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Episode 35 | Posted on

Building a Following Through Blog Posts with John Rampton

Blogging allows you to get your brand noticed, grow a massive social following, and in turn, gain a loyal client base. John Rampton started writing blog posts for his audience, and now has a team that is working on several websites in his industry, and well over a million social followers. He’s the founder of the payment platform Due.com and he’s here to share how you can follow in his footsteps by producing high quality content. We discuss finding websites that will post your content, measuring referral traffic, choosing the right social channels and more.

Episode 34 | Posted on

Metrics That Matter with Jim Sterne

Making sense of important data isn’t as simple as looking at the home page of a dashboard. Jim Sterne is the author of ten books on internet interactive marketing. He’s also a guru on metrics, and shares how we can find the analytics that will help our businesses thrive, and use that data to create trust, and boost conversion rates. We discuss the meaning of the most important data terms, how to gain statistical significance, and the right questions to ask about your data.

Episode 33 | Posted on

Create a Profitable Business with Outside-The-Box Marketing with Jeremy Schoemaker

Marketing is a game, and Jeremy Schoemaker takes risks, and reaps the rewards. After starting several online businesses, and selling most of them in under a year, he has learned through trial and error how to run a successful business, and stand out in a crowd, even in a competitive market. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has founded 15 companies, including the massively successful ShoeMoney Media. We discuss how risks create wealth, the keys to creating viral content, and why you should give useful content away for free.

Episode 32 | Posted on

Leveraging YouTube as an Ad Platform with Tommie Powers

When starting an ad campaign, most businesses turn to Google Adwords, but marketing on YouTube is not only equally successful, it’s also more cost effective. There are several ways to take advantage of advertising on YouTube, and Tommie Powers shares how he’s helped his clients generate nearly eight figures in revenue in the last three years through this underutilized platform. Tommie is a digital marketing expert, mentor, investor and YouTube ad expert. We discuss how to market on YouTube, the benefits of A/B testing your ads, Tommie’s favorite tools and more!

Episode 31 | Posted on

Maximize Your Exposure Through Podcasting with Jason Van Orden

Creating a podcast is becoming more popular each year, but you can still find success in this increasingly saturated market. Jason Van Orden has been promoting podcasts since their inception and he’s here to share his formula for creating a podcast that benefits your marketing and sales efforts. Jason co-founded the first ever podcast about online marketing and also authored the bestselling book Promoting Your Podcast. Jason shares tips for getting your podcast noticed, bringing in organic traffic, finding inspiration for content and much more!