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Episode 25 | Posted on

DIY Tools to Optimize and Manage Your WordPress Site with David Vogelpohl

While most people rely on a developer, David Vogelpohl believes that DIY website solutions provide everyone the opportunity to take on their website needs. David is the VP of Web Strategy at WP Engine, a premium-managed WordPress host designed for speed and reliability. From plugins, to finding a hosting solution package that can’t be beat, many businesses and professionals are taking a hands on approach to website updates and advertising, and in turn, making more while paying out less. We discuss the best SEO plugins, nurturing leads through email marketing, protecting your website and more

Episode 24 | Posted on

Rank on Page One with Keyword Targeting and Link Building with Chloe Spencer

While most teenagers are earning minimum wage at the local pizza joint, Chloe Spencer was earning over $1000 per month in passive income after building and starting an SEO campaign on her Neopets fan website. Chloe is living proof that to start a business, all you need is drive and a willingness to learn. She is inspiring young entrepreneurs around the world to go after their dreams, and shares how she turned a passion into a profitable business. We discuss how to become a guest blogger, using viral content as a link building strategy, using social media to create a fanbase and more.

Episode 23 | Posted on

Hosting a Contest to Get Valuable Leads and Referrals with Travis Ketchum

While there is value in the old tried-and-true sales processes, Travis Ketchum and his team have come up with an exciting, and profitable, way to generate leads: Contests. Travis is the founder and CEO of Contest Domination, an amazing tool that uses contests to motivate leads. While running a contest to build an email list seems simple, there are quite a few moving parts that need to be addressed, and Contest Domination handles all of those for you. Not only will you build a large list, but you will create a system that is bringing in interested leads who are ready to refer their friends and open their wallet. We discuss the difference between leads and qualified leads, how to choose prizes for your target audience, the steps to creating the perfecting contest and more.

Episode 22 | Posted on

Leveraging Celebrity Status to Increase Your Revenue with Darren Kavinoky

Building celebrity status through T.V. shows allowed Darren Kavinoky to turn his one-man law practice into a multi-million dollar empire. When you become a well-known expert in your field, high profile clients come to you, allowing you to use your celebrity status as a marketing tool to expand your business. Darren gives us the tips on how to turn your business into a household name. We discuss how to use your expertise to pitch, book, and leverage your T.V. appearances into massive success.

Episode 21 | Posted on

Establish an International SEO Strategy to Expand your Business with Aleyda Solis

If you have considered expanding your business, reaching an international audience could be key. International SEO processes are an optimal way reach to your foreign target market. Aleyda Solis is an international consultant and SEO expert who works for companies in Europe, North America and Latin America. She shares how to reach audiences abroad, how to rank internationally and how to grow your client base. We discuss international tools, overcoming language barriers, optimizing sites for each country and more!