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Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Content with Hani Mourra

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This Week’s Guest:

You’re here tuning into this episode of Marketing Speak, so it’s clear that you’re already part of the larger podcast world! There’s a question, though, of which is the medium of the future: podcasts or video. We all know that Facebook and YouTube are blazing forward with video content, but the podcasting world is exploding as well. Which direction is the nature of content going? As today’s guest will explain, it doesn’t need to be one or the other. Instead, the way of the future is good content in whatever form that may take!


Hani Mourra is exactly the person who’s able to offer that perspective because he’s so deeply immersed in the world of content. He’s passionate about creating automation and content-repurposing tools, including the fantastic Repurpose. In our conversation today, we’ll go in depth about various topics related to podcasting, video, content creation, and the need to listen to your audience. Tune in to learn much more!


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In This Episode:

  • [00:56] – We learn where Stephan and Hani met. Hani then discusses whether podcasting or video is the future, and how to know whether you’ve created good content.
  • [02:40] – Does Hani solicit feedback through SpeakPipe?
  • [04:00] – Hani talks about whether he listens to any podcasts that use the format that Stephan has been describing.
  • [05:47] – Hani goes back to the topic of surveys, describing how he uses them. He then talks about email lists.
  • [07:58] – Does Hani recommend incentivizing people to fill out the survey? He answers, then he and Stephan talk about reviews.
  • [11:13] – You want to ask directly for reviews, Hani advises. He then recommends collecting email addresses as soon as possible.
  • [13:07] – Would Hani also recommend having a Facebook group for your audience?
  • [14:57] – Hani discusses how he determines what questions to ask in the survey he sends to his audience.
  • [17:49] – Hani has seen people do something different for one episode as a test, then ask people to give feedback on whether they like the new style.
  • [18:39] – We hear about what Hani’s software does. His offerings focus on automation and repurposing content, he explains.
  • [21:00] – Hani talks about whether a couple specific tools that Stephan mentioned inspired him to create Repurpose.
  • [22:01] – What makes Hani’s player different from those offered by podcast media hosts?
  • [24:27] – Stephan has time stamps in all of his show notes, but they’re not clickable, he explains.
  • [25:35] – Facebook loves live videos, Hani explains, and Facebook gives a lot of attention to live videos.
  • [28:26] – Does Hani use Facebook to publish live or pre-recorded videos a lot, or just occasionally?
  • [31:13] – Hani talks about where he does his Facebook videos, and the tools he uses and recommends.
  • [33:07] – Hani shares his thoughts on Wirecast and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).
  • [37:00] – Taki Moore uses the approach of drawing on his iPad when he’s giving webinars, Stephan explains.
  • [39:46] – We hear a bit more about Facebook and YouTube not liking each other, and how you can get around that.
  • [43:05] – What promotion strategies has Hani seen that seem to be effective in terms of getting podcast episodes out there?
  • [47:29] – Stephan draws out a critical point for listeners: any time you keep a user on Facebook, you get rewarded, and any time you try to draw the user onto your own site, you aren’t going to be rewarded by Facebook.
  • [49:30] – What about Instagram? Hani shares his thoughts on the platform.
  • [51:32] – Stephan recommends using tools to help you automate, and gives examples of how he does so.
  • [53:07] – What are some techniques or strategies for repackaging or repurposing that we haven’t already talked about?
  • [57:21] – Hani talks about how to get a free trial of Repurpose.
  • [58:06] – The best way to reach Hani directly is to go to hanimourra.com or connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.


Links and Resources:


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Produce great content that my audience will appreciate. Make sure that it’s interesting, informative and of high value.  

☑ Be open to feedback. Encourage people to leave comments and suggestions on anything I share so that I know what they like and don’t like.

☑ Be accessible to my audience. For podcasts, let my audience reach me via voicemail and create episodes that answer their questions.

☑ Take advantage of Google forms to send out surveys and understand what my audience wants from my content.

☑ Create an email list and nurture it. My subscribers are a valuable asset who expect quality content.

☑ Utilize Facebook Live to reach out to my followers in real time. Facebook Live enables me to communicate and send out messages to my followers.

☑ Use ScreenFlow to teach educational content and present tutorials. This tools lets me show my audience what I’m doing on my screen.

☑ Be creative in presenting video content. Utilize tools and techniques that will help me create exciting and original videos.

☑ Try new things to spice up my videos, podcasts, or blogs. Ask my audience for feedback to see if they like new changes.

☑ Try out Repurpose to save time on content creation.  This tool converts content to different media formats and uploads them to new platforms.


S: If you’re a content creator especially in multimedia format such as podcasts, livestreams, and videos, this episode is for you. Welcome to episode 126 of Marketing Speaks. Our guest today is Hani Mourra. He’s a dad, softwarepreneur, and a creator of several repurposing software tools designed to help content creators automate the distribution of podcasts and live videos across multiple platforms, and grow their audience faster. Hani, it’s great to have you on the show.


H: Stephan, thanks for having me man, I appreciate it.


S: Yeah. We met at Podcast Movement which is an awesome conference about podcasting, and you’re a podcaster, I’m a podcaster, obviously. Let’s start with podcasting. Is podcasting the future or is video the future?


H: To me, content is the future.


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