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Dialing In Your Webinar Strategy with Jon Schumacher

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This Week’s Guest:

Is the age of the webinar over? The ever-increasing popularity of live videos has made many question whether webinars have a place in an effective online marketing strategy. While webinars and live videos have been merging closer together, using real webinars — whether live or evergreen — is still an important tool for online marketers to have in their toolbox. Done right, a webinar can be an effective way to connect with your audience, make sales, and grow your business.


Jon Schumacher joins me in this episode for a deep dive into the topic of webinars. We’ll talk in great detail about exactly how to do them right and what the important differences are between live and evergreen webinars. Jon is an expert at marketing and selling through webinars. He’s the founder of a digital marketing agency that builds successful webinar funnels for businesses. He’s also the host of the Webinar Mastery Summit, the largest online webinar conference.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:28] – Are webinars still a secret weapon for the online marketer?
  • [02:59] – Jon talks about the drop in show-up rates over the last few years, comparing live webinars to evergreen webinars.
  • [06:17] – We hear about some of the tools or software that people can use for webinars, whether evergreen or live.
  • [09:07] – Jon talks about the merging process between webinars and live videos.
  • [11:56] – Jon has used EverWebinar a lot and thinks it’s good because it can be integrated with a lot of CRMs. He then talks about other recommendations for live and evergreen webinars.
  • [13:31] – We learn about the setup for an evergreen webinar, and how long Jon makes people wait to watch a pre-recorded webinar.
  • [16:50] – Jon goes more into the pros and cons of letting people watch an evergreen webinar whenever they want to.
  • [17:50] – What sort of extra work is involved in a sell-a-course funnel as opposed to a book-a-call funnel?
  • [20:11] – Jon discusses how important it is to try to get someone on the phone with you if your product or service costs over $1,000.
  • [22:33] – We hear about examples on both ends of the spectrum that Jon has been talking about.
  • [24:53] – Jon is a believer in getting the minimal part of the funnel up first and testing it.
  • [27:08] – Urgency is one of the biggest points of influence in affecting people’s behavior, Jon explains.
  • [28:54] – What would be an example of why one might want to book a call with Jon in his webinar now instead of later?
  • [31:19] – Jon talks about his current thoughts regarding what the ideal webinar looks like.
  • [36:47] – Stephan and Jon dive deeper into the 30 minutes or so of the content section of the ideal webinar.
  • [41:46] – We hear more about what Lisa Sasevich does well in terms of sales persuasion.
  • [43:00] – Jon talks about what works for him in terms of letting his audience know that he knows what he’s doing. He and Stephan then talk about stretching the gap.
  • [46:04] – We dive into the components of evergreen webinars, with Jon explaining how he would organize them differently than live webinars.
  • [49:55] – Can’t listeners skip ahead to the end on an evergreen webinar to find the free offer?
  • [51:39] – Jon discusses whether it’s better to let someone book a time on your calendar first, or answer a short qualifying questionnaire first.
  • [53:12] – Jon talks about messenger bots, which he isn’t currently using.
  • [57:03] – How can listeners get in touch with Jon to work with him or learn more about what he does?


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Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Foster my contact list. Focus on making it bigger while also adding value to subscribers.

☑ Choose whether to host a live or evergreen webinar. Schedule my webinars accordingly.

☑ Prepare an interesting and unique presentation for my audience. Be concise and include the right elements of a successful webinar.

☑ Don’t fool people into thinking it’s a live webinar when it’s not. It will hurt my conversion rate once people realize I’m not being true to my brand.

☑ Communicate with webinar attendees beforehand. Use email or Facebook Messenger to set clear expectations and to remind them about my event.

☑ Share something about myself before introducing my sales pitch. Build empathy with my audience and find connection rather than pushing for a sale.  

☑ Get the audience to book a call at the end of the webinar.  A one on one conversation will help strengthen relationships.

☑ Offer a free gift or a mystery giveaway to encourage my audience to stay until the end of the show.

☑ Create a deadline for my incentives to convince my audience to sign up for my offers right away.

☑ Grab a copy of Jon Schumacher’s Ultimate Guide to Webinar Software and Equipment to find out which apps and tools I should use.



S: In this episode, number 122, we are going to deep dive on webinars. How to do them right – both live and automated or Evergreen. Our guest today is Jon Schumacher. Jon is an expert at marketing and selling through webinars. Jon is the founder of Marketing Mastery Media Inc., a digital marketing agency focused on building webinar funnels. He’s also the host of the Webinar Mastery Summit, the largest online webinar conference. Jon has hosted over 300 webinars in the past four years. He’s been mentioned in the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, FOX news and The Good Men Project. Jon, it’s great to have you on the show.


J: Hey, thanks for having me, Stephan. I appreciate you thinking of me. I’m excited to talk a little bit about webinars and other things.


S: Yup, funnels and how they all connect up, all that sort of good stuff. Let’s actually start with webinars because they’re powerful. They’re a great way to get people into buying a product or signing-up for a strategy session, or what have you. But yet, there’s talk that they don’t work as well anymore. Should we be focusing still on webinars? Are they still a secret weapon for the online marketer?


J: I don’t know if they’re a secret weapon but they’re certainly still effective and sure that the environment has shifted. As far as getting people live on a webinar and things like that, there has definitely been a drop in overall show-up rates and stuff like that, especially if you don’t have a close relationship with the list like cold traffic and things like that. Live webinars definitely have a lower show-up rate than they used to but it’s still the number one vehicle for booking calls one to many or selling a product one to many. It’s still very much valid these days. At the end of the live video kind of revolution, it’s kind of merging a little bit with the live webinar of the past but it’s still very valid. There’s still a lot of people having good success, partnering doing webinars together, hosting webinars for their audiences. It’s definitely not dead. I know all the new wave kind of strategies always like to say that the old ones are dead but it’s definitely still alive and well.


S: Yeah. Like you keep hearing, “SEO is dead. Facebook advertising is the new thing,” or whatever. They’re just trying to be confrontational and provocative to try and get you onto their program. SEO isn’t going anywhere. It’s an essential part of your online marketing mix and so are webinars. They still work, they’re still effective like you say. Let’s talk about the drop in show-up rates though because it used to be that you can get 50% show-up rate. Let’s say 100 people registered, you get 50 people showing up. 1000 people register, you get 500 people showing up. Not so much anymore these days though.


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