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Episode 27 | Posted on

Creating Valuable Affiliate Programs that Sell: Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins, the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, has been working with affiliate programs since the 90's. He shares the potential affiliate programs have to create success and wealth, and the tools that you need to add value to your program.

Episode 24 | Posted on

Rank on Page One with Keyword Targeting and Link Building: Chloe Spencer

As a teenager, Chloe Spencer had a website that was ranking on page one of Google, and was earning over $1000 per month in passive income. She shares her tips for building a business that you are passionate about, bringing in organic traffic, optimizing your SEO efforts, and connecting with other bloggers or businesses to maximize your reach.

Episode 23 | Posted on

Hosting a Contest to Get Valuable Leads and Referrals: Travis Ketchum

Running a contest as a marketing tool is not only fun, it's extremely effective. Travis Ketchum is the CEO of Contest Domination, a program that brings in quality leads who are ready to refer and sell for you. He explains how to run a successful contest and choose a prize that converts leads into lifelong customers.

Episode 22 | Posted on

Leveraging Celebrity Status to Increase Your Revenue: Darren Kavinoky

Becoming a subject matter expert on T.V. is the ultimate form of marketing. Darren Kavinoky grew his one-man law firm to a multi-million dollar business by becoming a celebrity. He explains the steps from pitching to producers to working with high profile clients.

Episode 21 | Posted on

Establish an International SEO Strategy to Expand your Business: Aleyda Solis

Expanding you online presence internationally can bring you tons of new leads and clients, but you have to make sure you SEO your site according to the new countries you are expanding in. Aleyda Solis is an expert at international SEO and shares the important things you must do, including being aware of cultural factors that will affect how people find your online.