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Episode 226 | Posted on

Build a Brand that’ll Stand the Test of Time with Bernt Ullmann

When we think of celebrities, we think of fame and fortune, and the lion's share of that celebrities fortune can come from monetizing their fame and notoriety. Jennifer Lopez, for example, made 3.5 billion dollars partnering with Kohl's. Kylie Jenner went from teenage reality star to billionaire makeup mogul. My guest for this episode number 226, Bernt Ullmann is the genius behind these sorts of celebrity mega deals.  Bernt is CEO and founder of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands. He leverages celebrity star power and turns those into branding and licensing deals. You're in store for a fascinating conversation about the world of celebrity branding. And if you personally loathe the limelight, don't worry, you don't have to be the celebrity. You just partner with one.  As Bernt says, "celebrities give you eyeballs and trust." That could be millions in intellectual property value and licensing potential for you. Bernt shares how his start at the Donna Karan fashion brand led him to partnering with Tommy Hilfiger and an entrance into celebrity branding. He talks about deals with Russell Simmons, Adam Levine and Real Housewives of New York star, Bethenny Frankel.  We discussed how this domino effect helped him become "The Man Behind the Brands." But this episode is not just about celebrities. Bernt talks about his book, The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint and shares vital advice to building your brand and raising your brand's equity. This is a conversation not to be missed. And now, on with the show.

Episode 225 | Posted on

Hard-hitting Internet Marketing Advice with Rich Schefren

Profundity is a word grossly overused. The word profundity might not get a ton of air time, but many are quick to casually call something profound. Profundity is defined as a deep insight or great depth of knowledge or thought. It's easy in our fast-moving world to keep things superficial or skim the surface. But to truly succeed, both in marketing and in life, we must find what deeply resonates. We ultimately want our business to connect with something universal. After all, that's the best way to convert new customers and clients as my guest, Rich Schefren, eloquently reminds us, you have more prospects than you have customers.  You don't get a reputation like "The Guru of Gurus" without having some pretty deep insight. I'm super grateful Rich shares some of his great depth of knowledge and thought with us. I first got to know of Rich many years ago from one of his YouTube videos, where he explained his unique speed reading style. In this episode, he explains how he figuratively and sometimes literally breaks down books to their most important parts. Clearly, his systems are working for him. He's personally added over $15 billion of additional revenue to his clients over the course of the many years he's been in business. And he's been featured on media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, Fox, MSNBC, the Discovery Channel, Daily News, New York Post, and many others. In this episode, we cover everything from writing compelling copy to working efficiently. Rich provides profound pearls of wisdom that stay with you, such as "that which is most personal is most general." And as Rich shares his personal journey, the books that he finds most helpful in business and in life, he provides advice that can appeal to anyone. This episode is not to be missed. Now on with the show.

Episode 224 | Posted on

Making Data-Driven Decisions in SEO with Bastian Grimm

If you've been listening for any length of time, you know I love geeking out on SEO, especially when it's a world class technical SEO such as today's guest, Bastian Grimm. Bastian is CEO and Co-founder of Germany-based agency, Peak Ace. We are about to go to a deep dive into technical SEO and get Bastian's take on such topics such as crawl budget, international SEO, and creating SEO dashboards using Google Data Studio. We compare notes on the present state of SEO and where things are heading and share shop talk about our favorite tools and techniques. Bastian's perspective on the nitty gritty of SEO is refreshing. This episode is not to be missed.

Episode 223 | Posted on

Hard Lessons from Growing a Startup with Rand Fishkin

The ultimate goal when creating a startup is to join the ranks of giants like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, but there are quite a few hazards along that path. Often this can involve getting major investment capital. Now imagine you get that $20 million investment, then the real stress starts. My guest for this week's episode did just that.  Rand Fishkin is the founder and former CEO of Moz, and currently the founder and CEO of SparkToro. He's the author of Lost and Founder, which charts the rise of his eight-figure SEO technology company Moz and his rocky dealings with venture capitalists along the way. He pulls no punches sharing the realities of dealing with venture capitalists, sometimes known as vulture capitalists, and how they change the shape of his company and not in the way he wanted. Rand is also my co-author on the first two editions of The Art of SEO, which is considered to be the Bible on search engine optimization back in 2009. That book really solidified my leadership position in the SEO world. And for that, I am forever grateful.  In this episode, we discussed the realities of VC investments, his tell-all book, and managing your business in our current climate. If you've ever considered growing your business by courting investors, or even if that's the farthest thing from what you want to do, do stick around. You're about to learn some valuable advice and uncomfortable truths you won't get anywhere else. This episode originally aired on my other show, Get Yourself Optimized as episode number 167. If you haven't done so already, please go subscribe to my other podcast before continuing with this episode. I promise you it'll be worth your while. And now, on with the show. 

Episode 222 | Posted on

Secrets to a Persuasive Website with Greg Merrilees

For most people, your website is the first impression they have of your brand. So you really want to have that "wow" factor that keeps them on the site and ready to take action. That "wow" factor goes beyond impressing people with high profile social proof, although that is an extremely important factor in your brand's credibility. In reality, you want your site to speak more about them and less about you in order to assure them that you can meet their needs and solve the problem that led them to your site in the first place. Every inch of your site must be imbibed with your branding from the top nav all the way down to your footer.  In my opinion, there's really no one better than Greg Merrilees and his company Studio 1 Design when it comes to creating web design that converts. And that's why I'm so excited to have him on the show today. Aside from the eight websites that Greg and his team has designed for me, I constantly refer him to my clients and colleagues. Studio 1 has custom designed well over 1500 websites. Their clients have included such big name internet marketers such as Kevin Rogers, Perry Marshall, Jordan Harbinger, James Schramko, Chris Ducker, and Ezra Firestone.  They even designed the website of Frank Oz, who's the voice of Yoda, Miss Piggy, other Muppets and Sesame Street characters. Greg doesn't just have an eye for modern engaging design, he goes beyond that by thinking about the entire customer journey as a user navigates through your site. Whether the end goal is to have them buy a product, book a consultation call or sign up to an email list, the site's design and flow is a crucial part of your business strategy. Stay tuned to discover what design elements you can apply today to start getting more conversions on your website.