to write a book. She finally did: How to Change The World While You Work: The Ultimate Guide for Generating More Revenue by Giving Money Away.
  • [54:21] – What was one of the biggest gifts that came out of Mike’s process of dealing with stage 3A colorectal cancer? In his answer, Mike describes the challenges and struggles of coping with cancer and the associated treatments. He then explains how the experience has changed his perspective on time and value.
  • [59:23] – Mike expands on the point about the importance of valuing your own time.
  • [60:13] – Stephan reinforces a point that Mike made a moment ago: when you pay, you pay attention. Mike then loops back to his earlier point about “getting paid, getting laid, or living forever.”
  • [61:52] – How can someone get in touch with Mike to work with him? Options include his website at youeverywherenow.com, emailing him at mikekoenigs@gmail.com, or going to gomoneyphone.com.
  • [62:47] – Mike offers a personal rule, which is that he doesn’t study with anyone who’s not in the dirt doing it now. He also describes his “guru test.”

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