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Get The Skills to Close Big Deals: Kelly Fidel

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This Week’s Guest:

Lots of us get psychologically stuck at making deals of a certain level. Decades ago, a six-figure deal was incredibly impressive and many people’s end goal. These days, many people tend to fixate on six-figure deals instead of going higher. Imagine if you weren’t limited to six figures, though. Wouldn’t you like to make seven-figure deals, or even eight-figure deals? While it may be hard to imagine, it’s even possible to do a billion-dollar deal.


Kelly Fidel is one of the amazing people who has successfully completed a billion-dollar deal. She’s a business turnaround expert, sales strategist, author, and professional speaker whose clients include the NFL, Mercedes Benz, and Warner Brothers among many others. In this episode, she shares her wisdom and experience to help you understand how you, too, can complete incredible deals. We’ll talk about why it’s so important to be a strong leader, the role of webinars in the sales process, the different kinds of “yes” you might hear, and much more.

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No Glass Ceiling

In This Episode:

  • [02:02] – Kelly starts with the concept of high-ticket selling being much higher than people’s mental thermostat is often set to.
  • [05:08] – We hear about Kelly’s evolution into closing increasingly large deals, and her first experience in sales as a child.
  • [08:49] – The biggest single deal that Kelly has ever done was $1 billion, and took a year to complete.
  • [11:13] – When Kelly is selling deals that are directly benefiting her company, what would she consider a big deal?
  • [15:55] – Kelly shares an example of a multi-million dollar deal that she’s done.
  • [18:52] – We hear more about how Kelly does what she does, with her explaining that she operates in her genius zone.
  • [21:55] – Stephan clarifies for listeners that the “yes” that Kelly has been talking about is for commitment, not confirmation.
  • [24:11] – When you serve your clients or prospects at the highest level possible, magic can happen, Kelly points out.
  • [25:08] – Kelly explains that people are looking for leaders.
  • [29:15] – Her clients love her directness, Kelly reveals, then explains that being direct doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk.
  • [30:00] – What was the $14 million sale that Kelly mentioned?
  • [32:47] – For listeners who aren’t familiar with it, Kelly explains what No Glass Ceiling is.
  • [36:32] – Stephan jumps in to make a distinction between people going from 6 figures to 7 figures and those going from 7 figures to 8 figures.
  • [39:38] – A high-ticket mindset isn’t just about selling, Kelly explains.
  • [42:38] – Kelly offers listeners a recommendation related to sales: keep it simple.
  • [45:29] – Stephan loves the various pieces of advice that Kelly has provided.
  • [47:02] – Kelly gives five quick takeaways: #1. Carve the life that you want. #2. Time block. #3. Become a student and a master at sales and selling. #4. Understand marketing. #5. Contribute back.
  • [50:10] – Tithing creates a return in so many ways, Stephan points out.
  • [50:01] – Stephan starts a lightning round of quick questions. First: what does Kelly do differently so that the webinar she offers isn’t just free training?
  • [53:51] – When people go into one of Kelly’s webinars, do they already know the pricing? Or do they find out during the webinar?
  • [56:26] – If Kelly gets an RFP and is getting shopped, and she doesn’t know who these people are, does she always say no? What does she recommend as the next step?
  • [58:27] – How many masterminds is Kelly in, and how many would she recommend a listener be in?
  • [61:41] – In direct client revenue, was there one particular mastermind that was the most incredible ROI-generating mastermind that Kelly has ever been in?
  • [63:33] – Kelly talks about the ways that listeners can get in touch with her or learn more about her.

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Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Begin with the right mindset and be authentic no matter what. That should be my focal point.

☑ Make sure that the value I offer doesn’t need a lot of explanation. My prospects should be able to understand what they’re getting in return right away.

☑ Focus on the level of commitment rather than committing to everyone. It’s okay to be selective with clients as long as it leads to  better fruition.

☑ Don’t be afraid to talk about money. Be clear with the terms and make my clients feel that they are getting the best value on their investment.

☑ Adapt my pitch to my audience. I should know how to deal with a huge crowd on stage, a team of board members in a conference room or a face to face meeting with an individual client.

☑ Join trainings and masterminds to meet the right peer group who can help me improve my skills and network.

☑ Educate myself on the business process. Know the ins and outs of business legalities and the best way to meet my needs.

☑ Keep sales simple. Focus on one or two things and don’t get sidetracked. The less complicated my strategy is, the more success I will have.

☑ Practice time blocking to optimize my productivity. Be strict on avoiding distractions such as going on social media, watching Netflix, and checking my phone.

☑ Create a stellar team of salespeople where each has their own area of expertise to help me achieve my goals.  


S: Would you like to learn how to do big deals? Like really big deals? 7-figure deals? 8-figure deals? How about $1 billion deal? Well, today’s guest has done $1 billion deal. You’re gonna learn all about it and how you can also close big deals. This is episode number 136. Today’s guest is Kelly Fidel. She’s a business turnaround expert, sales strategist, author, and professional speaker. She’s been named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. She’s been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, FOX, and CNN. Her clients include the NFL, Mercedes Benz, Warner Brothers, Staples Center, and TransAmerica. Kelly, it’s so great to have you on the show.


K: Thank you so much. It’s so great to be here. I’m really excited.


S: I’m very excited. I’m just so impressed by you. I’ve attended your No Glass Ceiling event. You just did such a great job. You’re in such service to your community, to your tribe, and I really respect what you’re doing. Let’s start with this concept of high ticket selling being like much higher ticket than people’s mental thermostat is often times set to. You might think that it’s really hard to close a $4000 deal, like, “Oh, you can’t do anything more than $997 from a webinar,” there’s all this conventional wisdom out there about how to close big deals and so forth. You’ve closed really big ones. Let’s start by dispensing with the mythology and the conventional wisdom that’s not true.


K: Awesome. I love that. The reference of high ticket thermostat, I think, is fantastic because everybody has their own barometer, like you said, for what a high-end or a high ticket sale is. You’re right. For some people it might be $2000 or $3000. For some people it might be $4000-$6000. Some might be $10,000-$50,000. Some people might be $1 million. It just really kind of depends quite a bit on mindset, which is equally important in sales. But going back to breaking the myth, if someone’s experience is only to have, let’s say, $3000 or a $5000 sale and they feel that they have to have a phone conversation because that’s what the industry has taught them, then that’s all they know. We only know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know.


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