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100 Episodes of Marketing Wisdom from the Best in the Business

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This Week’s Guest:

Welcome to the 100th episode of Marketing Speak. For this 100th episode my wife, Orion Talmay will be interviewing me. This is a very special episode as I answer some unexpected questions from Orion, but also share some highlights and insights from the past 100 episodes. I also share some important SEO tips along with my views on the current state of the industry.

Orion accuses me of not bragging about myself enough, fortunately, I have her to do that for me. Today, we talk about marketing and SEO along with how I have worked with and influenced major companies from Chanel to Zappos. We also talk about how I am passionate and knowledgeable about self-development, which you can learn all about on my other podcast, The Optimized Geek. In our conversation today, I reflect on the last hundred episodes of Marketing Speak and share some amazing tips and techniques that I have learned over the years.


In This Episode:


  • [02:04] – why he started the podcast and what the most important thing he’s learned so far is. In his answer, he talks about the opportunity to have powerful hour-long conversations.
  • [04:17] – Stephan talks about how he maintains such a high standard for the guests on his podcast, which he explains is largely because he hand-picks almost all of his guests.
  • [07:16] – We hear about an incident in which his presentation was stolen and presented as someone else’s.
  • [10:22] – Stephan discusses how he now protects his intellectual property. He then explains more about the courses he offers. These are all available at stephanspencer.com.
  • [13:08] – What’s the difference between white hat and black hat SEO? What are the penalties for using black hat SEO?
  • [15:28] – Stephan talks about how he has helped people who were affected by inadvertently using black hat SEO techniques. He then talks about what can happen if you get hit by penalties, and why you may need an SEO expert.
  • [17:19] – Stephan lists some of his favorite episodes and guests previously on Marketing Speak: Bill Hunt and Rand Fishkin.
  • [20:38] – What does Stephan think about the idea that SEO is dead? As he answers, he talks about how quickly technology is changing.
  • [25:03] – Stephan discusses how he keeps up with the rapidly changing world of SEO.
  • [26:55] – Stephan offers a couple of recommendations for testing for your advantages.
  • [28:34] – Orion chimes in to talk about her own experiences with taking the DISC test.  She then emphasizes the importance of taking care of your body and lifestyle.
  • [31:12] – Your best resource is your resourcefulness, Stephan points out, and elaborates on what Orion has been saying.
  • [32:56] – Stephan thinks that paid advertising and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly. He talks about some techniques for successfully combining the two strategies.
  • [36:07] – Orion returns to the prior topic of how fast technology is changing. Stephan then offers his advice for what to focus on first.
  • [38:32] – Stephan has a team that is empowered to champion his various projects, he explains. He then discusses how to work on the big picture instead of cluttering one’s head with useless information.
  • [41:12] – What are the social networks and marketing platforms that Stephan focuses on?
  • [46:46] – Stephan offers three keys to conversion and selling more through your web site: the irresistible offer, social proof, and not violating the three-second rule. He walks us through each of these topics and explains how to succeed at them.
  • [54:30] – What is the one next-step action that listeners should take right now? Stephan recommends his free five-day SEO maximizer challenge.


Links and Resources:

Links and Resources:


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