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How to Create a Best Selling Online Course with Megan Harrison

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This Week’s Guest:

If you feel stuck in scaling your business, or aren’t sure how to monetize your expertise, this is the episode for you! Turning your knowledge into highly profitable online courses is a fantastic way to draw in new clients and customers. It’s also a lot easier than you might think. You probably already have enough content to use as the foundation of your course. It’s just a matter of repurposing your content into this valuable asset.


Megan Harrison is here to explore exactly how to do this. She’s an expert in online course design, consulting, and launch strategy, as well as the founder of a digital agency. Naturally, Megan also has her own online training courses and live workshops. Megan started her business by learning through online courses. From there, it was just one foot in front of the other until she got to where she is today. If you’re ready to take your first step down the road of creating courses, tune into this knowledge-packed episode!

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In This Episode:

  • [01:03] – How did Megan end up getting into the online course space? She answers, then talks about how many courses she has now, and how many clients she’s worked with.
  • [02:58] – Megan talks about the two different sides of her business.
  • [05:08] – Does Megan have certification with her own courses?
  • [06:05] – We hear about how to take a course with several hours of video into something that people will pay for and be excited to go through.
  • [08:05] – Megan talks about whether getting results was an evolution for her, or whether it was something she got right from the beginning.
  • [10:18] – How does Megan create a community for her members? She answers, then she and Stephan talk about Todd Herman’s strategies for building community.
  • [14:08] – Making it easier for other people to connect with each other is powerful in any aspect of your business, Megan points out.
  • [14:57] – Megan talks about how she facilitates real-world face-to-face interactions with her fans and members.
  • [16:32] – Stephan and Megan talk about platform choices.
  • [20:41] – Does Megan have clients who are been using the strategy she has been talking about?
  • [23:00] – There are multiple strategic ways to incorporate a course within your business model, Megan explains.
  • [26:03] – What is Grow and why does Megan love it? She answers, then talks about what she has gotten from it.
  • [29:46] – Megan talks about some use cases for Airtable within her organization.
  • [36:03] – It’s not always about creating new content, Megan points out. Stephan then expands, and talks about pink sheets.
  • [41:49] – Megan has started using Bonjoro for her new customers.
  • [43:19] – What would a tripwire look like in terms of online courses? And does she recommend free courses?
  • [47:08] – Megan shares her recommendations for gamification of an online course to help people retain the information.
  • [51:22] – We hear Megan’s recommendations for the format of a course, in terms of whether it should be video, screencast, or a mixture.
  • [55:17] – How can listeners find Megan online, get in touch, or learn more from her?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Structure the program in a way that makes it easy to for my course members to consume. Everything on my dashboard should be easy to understand and accessible.

☑ Offer a free short course that will serve as a sneak peek to get people’s feet in the door.  

☑ Add action igniters such as resource guides, worksheets, and additional activities so that my students can implement my teachings.

☑ Create an implementation program so my students can learn from their own experiences.

☑ Don’t forget to recognize people who are taking action. Let them know you appreciate their dedication and encourage them to continue.

☑ Conduct face-to-face, real world interactions. Invite my students to an exclusive event that will bring more value to their membership.  

☑ Continue to update my course, especially if it’s in a niche that always has something new. Make sure that what I teach is relevant in the present day.

☑ Make the onboarding process as welcoming as possible. Use Bonjoro to help my students get started on my course right away.

☑ Automate every system I can in my course. Use Infusionsoft to help me automate my funnels.

☑ Use a team of people to help me run my online course. Running a membership course is a lot of work that is only possible when I have a team.


S: In this episode number 137, you’re going to learn how to scale your business by turning your expertise into highly-profitable online courses, corporate licensing programs, certifications, and continuing education courses. Our guest today is Megan Harrison. She’s an expert in online course design, consulting, and launch strategy. She’s the founder of a digital agency and has her own online training courses and live workshops. Megan, it’s great to have you on the show.


M: Thank you. I’m excited to be here.


S: Yeah. Well, it’s great to have you. I just want to dig right into online courses, it’s something that I’m very passionate about. I’m building a whole portfolio of online courses right now. I have six of them. I’m just curious to learn, how did you end up getting into the online course space?


M: As I always say, just one foot in front of the other. I think a more detailed answer would be that I really start my business by learning through online courses. I was in the corporate world for about four years in hospital administration and then I just got by entrepreneurial edge and I was like, “I want to do my own thing.” Through Marie Forleo and Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield that I really started to dive into this whole online space, and entrepreneurial space. Then when I looked at it from a business model standpoint, I’m like, “I just gave Marie Forleo $2,000 and so did a few other thousand people.” That seems like a pretty good type of business to be running. I looked at the growth potential and I just assumed correctly that it was going to be a really emerging industry, not even emerging, it’s been around forever but just continued to grow and it has exponentially since then. I moved from just more general marketing and website design and development, and slowly niched down into online course design and development.


S: How many courses do you have currently?


M: From my own personal courses, I think there’s three courses now, I had to restructure them throughout the year so I had to think about that for a second. But my team, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, developed their courses so I don’t have an exact number. But I would say, it might be right under the hundred mark now, it’s just exciting.


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