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Episode 66 | Posted on

Bringing Your Best Self to Every Media Appearance with Rachel Hanfling

Today, we’re speaking with Rachel Hanfling, who’s an Emmy-nominated TV producer, international keynote speaker, and media and communication consultant who spent two decades producing for some of the nation’s biggest names. She’s here to share her tips on media training to help you present yourself to look strong, capable and competent no matter the medium.

Episode 65 | Posted on

Having an Authentic Brand in a Distracted World with Sally Hogshead

The incredible Sally Hogshead has done it all. In this conversation, it becomes very clear that she also has a deep, nuanced understanding of human nature and communication. She explores how your personality and goals should shape the message you share with the world, and how having all these things in alignment offers the potential for a more powerful message. This conversation previously aired as episode 44 on my other podcast, The Optimized Geek, but it’s so great I had to share it with my Marketing Speak listeners too! With that said, though, I suggest checking out The Optimized Geek if you aren’t already a regular listener. You’ll learn many tips, strategies, and methods to transform your life, body, and health.

Episode 64 | Posted on

Crunching Data to Improve Your Business with Annie Cushing

In today’s episode, Annie Cushing proudly proclaims her love for data and analytics. She loves it so much so that she’s even embraced the nickname Annielytics. By day she gathers it, gives it a good home, and makes it runway ready. By night, she dreams about her next biz fix. In addition to data itself, one of her great loves is teaching other marketers how to “sexy up” their data. Check out this episode to learn all about incorporating data to uplevel your business.

Episode 63 | Posted on

Growing Your Business Through a Bestselling Book with Rob Kosberg

Today’s guest, Rob Kosberg, has an impressive list of credentials. He’s a two-time international bestselling author who has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and more -- in addition to having had his own radio show. What he does now is, perhaps, even more interesting: through his company Best Seller Publishing, he offers a revolutionary hybrid ghostwriting system that lets entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and other professionals write a book in their authentic voice without doing the writing personally. What’s more, he guarantees that the resulting book will become a bestseller.

Episode 62 | Posted on

Using SEO to Its Full Potential with Stephan Spencer (Interviewed by Jay Abraham)

In this episode, I’m shaking things up and taking my turn in the hot seat. And what better way to do it than with the intelligent, insightful questioning of the brilliant Jay Abraham! On the off chance that you haven’t already heard of him, Jay is a legend in the marketing world. In fact, he’s known as the godfather of marketing. He’s the CEO and founder of the Abraham Group, and has written two books: Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got and The Sticking Point Solution. It’s fitting -- and only fair -- that Jay gets a turn to ask me questions, since he was the guest on one of my earliest Marketing Speak episodes. Once you’ve finished listening to this episode, go listen to that one too so you can hear his brilliant take on things.