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The Due Diligence Checklist with Tom Shieh

Owning a portfolio of over 100 revenue-generating websites may sound impressive, but it can be more pain than it's worth, especially if you put your trust in the wrong partners. There are so many details, financing options, manageability, scalability, performance metrics, valuation, negotiation and due diligence. Googling for the answers is not going to cut it. Doing adequate or even deep due diligence is the linchpin. My guest for this episode knows that better than anyone. At one point, Tom Shieh owned a portfolio of over 100 websites. He was making bank so much in fact that he was able to travel the world in Tony Robbins Elite Platinum Partnership, which is a six-figure investment per year. That's where I first met Tom, by the way. Since then, Tom has lost nearly all of those 100 websites in an elaborate swindle. These days, Tom owns and operates Crimcheck, a company that does criminal background checks of potential hires and potential business partners. If you ever plan on building a portfolio of multiple websites, buying a business or website, going into business with anyone or selling your business for that matter, this episode is a must read. If all you get out of this episode is Tom's due diligence checklist, you will save yourself a fortune. Also, make sure you check out my interview with Ken Courtright, cofounder of Income Store for more amazing tips on building up a portfolio of revenue generating websites to the tune of eight figures.

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Cracking The Publicity Code with Selena Soo

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a household name? What about a bestselling author or the number one expert in your field? Or are you simply looking to take your business to the next level? Whatever your ultimate goals in business and life are, it all starts with building relationships, not just any relationships, authentic relationships that will attract people to you and bring clients, profits and notability. My guest for this episode used this exact strategy to go from a $42,000 a year salary to now running a multi-seven-figure business. Her name is Selena Soo. She's helped many dozens of clients crack the publicity code, connecting with powerful influencers, building fan bases and forging lasting relationships with people that matter in their industry. What Selena does is much more than your average PR agency. In a world where having a social media strategy is no longer enough, her insights will help you understand what sets truly remarkable people apart from everyone else and how to attract and build influence in the real world.

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Capitalizing On Free PR with Cameron Herold

Public Relations is a necessity for any growing business. When budgets are tight and there are other more urgent costs, hiring a glitzy PR firm can seem extravagant. The fact of the matter is most businesses probably already have all the tools they need internally to run their own PR strategy. This isn't something I'm just making up. It's the premise of a new book co-authored by Cameron Herold called Free PR. On this episode, I'll be talking to Cameron about how he has helped thousands of businesses exploit free media opportunities and ditch expensive PR agencies. If you're familiar with Cameron's work, then you’ll understand that he knows what he's talking about. By age 35, Cameron had created two $100 million companies. By age 42, he had taken 1-800-GOT-JUNK? from a $2 million company to $106 million company. You'll also be learning a ton from Cameron in this episode about how to scale your own business. If you've always been curious about how the media works, wondered how you can get coverage and top tier publications and even how to land high-profile television appearances, all for free, this episode is going to deliver massive value to you and your organization.

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Branding Done Right with Re Perez

If you run a business, you know that branding is more than just creating a logo. When done right, a brand represents your principles. It stimulates loyalty and aspiration in your customers and adds value in the marketplace. Above all, a brand is a promise. Many of you know that I'm a big proponent of branding done properly, yet this is only the third episode of Marketing Speak that we've ever done on this topic. My guest for this episode is Re Perez. Re is a leading branding expert and the Founder of Branding For the People, an agency that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses leverage the power of Fortune 500 branding techniques. In this episode, Re will be a guide on our deep dive into the nuts and bolts of an effective brand strategy, from typefaces and signifiers of luxury, to integrating your brand into your company culture.

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Leveling Up Your Networking with John Corcoran

We live in a digital world, but real relationships are still the bedrock of any serious business. Meeting the right people involves more than just turning up to the usual networking events. It's an art form. Forget elevator pitches and business cards. If you want to intentionally grow your network to open doors and get more clients and revenue, you need a strategy. My guest on this episode is John Corcoran. John understands the true power of relationship building and has guided many small business owners and entrepreneurs in leveraging their network to grow their businesses and achieve success. John began his career as a Writer in the Clinton White House. He's the Founder of SmartBusinessRevolution.com, and the CoFounder of Rise25. He'll be explaining how to level up your networking and connect with highly valuable people who can open the door to bigger profits, industry recognition and untold opportunity. As the saying goes, “It's not what you know, it's who you know.”