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Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies That Get Results: Marty Weintraub

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This Week’s Guest:

I’m delighted to bring you Marty Weintraub, the author of Killer Facebook Ads and The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide and a guru at all things related to online marketing. Marty is a frequent speaker on the international conference circuit and the founder of the marketing agency Aimclear, which won three times at the 2016 US Search Awards: Best Large Integrated Agency, Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign, and Young Search Professional (for analyst Mitch Larson).


In our conversation today, we take a deep, high-level dive into the world of marketing. If you’ve already got a solid grip on the basics and are hungry to expand your knowledge, this is the episode for you. We go into depth about topics such as segmentation, retargeting, and the importance of being platform-agnostic. Marty explores the cookie pool concept, discusses the difficulties with keywords on Google, and shares much more insight and wisdom.


Find Out More About Marty Here:

Marty’s events
Marty Weintraub on LinkedIn


In This Episode:


  • [01:40] – What are some outside-the-box strategies for Facebook advertising that really deliver results?
  • [02:06] – Stephan and Marty talk about segmentation and retargeting. Marty discusses several classes of retargeting that people generally use. He offers other ways to think about those “buckets” that you categorize people into.
  • [06:06] – Marty lists some questions to ask in a marketing system if you have an expensive keyword. He then ties this into the importance of segmenting the audience.
  • [08:03] – Marty defines the term “cookie pool” for listeners who may not be familiar with what it means.
  • [10:49] – We hear another example of retargeting for an expensive keyword.
  • [12:27] – Stephan offers a similar analogy that involves collecting email addresses from different channels and keeping them separated. Marty then elaborates on what Stephan has been saying.
  • [16:29] – Another way to describe what Marty has been explaining is that you should be platform-agnostic. Marty agrees with this, then gives a suggestion for most marketers.
  • [17:51] – Marty talks about another way to verticalize ads: by theory. Stephan then rephrases what Marty has been saying, and Marty corrects and clarifies one point about the client creating an approved list of terms.
  • [21:31] – The differences between SEO, PR, modular creative, influencer, and distribution are all narrowing and the fields are merging.
  • [22:01] – We return to the topic of being platform-agnostic, or seeing what you can learn from one platform and then apply to another. Stephan asks Marty about a nugget he has previously shared about using your Google-negative keywords on Facebook.
  • [24:51] – Marty offers a strategy for how to determine which audiences don’t perform well, and stop marketing to them.
  • [28:35] – Marty explains why the “cookie pool” concept is so important. He encourages all marketers to make custom audiences of segmented site touches with the same savvy that they apply to cross-channel and filtered retargeting.
  • [30:32] – Stephan offers another analogy about people using Google AdWords Keyword Planner. He then offers a workaround for people who don’t have access to a paid AdWords account.
  • [32:02] – Google has been trying to turn off keywords for years, Marty reveals. He suggests SpyFu and SEMrush as alternatives, then offers metaphors about boating and fishing.
  • [35:33] – How big is the investment in terms of identifying audience segments and percentages, and different attributes, using search audiences and profiling, and then providing these reports to clients? After answering, Marty provides his email address (marty@aimclear.com) and invites listeners to email him.
  • [37:56] – Stephan brings up the topic of Facebook retargeting based on Facebook video views.
  • [40:38] – Marty explains what DSA (“dynamic search ads”) and RLSA (“remarketing lists for search ads”) mean.
  • [43:35] – Remarketing lists for search ads were revolutionary, Marty explains, because it was the first technology that pushed people to filter differently.
  • [45:58] – Marty talks about the possibility of using Google ads based on your YouTube retargeting list.
  • [50:18] – Marty discusses the importance of having “street cred” on a social media profile as one of the factors to consider in deciding where to put a video.
  • [54:02] – Stephan brings up one more topic from Marty’s keynote: lookalikes of “thank you” page visitors.
  • [56:50] – Stephan recaps some of Marty’s points. Marty then talks more about analysis of who came to your page using Facebook segments.
  • [58:48] – Marty offers various ways to get in touch with him or find him.


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