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Creating Valuable Affiliate Programs that Sell with Shawn Collins

From the occasional email to immediate tracking and results, Affiliate Marketing has grown from a simple pay-per-click system to a limitless source of possibility and income. Shawn Collins explains how there is more to affiliate marketing than just reaching out to a partner or creating a profitable system-you have to make the sale interesting. Shawn is the founder of Affiliate Summit, THE conference for affiliate marketing. We discuss the best tools and plugins to automate your processes, using social platforms to market your program and more!

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Hosting a Contest to Get Valuable Leads and Referrals with Travis Ketchum

While there is value in the old tried-and-true sales processes, Travis Ketchum and his team have come up with an exciting, and profitable, way to generate leads: Contests. Travis is the founder and CEO of Contest Domination, an amazing tool that uses contests to motivate leads. While running a contest to build an email list seems simple, there are quite a few moving parts that need to be addressed, and Contest Domination handles all of those for you. Not only will you build a large list, but you will create a system that is bringing in interested leads who are ready to refer their friends and open their wallet. We discuss the difference between leads and qualified leads, how to choose prizes for your target audience, the steps to creating the perfecting contest and more.

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Leveraging Celebrity Status to Increase Your Revenue with Darren Kavinoky

Building celebrity status through T.V. shows allowed Darren Kavinoky to turn his one-man law practice into a multi-million dollar empire. When you become a well-known expert in your field, high profile clients come to you, allowing you to use your celebrity status as a marketing tool to expand your business. Darren gives us the tips on how to turn your business into a household name. We discuss how to use your expertise to pitch, book, and leverage your T.V. appearances into massive success.

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Generating Boatloads of New Leads through J.V. Partnerships with Rich German

Building your email list and client base is easier than you may have imagined, and the secret is Joint Venture partnerships. When you partner with other professionals, your network is unlimited. Today, author and speaker Rich German takes us through the steps of creating and executing successful J.V. Partnerships, from creating your product, finding the perfect free offer and bonus add-ons, and taking your new email lists on a valuable process that ends in the sale. We discuss the different types of J.V. Partnerships, the steps to a successful product launch and more!

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Maximize Sales with Amazon Marketing with Shaahin Cheyene

The world of eCommerce is more popular than ever and Amazon is at the top of the charts. Shaahin Cheyene is an expert in Amazon marketing, and he shares the details on how to create a thriving business by selling on Amazon. From finding the right products to creating a brand and generating reviews, we cover the crucial steps that will help you scale your business or create side income. We discuss everything you need to sell without having to pack, ship, or provide extra service.