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Episode 107 | Posted on

Outside the Box Ideas that Lead to Extraordinary Results with Doug Allen

How do you make yourself stand out when you give a presentation? You may tend to emphasize things that set you apart from your listeners. You want to present yourself as someone special, exceptional, and unique. Your audience would have no reason to listen to you if you were just one of them, right? Rattling off your accomplishments is not the best way to lead a presentation. You don’t want your audience to think “so what?” You want to get a resounding “me too!” As you may already know, I’m a big fan of mastermind events. I recently attended a fantastic one run by today’s guest, Doug Allen. Doug joins me this episode to share some of the fascinating and powerful studies, tools, and technologies that he explored in this mastermind. Doug is also a five-time best-selling author, hedge fund manager, business development consultant, and the founder of the Destiny Partnership Mastermind Group. Join us to get some valuable insights into presenting yourself to others.

Episode 106 | Posted on

This Is How You Make a Big Splash with Robert Allen

Imagine that you’re jobless and struggling to make ends meet. You hear about a program that can teach you to make money working on your own so you submit an application. You make it to the final round of applicants, only to get a call saying you’ve been rejected and the program has chosen someone else. What do you you? Do you accept the rejection? Plan to apply again next year? Or tell them that they’ve clearly made a mistake and you’re the right choice for the program? Today you’ll learn how to turn this kind of rejection into a new opportunity. Robert Allen is here to inspire you to do extraordinary things in your business and to transform your finances. Robert is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has already written 11 books (and has 10 more in him).

Episode 105 | Posted on

The Art of Selling with Matthew Kimberley

There’s a certain personality type that seems destined for a shining career in sales. These people are outgoing, charming, charismatic, and naturally persuasive. They have the gift of gab and a knack for turning strangers into friends (or customers). Surprisingly, you don’t need to have a sparkling personality to be a successful salesperson. In fact, following the best sales strategies sometimes comes more naturally to less gregarious, more detail-oriented people. Here to explain all this and much more is Matthew Kimberley, an expert sales trainer and keynote speaker. Matthew is the founder of The School for Selling and the creator of the Principles of Professional Persuasion. Today, we’ll go into depth about sales strategies, tools that can help during various stages of the sales process, and why having a great sales technique is so important.

Episode 104 | Posted on

Creating an Online Business That Runs Without You with Troy Dean

One of the big challenges in today’s marketing world is not only getting people to sign up for your online courses and trainings, but also getting them to follow through and actually participate. One strategy for keeping people engaged involves using micro-commitments and macro-commitments as motivational tools. If that’s something you’d like to learn more about, you’re in the right place! Troy Dean, today’s guest, is the co-founder of WP Elevation, an online program and community designed specifically for WordPress consultants. He’s passionate about helping WordPress consultants build successful businesses and has discovered innovative ways to keep people motivated and engaged. In fact, his online courses boast impressive completion rates of over 70%. Today, he’ll be sharing his tips and insights into how you can achieve amazing results.

Episode 103 | Posted on

How to Automate Your Business with a Membership Site with Melodie Moore

Some of my favorite Marketing Speak episodes are the ones where my guest is so deeply knowledgeable about a specific subject that we get to spend an hour just geeking out. These are the episodes that are packed full of advice and provide ultra-specific value for listeners.. They have tons of tips and insights that aren’t normally compiled together in one place. That’s exactly what you’ll get today from Melodie Moore, a true expert on automation. We’ll geek out together and talk about Infusionsoft as well as various tools that integrate with it. We’ll also talk about marketing campaigns, indoctrination sequences, membership sites, online courses, and a ton more. As the founder of Business Tech Ninjas, a company that specializes in creating membership sites, Melodie is chock full of tips that I hope are as helpful for you as they were for me!