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Episode 158 | Posted on

Buying And Selling Websites with Chuck Mullins

Have you ever considered buying a website? Buying instead of building can be a big shortcut to online success. It could even be a passive income stream for you. How do you make sure that site is not a dud? My guest on this episode number 158 is serial entrepreneur, Chuck Mullins, who built his first profitable website way back in 1996. Chuck’s advice is highly sought after by both investors and sellers. He speaks at events around the world and in fact, that’s how I met him as we were both regular speakers at Affiliate Summit. I’m really excited to have Chuck on the show to share his wisdom. If you’re interested in buying or selling websites or perhaps even treating them like assets and portfolio, this episode is going to be a real treat.

Episode 157 | Posted on

Selling from Stage with Dave Vanhoose

98% of the time when I'm asked to speak on stage about SEO, I'm not allowed to sell from stage. Yet my whole reason for being there is to generate leads that will eventually turn into SEO consulting gigs. You can imagine the dilemma. I need some tools, techniques and tips that will help me to be more effective at generating the leads without seeming to be salesy from the stage because otherwise I won't get invited back. Enter Speaking Empire, specifically Dave Vanhoose and Dustin Mathews. Dustin's already been on the show and Dave Vanhoose is our guest in this episode number 157.One example of a technique I learned from Dave was how to give my book away in a powerful way, The Art of SEO, which has a thousand pages. It's a pretty good giveaway but just giving it away is not that impressive. We want to make people run to the stage to get a copy of the book and I learned a cool technique from Dave on how to do that. You're going to learn lots of cool tips and techniques from Dave Vanhoose. He's an author, speak to sell trainer and Co-founder of Speaking Empire. An interesting fact about Dave, he faced complete paralysis at the age of 29. Thankfully, it was only temporary.

Episode 156 | Posted on

Catalysts for Word of Mouth with Jay Baer

Would you like to learn how to encourage word-of-mouth systematically? If so, you're in the right place. This is episode number 156. Our guest is Jay Baer. Jay's been on the show already on Episode 78. We talked about Hug Your Haters. He is President of the global marketing consultancy, Convince & Convert, a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Cohost of the Social Pros Podcast.

Episode 155 | Posted on

Profitable YouTube Advertising with Tom Breeze

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. If you’re advertising anywhere online and you’re not advertising on YouTube, you are missing the boat. This episode number 155 is a deep dive into YouTube Advertising best practices. We’ve covered this topic before. All the way back in Episode 32, we had Tommie Powers also known as Tommie Traffic talking about how he built an eight-figure empire off of YouTube advertising. It’s a great episode. In this episode with Tom Breeze, who is an agency owner that specializes in YouTube advertising, it’s a wholly different perspective and I think you’re going to enjoy it. Tom Breeze is the Founder and CEO of Viewability, which specializes in YouTube advertising and boasts an impressive client list of international personal and corporate brands. Viewability is now the world’s largest performance-based YouTube advertising company.

Episode 154 | Posted on

Pragmatic Link Building with Julie Joyce

Link development is one of the most overlooked ingredients of a successful SEO campaign. However, acquiring high quality, relevant links is a key part of an SEO strategy. Website owners can place all the keywords they wish on their content and develop a search-engine friendly navigation scheme, but without a smart link development campaign, search engine visibility is short term. Julie Joyce, owner of the link building agency Link Fish Media, delves into the subject of link development and link building, touching on topics like link earning, link baiting, link analysis, and some of metrics and measurement for success. She also shares some of her favorite tools for link analysis and research.