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Mastering High Ticket Selling with Jennifer Diepstraten

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This Week’s Guest:

There will always be people charging less and more than you no matter your business or industry. You just need to decide where on the pricing scale you want to be! Of course, we all want to be on the higher end of the spectrum. Fortunately, getting there is easier than you might think. One of the most powerful ways you can do this is by figuring out the quantum benefits that you offer and making them very clear to potential clients.


Jennifer Diepstraten is an expert on getting paid top dollar and closing big sales. She has successfully and rapidly grown her business to multiple six figures, so she definitely walks the talk! In our conversation, she’ll address various aspects of how to command dramatically higher rates for your services. You’ll learn how to identify your quantum benefits, raise rates for your existing clients, and more.


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High Ticket Sales Success


In This Episode:

  • [01:18] – Why are people shying away from high-ticket selling and going for lower offers?
  • [02:57] – Jennifer takes a moment to talk about all the great things about high-ticket selling, which has a lot to do with the type of clients you get.
  • [05:09] – We hear how Jennifer qualifies potential clients or leads and figures out if they’re right for her. She then shares a story to illustrate her point, explaining that successful entrepreneurs are able to “pull apart their toys” and identify the value in their service.
  • [11:04] – What would be an example of a quantum benefit that was “buried under the pile” in Jennifer’s metaphor?
  • [15:33] – Jennifer talks about the results that her client from the previous example had with raising her rates based on the benefits she offered.
  • [16:50] – Stephan thinks it’s important to offer high-ticket items for several reasons, which he explains.
  • [18:11] – Jennifer takes a moment to talk with Stephan about why his services are worth so much and his rates are as high as they are.
  • [23:43] – Jennifer digs deeper into her discussion about Stephan’s services by asking him how many nuances a second-stringer analyst might make.
  • [26:52] – After hearing Stephan’s explanation, Jennifer has heard four quantum benefits already. She explains them in more detail.
  • [32:59] – If you want to incorporate these quantum benefits into your signature talk, how would you do so? In answering, Jennifer begins by clarifying what a signature talk is and why you need one.
  • [37:10] – The product solves the problem, Jennifer explains.
  • [38:09] – How does Jennifer make her potential clients do the “homework” that she assigns to them?
  • [40:28] – Jennifer talks in more depth about her homework videos.
  • [43:29] – Your quantum benefits are probably already in videos you made before defining what they are, Jennifer explains.
  • [46:29] – Jennifer shares her advice on raising fees and having people actually pay you the higher amount.
  • [48:26] – Stephan brings up a specific example using his daughter to draw out Jennifer’s wisdom on pricing. Jennifer then offers her advice on how people in positions similar to Stephan’s daughter can increase their income.
  • [53:30] – Is there a close technique that works like magic for Jennifer?
  • [57:23] – Stephan brings up Jennifer’s One Call Blueprint, and throws in a little plug for Jennifer involving his wife.
  • [59:42] – Is Jennifer available if listeners want to work with her directly for a one-on-one coaching or mentoring situation?


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Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Aim for high ticket sales. High-end buyers tend to be the most gracious, attentive and respectful set of customers.

☑ Identify my quantum benefits so that I  understand what I can offer that’s truly valuable to my prospective clients.

☑ Be meticulous with my leads through systematic targeting. Find out how to successfully approach them and get their attention.

☑ Find clients who need me. If they don’t need me, it’s never going to be an effective sale.

☑ Formulate a unique selling proposition that can give me an edge. Differentiate myself from my competition and get people to see my true value.

☑ Take small steps to increase my price if I’m hesitant to raise my value. I can gradually increase my prices.

☑ Be prepared to answer the questions “why you?” and “what’s so great about you?” to my prospects.

☑ Clearly communicate my value by practicing my signature talk. I should know what to say and when to say it.

☑ Be 100% aligned with my new price point and be confident that I am selling an outcome that will give my client total satisfaction.

☑ Download Jennifer’s eBook to increase my fees, convert more sales, and magnetically attract top dollar clients.


S: In this episode number 124, you are about to master high-ticket selling. Do you wanna know what it takes to raise your fees significantly? Even doubling or tripling them without giving away anymore time or freebies? The secret lies in something called quantum benefits. The person who’s gonna tell you all about them and how it works is Jennifer Diepstraten. Jennifer excels at teaching entrepreneurs how to turn interested prospects into excited clients who say, “Yes, I can’t wait to work with you. Jennifer has over 20 years of sales experience and over $14 million in product and service sales. Jennifer, it’s great to have you on the show.


J: Thanks for having me.


S: Let’s talk about high-ticket selling because that’s something you’re really known for and there’s a real science and an art to it. First of all, why are folks, people who are selling, shying away so much from high-ticket sales and just going with the lower-ticket items like the tripwires, and the core offer is not high-ticket. Why avoid that high-ticket sale?


J: I think that there is a pervasive belief that it’s just easier to sell a lower ticket item. It’s easier. It’s less money. It’s a smaller commitment. It’s an easy yes. The perception of that is that it just takes more work to sell high-ticket.


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