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A True Facebook Ad Strategist Tells All with Amanda Bond

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This Week’s Guest:

We’re all familiar with the concept of marketing funnels. Today, you’ll learn how to reshape your understanding of the funnel Specifically, you’ll learn how to break down the funnel into three separate slices: the opening, the middle, and the bottom. Using these three slices, you can indoctrinate people into your brand, get them to understand you, and inspire them to make a purchase. Today’s guest calls these three phases connect, commit, and close.


Amanda Bond, better known as Bond, is an expert in Facebook ad strategy. She uses her contagious enthusiasm and wealth of insight to change Facebook advertising from something intimidating into something understandable and fun. She offers clear advice, tips, and strategies on how to make the most of your Facebook advertising. She digs into topics about connecting with potential customers, helping your audience engage with your brand, and finding the best tools to use.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:32] – We start out with the topic of strategy. Bond digs into tactics and strategy as they relate to Facebook, and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing strategy over tactics. She and Stephan then joke about clickbait strategies.
  • [03:55] – In discussing the strategic processes she puts her clients through, Bond invites listeners to picture a funnel that’s broken into three pieces. She offers examples for how to interact with customers in the different phases represented by the three funnel pieces.
  • [06:48] – What are some of the things that Bond would do for someone who is putting the cart before the horse by trying to make the sale before helping customers feel connected to their brand?
  • [09:47] – Bond recommends going as deep as possible into the funnel first to make sure your business can sustain Facebook ads.
  • [11:38] – Stephan offers himself and his online course as an example to illuminate the points that Bond has been making. She then offers him a tactical way to figure out the answers to his questions.
  • [17:20] – What would be an example of an objection somebody would have, and how would Bond preempt it?
  • [21:07] – Bond discusses bringing a powerful video into ad format so that people see it at the right time in the process.
  • [23:22] – Stephan makes an important clarification about Facebook Live, and why it’s so important to do it from your business page. Bond then elaborates on this point.
  • [25:21] – Bond discusses the terms “retargeting” and “remarketing,” which she uses interchangeably. She then defines the concept.
  • [27:42] – How long does the Facebook Pixel last on your website?
  • [29:02] – Bond returns to the topic of using Facebook Messenger to talk to potential customers.
  • [31:14] – Stephan discusses the power of open-ended questions, which you can use anywhere (not just on Facebook).
  • [33:12] – We hear about Bond’s use of ManyChat, which she explains isn’t as robust as it could be. She then brings us back to the three steps of connect, commit, and close.
  • [36:28] – Is Bond using people’s names in voice messages to make clear that it isn’t recorded? She answers, then discusses the system she’s using on the backend.
  • [40:07] – Bond is at the point where she is going to be incorporating webinars into her process. She then gives a quick and persuasive pitch for the system that she’s launching very soon. She also discloses the price and explains that you can find the system at theadstrategist.com/stradegy to buy the system once it launches.
  • [43:24] – What is Bond’s favorite ad format for each of the three steps (connect, commit, and close)?
  • [47:21] – Bond shares her thoughts on whether listeners should be using Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Power Editor
  • [49:06] – We learn about EdgeRank and Bond’s thoughts on it. She also explores why it can be more economical to keep people inside the Facebook ecosystem than drive people to your own website.
  • [53:20] – Stephan discusses some ways to manufacture or incentivize engagement behavior. Bond then points out that Facebook is penalizing engagement baiting, and Stephan offers some suggestions to get around that.
  • [56:43] – Bond talks about the disclosures, disclaimers, and so on that you need to include on your landing page.
  • [58:28] – What would be Bond’s ninja best tip that she hasn’t already talked about in this episode?
  • [61:15] – Bond lists some places where listeners can find her online


Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Focus on creating Facebook strategies rather than blindly following others’ advice. Pick and choose the right techniques to use to my advantage.

☑ Create a sales funnel that will help me build a strong and clear marketing foundation. Focus on getting people to understand and patronize my brand.

☑ Always keep in mind the 3 phases of lead generation: connect, commit and close.

☑ Get people to connect by creating a strong and effective branding that influences and is easily understood.

☑ Impose strong lead generation strategies that get people to commit right after making a connection. Use these strategies to eventually close deals.

☑ Use remarketing to follow up with leads who didn’t make a purchase. Send them a message to remind them about your brand and to inspire them to make a purchase.

☑ Calculate my earnings per lead to determine how much a new lead is worth. To calculate, divide my total revenue by the number of people in my sales process. This will help me spend my ad budget wisely.

☑ Get feedback from people who bought my products. Use the feedback to improve my customer service.

☑ Promote business content via a Facebook business page rather than my personal Facebook profile.  

☑ Use Facebook Pixels to track visitors’ actions on my page. Use this information to determine what type of push marketing to promote.


S: This episode number 120, we’re going to delve into the Facebook advertising strategy. Tactics are great but strategy is where the war is won. Amanda Bond is a Facebook Ads expert and a self proclaimed data nerd. She goes by the name Bond, rather than the name Amanda. She lives inside the trenches, business manager, power editor, events manager, Infusionsoft, Google Analytics, you name it, she’s mastered it. Bond, it’s great to have you on the show.


A: Oh my gosh, thank you so much for having me. I’m super stoked to dive into everything we’re gonna cover today.


S: Of course we’re gonna talk all about Facebook but let’s start with strategy. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said that, “Tactics without the strategy is the noise before defeat.” I love that quote.


A: Ooh, I love that.


S: Yeah, it’s pretty awesome right? You’re all about strategy. Why strategy with Facebook, and there’s so many tactics and different kinds of ad formats, and putting borders around things, and words to use, and all this tactical stuff and yet you wanna start with strategy which I think makes sense. Let’s talk more about this.

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