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Link Building Secrets of the Masters, Part 2: Christoph Cemper

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This Week’s Guest:

If you’re a faithful listener of the show, you probably remember the remarkable episode from a few weeks ago with Christoph Cemper. In that episode, we discussed analyzing your link profile, different types of redirects, and much more. Christoph had so much wisdom to share that we decided to do a part 2 so he can bring you more of his incredibly useful knowledge!

Christoph created the remarkable LinkResearchTools, an amazing toolset with lots of incredibly useful features that I use frequently. In this second half of the conversation, we spend more time digging into 302 versus 301 redirects. We then go into depth about what to do if you’ve received penalties (whether algorithmic or manual) and how to perform an effective cleanup process. In the lightning round at the end, Christoph offers even more amazing value, including a chance to win a free spot at his upcoming training event in Las Vegas.


Find Out More About Christoph Here:

@cemper on Twitter
Christoph Cemper on LinkedIn
Christoph Cemper on Facebook


In This Episode:

  • [01:15] – Stephan starts things off with a quick recap of what he and Christoph talked about in the first part of their conversation. If you missed that and want to hear it, check it out here!
  • [03:19] – Christoph picks up this episode where we left off with the previous part of their conversation, exploring the differences between 302 and 301 redirects.
  • [06:12] – On average, how long does it take for 301 redirects to lose their ability to pass on rankings benefits?
  • [08:31] – Christoph clarifies how the behavior of a 301 is exactly the opposite of what you would expect (and want) from a permanent redirect.
  • [09:48] – Stephan restates what Christoph has been saying to make sure it’s clear for listeners.
  • [11:32] – The test that Christoph did on 301 versus 302 redirects was a small-scale test, he explains, and talks about its scope.
  • [12:16] – Stephan talks about a client he had who had used a 301 redirect. Switching to a 302 gave the client a rankings benefit.
  • [15:25] – If you got hit with a penalty, whether manual or algorithmic, what is the procedure for cleanup?
  • [19:38] – Stephan pulls things back for a moment to clarify and simplify what Christoph has been saying to ensure that it’s clear for listeners.
  • [21:53] – The idea of link risk management is critically important, Stephan reveals, and explains why.
  • [23:32] – Christoph talks about a potential threat to sites in which someone sends out emails asking sites to remove good links to your site.
  • [27:01] – What’s the difference in process if you were penalized with manual action versus an algorithmic penalty because of links? As he answers, Christoph goes into great depth about analyzing links by risk.
  • [35:22] – You can apply your own knowledge to the anchor text, Stephan explains, and discusses the importance of using Link Detox (DTOX). He and Christoph then discuss diversity in links.
  • [38:09] – Does Christoph think that the risk of manual actions is higher now because of real-time Penguin?
  • [40:00] – Stephan brings up the rest of the cleanup process once you’ve experience a penalty, whether manual or algorithmic. Christoph then walks us through this process.
  • [44:48] – We learn more about Pitchbox.
  • [45:36] – Christoph discusses what to do next in the process of link cleanup and removal.
  • [49:10] – Stephan talks about what happens once you’ve created your disavow list for Google.
  • [52:37] – We move into a lightning round. First, Christoph talks about expired domains and how page rank is affected.
  • [55:28] – If you acquire an ongoing business and don’t want the page rank to reset to 0, what are some things you can do to decrease the likelihood of that happening?
  • [57:27] – Christoph talks about whether you get special credit for links from .gov or .edu sites.
  • [60:00] – Does Christoph have a browser toolbar that he wants to plug for giving data on power and trust? You can find the tools he discusses in his answer, and many more, at this link.
  • [62:57] – Christoph explains why link velocity is an important thing to measure.
  • [64:40] – Stephan talks about an article he wrote that goes through some of the most important tools in the LinkResearchTools toolset.
  • [65:22] – Why should we look for hubs? Christoph explains that having good links is the equivalent to hanging out with the cool kids.
  • [67:38] – Christoph talks about his LRT Associate Training program. He also offers a free spot at the upcoming Las Vegas training event to one lucky Marketing Speak listener, and offers details on how to win it.


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