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Crank Up Your Website’s Conversion Rate with Chris Goward

Have you heard of BOB? No, that’s not a person. BOB refers to the “big orange button” that many websites use as a call to action. BOB is eye-catching, appealing, and encourages users to click and proceed down the sales funnel. But the color of the button alone isn’t enough to draw users in. You need to consider several other factors to make your button as compelling as possible. For example, consider evoking curiosity and whether to use first-person or second-person pronouns. Today's guest, Chris Goward, is here with valuable strategies and tips for optimizing your website’s conversion rate. His advice will help you get more people to sign up for your newsletter, buy your products, make inquiries, and more. Chris is an expert on conversion rate optimization and the author of the best-selling book You Should Test That. He’s also the founder of WiderFunnel.

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Creating an Online Business That Runs Without You with Troy Dean

One of the big challenges in today’s marketing world is not only getting people to sign up for your online courses and trainings, but also getting them to follow through and actually participate. One strategy for keeping people engaged involves using micro-commitments and macro-commitments as motivational tools. If that’s something you’d like to learn more about, you’re in the right place! Troy Dean, today’s guest, is the co-founder of WP Elevation, an online program and community designed specifically for WordPress consultants. He’s passionate about helping WordPress consultants build successful businesses and has discovered innovative ways to keep people motivated and engaged. In fact, his online courses boast impressive completion rates of over 70%. Today, he’ll be sharing his tips and insights into how you can achieve amazing results.

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How to Automate Your Business with a Membership Site with Melodie Moore

Some of my favorite Marketing Speak episodes are the ones where my guest is so deeply knowledgeable about a specific subject that we get to spend an hour just geeking out. These are the episodes that are packed full of advice and provide ultra-specific value for listeners.. They have tons of tips and insights that aren’t normally compiled together in one place. That’s exactly what you’ll get today from Melodie Moore, a true expert on automation. We’ll geek out together and talk about Infusionsoft as well as various tools that integrate with it. We’ll also talk about marketing campaigns, indoctrination sequences, membership sites, online courses, and a ton more. As the founder of Business Tech Ninjas, a company that specializes in creating membership sites, Melodie is chock full of tips that I hope are as helpful for you as they were for me!

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Finesse Your Marketing: From Funnels and Membership Sites to Online Courses and Bestseller Campaigns with Bart Baggett

There are a few Internet Marketers that are in the “inner circle”. These are the people who understand the tried and true principles of marketing along with the coolest and latest techniques. I just a happen to have one of these people on my show today. Bart Baggett is a marketing expert, bestselling author, speaker, and leader of a marketing mastermind. He is also an expert in NLP and handwriting analysis. He understands marketing and the human behaviour behind the marketing concepts. Today, we discuss the new breed of marketers who are doing funnel marketing. Using chatbots like ManyChat in conjunction with Facebook ads to begin a conversation that can lead to more authenticity and possible conversion. We talk about creating lead machines where trust is built through sharing information that answers real problems, and how understanding your business model and what you are selling is the basis for creating a marketing plan. We talk about membership sites, online courses, and how much time you need to invest when selling high-end and lower-end products.

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Marketing Automation That Keeps Your Customers Engaged with Joel Bower

Joel Bower, the CEO of Skirmish Strategies, is always looking for new and better ways to leverage every single resource he has going into his business, from the members on his team to the technologies they have at their disposal, and he loves bringing this talent to other entrepreneurs and teaching them how to make the most of their resources, too. Joel's dedication to every aspect of his life has given him a profound understanding of true peak performance. Leveraging has allowed him to give his all - all day, every day - both in Skirmish Strategies, to our amazing fans, and with his family.