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Episode 49 | Posted on

SEO Your Podcast to Grow Your Audience with Daniel J. Lewis

In this conversation, you are going to hear one of the most informed and insightful people in podcasting, specifically podcast SEO. Daniel J. Lewis is an award-winning podcaster, podcast consultant, keynote speaker and Internet entrepreneur. He shares information that helps new podcasters launch effectively and podcasting veterans tweak their shows and settings to get the most traction. In podcasting, search comes down to quality. Podcasts are on different platforms and the search engine algorithms are significantly different between them. Throughout this episode, Daniel talks about the platforms, tools and techniques you need to know for peak visibility.

Episode 48 | Posted on

The Future of the Internet with Mitch Joel

Technology has come a long way and it is continuously changing. When businesses first started using the Internet, it was akin to the wild west - full of scammers and dead ends. It had a long way to evolve into what it is today. Now, the online world is an integral part of our lives. It's fast moving and we have to become open to the apps and technology of the future to succeed and thrive. Here to discuss the ins and outs of the online world is Mitch Joel. Mitch is an author, blogger, podcaster, and president of the global digital marketing agency Mirum. We discuss important topics like the progression of technology, the apps and social channels you need to try, and where tech is headed and what to expect in the future.

Episode 47 | Posted on

Protect Your Online Reputation with Kenton Hutcherson

If you own a website or online business, you will want to comply with the law, protect your content, and keep your brand’s reputation positive. Kenton Hutcherson explains how to keep your business secure, and the steps to take if someone posts defamatory content about you online. Kenton is an internet lawyer who knows how to navigate the intricacies of the digital world. While the law varies by state, understanding your rights is the first step to a successful online business and reputation. We discuss the difference between defamation and invasion of privacy, removing defamatory content from search engines and more!

Episode 46 | Posted on

Podcasting 101: Creating a Successful Show with Rob Walch

While podcasting is growing in popularity, it is still an untapped market for many business owners and entrepreneurs. Hosting a podcast is a commitment, but one that can grow your audience, provide value to your listeners, and promote your business. Rob Walch is here to shares the tips that will help you create a show, and a brand, that will attract listeners and boost your credibility as a professional. Rob is a VP at Libsyn, a one-stop solution for podcast hosts. We discuss the future of the podcast industry, the best apps for podcasting, and tricks for getting listed on iTunes New and Noteworthy list.

Episode 45 | Posted on

Creating a High-Value Sales Funnel with Marylou Tyler

Without an efficient sales funnel, your marketing efforts may not create the revenue that you desire. Marylou Tyler has created a formula that takes your leads through a pipeline that is both compelling to potential clients, and scalable for business owners. Marylou is a renowned sales process improvement expert and the CEO of Strategic Pipeline. She shares her system to create value, pull your leads in, and close sales.