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Episode 46 | Posted on

Podcasting 101: Creating a Successful Show with Rob Walch

While podcasting is growing in popularity, it is still an untapped market for many business owners and entrepreneurs. Hosting a podcast is a commitment, but one that can grow your audience, provide value to your listeners, and promote your business. Rob Walch is here to shares the tips that will help you create a show, and a brand, that will attract listeners and boost your credibility as a professional. Rob is a VP at Libsyn, a one-stop solution for podcast hosts. We discuss the future of the podcast industry, the best apps for podcasting, and tricks for getting listed on iTunes New and Noteworthy list.

Episode 45 | Posted on

Creating a High-Value Sales Funnel with Marylou Tyler

Without an efficient sales funnel, your marketing efforts may not create the revenue that you desire. Marylou Tyler has created a formula that takes your leads through a pipeline that is both compelling to potential clients, and scalable for business owners. Marylou is a renowned sales process improvement expert and the CEO of Strategic Pipeline. She shares her system to create value, pull your leads in, and close sales.

Episode 44 | Posted on

Turn Lookers into Buyers with Killer Conversion Rates: Khalid Saleh

When a visitor comes to your website, is your content compelling enough for them to buy? Are errors on your website turning potential clients away? Are you A/B testing correctly? There are many factors that play into boosting your conversion rates, and Khalid Saleh is an expert on turning people from interested to a lifelong customer. Khalid is the CEO and co-founder of Invesp, a leading provider of conversion optimization software. We discuss how you can learn to create an online presence that people trust, and how to use the data that can change your business forever.

Episode 43 | Posted on

Creating a Positive and Honest Online Reputation: Jonathan Hochman

There are many moving pieces to an online business, some that you may not have even considered. Jonathan Hochman, founder of Hochman Consultants, is an expert on many of these moving pieces including website safety, dealing with unhappy customers and lawsuits, and managing online reputations. While there are many landmines to avoid in the business world, you can be prepared by keeping your brand transparent and honest, so that your company will thrive. John shares the benefits of having a Wikipedia page, finding the right type of insurance for your business, the best programs to keep your website safe and much more!

Episode 42 | Posted on

Grow Your Audience With Remarkable Content with Brian Clark

Becoming an expert content marketer takes trial and error, but you’ll start seeing progress by understanding your audience and adding value. Brian Clark knows how to get serious reach. He’s the chief blogger at Copyblogger, and he built it from a one-man operation into a massive revenue funnel with over 200,000 customers. Brian shares his advice on how to successfully grow a business through online marketing, killer content, and attracting the right people to your website.