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Episode 7 | Posted on

Raise Your Internet Marketing Standards For Exceptional Results with James Schramko

James Schramko is a man with high standards. He delivers only the highest quality to his thousands of followers, and that's a big reason why he is such a substantial name in online marketing. James is the founder of SuperFast Business, a business that helps companies scale and systematize their marketing. Today, he drops by to share some amazing tips for our listeners. We discuss the pros and cons of social media, the importance of being genuine to your customers, developing and managing a remote team, and more!

Episode 6 | Posted on

The Formula For Killer Webinar Conversion with Jon Shugart

What if nobody shows? If you've ever hosted a webinar, you've likely had this worry. It's one thing to get webinar sign ups, it's quite another to get people to show up. Jon Shugart is here today to share his secrets on ramping up your webinar show rates. Jon is a webinar master and CEO of Bannercloud-an ad design marketplace. He gives us some insider insight into webinar conversions, developing relationships with big list builders, and profiting on your retargeted list. Tune in to learn more!

Episode 5 | Posted on

Get Inside The Mind Of Your Customer with Paul Watkins

If you're looking to learn from a true marketing expert, you're in for a treat. Today's guest is strategic marketing expert Paul Watkins. In addition to his 25 years of marketing experience, Paul is a thought leader in developing strategies that interact with customer motivation and personal branding. Paul gives tons of insight into creating a cohesive image for you and your brand. We discuss awesome topics like the best speaking groups for up-and-coming professional speakers, attracting key traffic, and constructing a DIY focus group. Tune in!

Episode 4 | Posted on

Crafting An Expert Facebook Ad with Taki Moore

Let's talk about Facebook. In today's marketing world, you absolutely can't afford to avoid the world's largest social media platform. Here to discuss Facebook and its advertising platform is internet marketer extraordinaire Taki Moore. Taki teaches coaches how to completely revamp their internet marketing from their sales funnels to lead magnets and webinars. Today, Taki dives in to the deep end of Facebook Ads and discusses his secrets to maximizing your conversions. Listen in to learn some amazing tips.

Episode 1 | Posted on

Make Millions by Mastering Funnels with Lloyd Irvin

This episode is a can't miss if you've ever struggled with your email campaigns. I sit down with internet marketing phenomenon Lloyd Irvin to discuss the bare-bones of list and funnel building. Lloyd discuss many high-value topics, including the secrets to high conversion rates, creating hybrid webinars, and the best ways to segment your list for maximum conversions. This is the kind of glimpse into funnels that is rarely given away for free so tune in!