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Episode 56 | Posted on

Becoming an SEO Strategist Instead of a Tactician with Marcus Tober

Marcus Tober got his start by founding Ecards and More (now called Bonnyprints), which had around 180,000 unique visitors per day by the time he sold it in 2008. Since then, his focus has been on Searchmetrics, of which he is the founder and CTO. He’s an SEO innovator whose influence and insights led to him being named “Search Personality of the Year” at the European Search Awards 2016. He’s a regular speaker at conferences and has been quoted in journals and magazines, and after this conversation with him, the reason is clear: he has an incredibly deep understanding of the details of SEO and what it takes to create good content. To top it off, he gives clear examples that can illuminate a confusing concept in a way that will help you apply it to your own case.

Episode 55 | Posted on

How to Refine Your Target Demographic and the Social Platforms to Engage Them On with Brian Carter

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from speaker, number-one bestselling author, businessman, and consultant Brian Carter. Brian, whose books include The Like Economy, LinkedIn For Business, Facebook Marketing, and the The Cowbell Principle, has also appeared on Bloomberg TV. He has taught over 50,000 students and has reached more than 3,000,000 people in the last year. His latest course, The Facebook Leads and Sales Machine, gives some insight into how highly he values Facebook as an advertising tool--and he’ll explain much more about that in this conversation.

Episode 54 | Posted on

Gain Massive Exposure for Your Brand through Authentic PR with Josh Elledge

This week we have the pleasure of hearing from Josh Elledge, a self-described “practicer of PR.” It’s clear Josh knows what he’s talking about, too; he has been on TV and radio over 1,500 times, has appeared on 75 different TV shows, and reaches over a million readers each week with his syndicated column. His Savings Angel podcast is the #1-ranked consumer shopping and savings podcast worldwide. Instead of focusing on advertising, Josh has created his success through PR. After his success with SavingsAngel, he created upendPR, which is designed to inspire entrepreneurs and provide a roadmap to successfully increasing sales through PR. In this episode, Josh gives generous and open insight into his methods and strategies.

Episode 53 | Posted on

Engage, Don’t Automate Your Social Media Marketing with Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten is the co-author of four best-selling business books, co-owner of UnMarketing Inc., and co-host of The UnPodcast.  He is also one of the leading speakers in the world, working with businesses to embrace disruption. His passion comes out most when speaking on stage, preaching engagement and becoming one of the most sought-out speakers on the subject of marketing.  In this episode, Scott shares his thoughts on current marketing trends, what we’ve been doing wrong, and what’s next.

Episode 52 | Posted on

Marketing Automation That Keeps Your Customers Engaged with Joel Bower

Joel Bower, the CEO of Skirmish Strategies, is always looking for new and better ways to leverage every single resource he has going into his business, from the members on his team to the technologies they have at their disposal, and he loves bringing this talent to other entrepreneurs and teaching them how to make the most of their resources, too. Joel's dedication to every aspect of his life has given him a profound understanding of true peak performance. Leveraging has allowed him to give his all - all day, every day - both in Skirmish Strategies, to our amazing fans, and with his family.