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Getting the Most Out of Facebook Advertising with Nicholas Kusmich

Facebook is a huge opportunity and a huge challenge for brands. You have to be more specific and strategic with your Facebook Ads than ever before. Here to discuss the ins and outs of Facebook is Nick Kusmich. Nick is a Facebook Ads guru and author of 18 books. We dive into hot topics like finding your demographic, the Facebook tool that allows you to gather free information, how to work off your competitors' fan bases and much more!

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Crafting An Expert Facebook Ad with Taki Moore

Let's talk about Facebook. In today's marketing world, you absolutely can't afford to avoid the world's largest social media platform. Here to discuss Facebook and its advertising platform is internet marketer extraordinaire Taki Moore. Taki teaches coaches how to completely revamp their internet marketing from their sales funnels to lead magnets and webinars. Today, Taki dives in to the deep end of Facebook Ads and discusses his secrets to maximizing your conversions. Listen in to learn some amazing tips.