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Simplify SEO with Powerful Tools with Rand Fishkin

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This Week’s Guest:

Rand Fishkin is the co-author of The Art of SEO, and is a thought leader in the SEO field. His title at Moz is “The Wizard of Moz”, he’s a board member for Haiku Deck, the co-founder of Inbound.org, and blogs on the Moz Blog.


The Marketing and SEO industry is growing, but tasks that should be simple can still take a huge amount of time. As a professional, your time is valuable, and Rand Fishkin, “The Wizard of Moz”, has created systems and tools that allow every busy SEO or marketing expert to create incredible results with tools that can do it all.
We Discuss:

  • How Rand came up with and created Moz programs.
  • Why their programs are different from other available options.
  • Rand’s favorite automation and SEO tools.
  • How SEO is changing, and how to keep up with the demands.

The Keyword Explorer

  1. Rand was pitching the Moz executive team for a keyword research tool that’s faster, fresher, and bigger, but it required solving some intense computer science challenges.
    • The workflow alone to find keywords with all of the different websites and sources that you had to look at was a multi-day project for what should be a few minutes.
  2. The whole point of software is to save time and make projects easier, and that’s what the Keyword Explorer does.
  3. It has the ability to select keywords and it automatically grabs all the data that you need for your keyword research, and will also refresh all of your data in any given time.

Other Moz Tools

  1. Moz also has other tools such as Moz Local, Followerwonk, and Fresh Web Explorer.
  2. Moz Local is a must for local SEO-it allows you to submit your data once and then you can see it on all the local listing providers, and can easily update your info.
  3. Followerwonk allows you to grow your social media network with the right people by searching relevant profiles and identifying the most relevant influencers for your brand.
  4. Fresh Web Explorer came about because Rand loved the concept of Google Alerts, but hated the execution.
    • It tracks brand mentions or a link to a URL or domain, and then you can see all the news sites, blogs, forums, etc, that talks about what you’re looking at.
    • It’s handy for tracking your own, and competitor, mentions.

The Two-Algorithm World

  1. The two algorithms are classic SEO and also the user experience.
    • Classic SEO is your keywords, links, crawl, rankings, etc.
    • The user experience happens when people get to your page, you have to be answering questions quickly and effectively and ensuring an enjoyable experience.
  2. The machine-learning algorithm is improving search results beyond what we could do, and then you have the traditional SEO of writing title tags, keyword research, etc.

Step up your marketing game!

  1. After finding keywords that you want to use, test, test and do some tests, and continue to optimize and drop the ones that aren’t performing.
  2. Marketers can get overwhelmed with the amount of tools that are available, especially with keyword data. Check out Keyword Explorer for an easy-to-use solution.
  3. Try out Moz products at Moz.com, you will receive your first 30 days for free.

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