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Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising with Rick Mulready

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This Week’s Guest:

In January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that Facebook was trying to go back to its roots by stopping the spread of fake news, engagement baiting, click baiting, and so on. As a result of the site’s prioritization of what it sees as valuable content, some sites have taken a big hit in organic traffic. To avoid this, the key is to offer genuine content that is valuable to users. With that said, Facebook is still a pay-to-play platform full of opportunity, as long as you’re doing it the right way by adding value.

If you’re ready to learn all about Facebook advertising and much more, you’ll love this episode. Rick Mulready and I will dig into tools, tips, techniques, tactics, and more to help you take your Facebook ads to the next level. We’ll talk about split testing, the role of videos and Messenger, how to get the most bang for your buck with paid advertising, and myriad other important topics. Rick is an industry-leading authority on Facebook advertising, the host of the highly acclaimed podcast The Art of Paid Traffic, and the leader of The ROI Club.

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The Art of Paid Traffic podcast
The ROI Club

In This Episode:

  • [01:03] – Rick talks about the fundamentals of Facebook advertising, pointing out that many people need to focus more on this topic. He then digs into the role of split testing in Facebook advertising.
  • [03:28] – Is boosting posts a total waste of money, or is it better than nothing?
  • [08:00] – Rick talks about how important the image in the ad is, and points out that it’s the first thing people will see.
  • [09:14] – We hear about some other split-testing opportunities that Rick hasn’t yet addressed.
  • [11:11] – How do you find out what the most resonant offer is, and expose what the ideal customer’s pain points and thoughts are?
  • [14:51] – Rick addresses how little you can spend to find out whether what you’re doing is resonating with your audience. He then talks about what to do if you’ve bought “likes” on Facebook.
  • [17:52] – Has Rick played around much with Ask Method?
  • [21:18] – Rick takes a moment to talk about the information that Facebook has on you, and the opportunities that this presents.
  • [25:55] – As a consumer, you can go into your Facebook ad preferences to delete or change things based on your interests.
  • [27:41] – We hear more about what the future holds for sites that used to get a lot of organic traffic from Facebook and now need to do things differently?
  • [30:57] – Rick shares his thoughts on whether the boosted reach of Facebook Live is going to continue or whether Facebook will dial it down.
  • [33:36] – Facebook is trying to figure out whether you’re doing things with good intentions, or just trying to game the system.
  • [36:00] – Stephan points out that Facebook wants to keep people within the platform, so ads that keep people in the platform are favored.
  • [38:34] – Rick loves Messenger and thinks it’s the future from an advertising perspective.
  • [41:17] – The things that Rick have been saying remind Stephan of the early days of email marketing.
  • [43:34] – What is Rick’s tool of choice for automating Messenger conversations as much as possible?
  • [47:10] – We hear about innovative ways to use video from Facebook Live or prerecorded video from other sources.
  • [48:48] – Video is definitely Rick’s favorite ad format, he explains.
  • [49:55] – Where can listeners go to learn more about Rick, work with him, get trained by him, or go through his membership program, where should they go?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Have great intention behind my ads rather than just trying to make people aware of my business.

☑ Provide a good user experience and great content. People respond better to things that they feel strongly connected to.

☑ Strategically boost my Facebook posts. Don’t boost posts just for the sake of people seeing it.

☑ Split test campaigns to see what works and what resonates with my audience.

☑ Create a clear target audience through persona profiling. Think about my niche and describe my perfect customer.

☑ Segment my audience to tailor my Facebook ad campaigns. The more specific I am at targeting, the better.

☑ Use a powerful headline to get attention. In 5 words or less, make sure that readers understand the message I’m sending out.  

☑ Attend events such as masterminds, conferences, and parties to surround myself with my target audience.

☑ Monitor my cost per lead. High cost per lead and low conversion rate mean there’s something wrong with my campaign.

☑ Don’t forget about video content and utilize Facebook Live. Continue to engage with my audience to let them know that my business is always at their service.



S: We have a great episode number 133 for you today, all about Facebook advertising. We’re going to dig into a whole bunch of tools, tips, techniques, tactics, and more with Rick Mulready as our guest. He is an industry leading authority on Facebook advertising, as well as the host to the highly-acclaimed podcast The Art of Paid Traffic. Rick, it’s great to have you on the show.


R: I am honored to be here. Thanks so much for having me.


S: Of course. Let’s start by talking about split testing and how that is an underutilized opportunity in Facebook Advertising. A lot of people are just putting ads up. They’re boosting posts, they’re doing the fundamentals, but they’re not split testing, and I think that’s kind of a travesty.


R: I think one thing you just touched on there is that, I think a lot of people don’t do the fundamentals, actually. They start boosting posts and stuff like that just sort of willy-nilly and they don’t really have a strategy behind it. Whenever I start talking to somebody about what they’re doing and they’re like, “Oh, I’m boosting posts.” “Okay. Why are you doing that?” “Well, I want more people to see my stuff.” “Okay. What’s the strategy behind it?” That’s what I’m really trying to get to the bottom of and I think it’s a missed opportunity that a lot of people have when it comes to Facebook Ads. What happens oftentimes is they try it because boosting posts, let’s face it, is a form of advertising.

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