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Build an Audience and your Personal Brand with Podcasting with Cliff Ravenscraft

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This Week’s Guest:

If there’s one thing that you and I definitely have in common, it’s podcasts! There’s an incredible amount to learn from podcasts whether you’re a host or a listener.  To be a truly great podcaster, you need to be a captivating storyteller while remaining true to your authentic self. To be an effective media consumer, you need to engage with it in a way that makes it more than a guilty pleasure.


Cliff Ravenscraft joins me in this episode to talk about podcast creation, consumption, and much, much more. Cliff is a true expert in the podcasting sphere, having produced more than 30 of his own podcasts (with over 3,600 total episodes). Cliff has also been an invaluable mentor to many of today’s biggest names in podcasting. In fact, Cliff’s clients created over half of the top 100 business podcasts on iTunes!


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In This Episode:

  • [01:30] – How can somebody take their podcast to the next level? Cliff begins answering by explaining how he got started in the podcasting world.
  • [05:12] – Storytelling is the cornerstone of podcasting, Stephan explains. Cliff then shares his thoughts on storytelling and why it’s so important to be yourself in podcasting.
  • [09:17] – Cliff explains why he think an audio podcast is the most powerful form of communication available today.
  • [11:16] – Stephan agrees that podcasting is the superior platform for sharing your authentic self. Cliff digs into why audio airpods are more powerful than video podcasts.
  • [14:33] – Cliff agrees that you need an angle in order to have an effective podcast. He also talks about some of the podcasts that he and his wife have done.
  • [18:03] – Cliff describes his very specific target audience, which is someone who has been an employee for most of their career but has now decided to become self-employed. He then shares his own experience in transitioning to self-employment.
  • [21:26] – We hear about a recent mentoring call that Cliff had with someone who has been self-employed for five years.
  • [23:40] – Stephan shares his thoughts on responsibility. Cliff then points out a connection that Stephan has just made for him.
  • [27:42] – Cliff shares his thoughts on Landmark Worldwide, as well as his aspirations for his own future.
  • [31:09] – Cliff mentions that he, like Stephan, has gone to Unleash the Power Within.
  • [34:36] – We learn about Benjamin Franklin’s mastermind, The Junto.
  • [38:07] – Cliff no longer talks about the TV shows he watches on his podcasts, but still watches a lot of TV. He explains why he still finds TV to be a productive use of his time.
  • [41:39] – Stephan reveals that he’s a big fan of Star Trek. He and Cliff then debate the merits of Deep Space Nine.
  • [44:32] – Cliff has picked up a great deal into insight as a result of watching Deep Space Nine, and loves the idea of learning this way.
  • [47:22] – Another thing that Cliff has internalized from watching TV is how much of his own childhood conditioning was American-egocentric.
  • [50:16] – Stephan appreciates this perspective more after having lived in another country for eight years, he explains.
  • [54:34] – Cliff shares the top three things that he wants listeners to get from the episode in terms of their personal brand. 1. Be true to who you are and be your authentic self. 2. Understand that no matter what you believe about yourself, you’re still playing it small and safe. 3. Find yourself a mastermind group.

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