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Episode 190 | Posted on

Secrets to the YouTube Algorithm with Derral Eves

Some of the biggest influencers and internet celebrities of the 21st Century rose to fame via YouTube. While you may think that they happened to get lucky by being in the right place at the right time, there’s actually a lot of work and smarts that goes into a successful YouTube strategy. YouTube has a tremendous audience and is the second largest search engine after Google, so it pays to understand what makes the YouTube algorithm tick, and then to create, optimize, and to format your content in ways that most appeal to the algorithm. One man who lives and breathes YouTube is Derral Eves. Derral is the founder and CEO of Creatus and of VidSummit. He’s also one of the first people to be a YouTube-certified expert in audience growth. One of Derral’s claims to fame in the world of viral videos is Squatty Potty’s pooping unicorn ad which won a Webby award and which he produced. This episode number 190 is packed with massive value for anyone who ever uploaded a video to YouTube or plans to. Derral and I will be diving deep into video content, YouTube algorithms, recommendation engines, and even AI. With this knowledge, YouTube will surely become one of your best marketing weapons. Now, on with the show.

Episode 189 | Posted on

The Marketer’s Guide to reddit with Brent Csutoras

Every brand has a social media strategy. But which platforms should you focus on? Most businesses invest their time and money in the bigger networks - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. Having a presence on these sites is a given, but what if there were other sites that actually delivered a bigger impact and ROI? Brent Csutoras is a digital marketing consultant, futurist, top-tier speaker, and managing partner at Search Engine Journal. With over 13 years of experience in search engine optimization, he surely knows this stuff. Brent is also an expert in one of the more underrated social networks out there - reddit. Historically, reddit has been a notoriously difficult online platform for brands to navigate. But for those who are persistent and savvy enough to leverage it, the payoff can be huge. After all, reddit users are some of the most influential people on the web and often make or break viral content. If you're looking to get an edge over your competitors online, this episode number 189 is going to be an exceptionally powerful one with tricks and advice you won't get anywhere else. If you've avoided reddit in the past, this is your chance to learn the ropes from someone who has found a proven strategy for success. And after you listen to this episode, I encourage you to listen to the previous interview I did with Brent all the way back in episode number 58, which is all about infographics and visual storytelling. And now, on with the show.

Episode 188 | Posted on

This Publishing Giant Does SEO Differently with Dan Gaul

Digital publishing is a tough business. But one brand that's thriving is Digital Trends, the largest independent tech publisher in the US. Based in Portland, Oregon, the site receives over 30 million visitors a month. Digital Trends has also grown to include a popular Spanish language version of the site and a men's lifestyle brand, The Manual. What sets Digital Trends apart from the competition is the unique approach of co-founders Dan Gaul and Ian Bell to content, revenue, and cultivating their audience. On this episode number 188, Digital Trends co-founder and CTO Dan Gaul is joining me to discuss the rise of Digital Trends and some of the secrets to their success, and how these secrets can be applied to you and your business. Stay tuned for some of Dan's insightful views on content, SEO, recruitment and much more.

Episode 187 | Posted on

Optimize Your Videos with Sunny Lenarduzzi

For years, you've probably heard people say that you should be using video in your marketing. It makes sense. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. If you don't have a YouTube strategy, you're missing out on a ton of traffic and a massive opportunity to promote your brand. While creating video content is cheaper and easier than ever, it can still be intimidating if you're unfamiliar with the medium or if you're a perfectionist like me. If you're ready to unlock the power of video marketing, keep reading because this episode is going to be a masterclass from a true expert. Sunny Lenarduzzi has been called a master marketer by Entrepreneur.com. She's helped brands like Hootsuite develop winning social media and video strategies and she runs her highly successful YouTube channel, which has amassed over 260,000 followers and has been praised by Forbes. From scripting to why you need a loyal community of fans, Sunny will be revealing tried and tested techniques to help you leverage video to its maximum potential.

Episode 186 | Posted on

Leveraging Podcasts To Generate Leads with Nicole Holland

Podcasting is huge right now. Yet, many podcasters struggle to make money or generate leads from their podcasts. Some even have trouble building an audience or producing consistent, engaging content. If you've confronted any of these problems or thinking about dipping your toe into the world of podcasting, then you'll want to know what my guest for this episode has to say. Like me, Nicole Holland was an early adopter of podcasting. She has now moved on to using her expertise to help others leverage podcasts to build their brands, generate leads and develop relationships with highly influential people in their niche. If you're wondering about the tricky techniques people use to make money from podcasting, how to refine your content or how to get more readers, this episode is going to provide you with some incredible tips and strategies as Nicole and I have tried them firsthand.